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  1. are they a hybrid? ive just got a colimbine which lays a blue egg. she is part cream legbar lovely big comb but abit flighty. only had her a week and she laid every day bar 1 very pleased with her. was £18.
  2. my new colinbine has laid 3 days in nest box but now started laying outside in the wire. im worried it will get crushed as i have 3 other birds. any ideas why she laying outside??? its the second day on the run help with ideas x
  3. fantastic even had a blue egg every day, ranger not started to lay yet. even battan laying good. think it helped putting them together at night.battams still top chuck!!!!!!!!!
  4. well got two new ladies a ranger and a columbine that lays blue green eggs. ive put them together to sleep and will be up early to let them out. fingers crossed they all ok
  5. hi havent posted fOR a long time. IVE HAD A BABY. having some new hens but ive inherrited 2 marran battams.one dosent lay the other 3 eggs a week. could i just put all the new hens and battams together??? was getting my new hybirds later tonight. fox had my lovely ladies week before xmas.was horrible as they were so friendly and laid brill.son of 3 cried so much. made sure everything secure,havent seen fox since
  6. mine sleep in nest box every night!!cant put plant pots in as my egss are there every morning when i let them out. handling them at night is best for you as they are sleepy and wont flap. mine love mealworms as a treat feed them out of your hand.then you can touch them and look them over.also they get used to having nice things from you.
  7. i have had 3 in one day off 2 hybrids. most of time 2 but every other day i get double yolkers.they bout 6 months old
  8. what vets as my black bin dosent get empted till aweek on thurs so to long to leave in a bin.
  9. mine love the wheel barrow thats in there area. it is used to burn rubbish. so is ash and sand and they love it. i do put total mite powder in it to.
  10. bad news she died last night. how do i dispose of her?? as i understand in our area you cant bury them in your garden.
  11. everyone i speak to says dont go to vets as thet dont know much bout chickens and will just take your money!! think its to late for her so my have to cull her dont really want to do that though.
  12. hi well my bluebell stopped eating and drinking now.very thin her eyes are bright but tail down she has been in isolation since tuesday and on antibotics from the farmer were i brought them from. my other two hens are lovely lay every day and double yolker every other day.do i just leave my bluebell to die or do i do the kind thing???? help???
  13. i have 3 hybrids one a amber star who is the only one to get on our 6ft fence.she dose it at least once a wk. ive clipped her wing shorter but she just uses anything in the garden to jump on.she is easy to pick off the fence and hasnt ended up in next doors garden yet..think its just how she is.noisy!! glad some1 else is having the same prob,thought it was just me!!
  14. your daughter will love them my 3 yr old son adores my 3 ladies.every morning he cant wait to get up and get the eggs good luck.
  15. weres the best place to purchase this wormer from?? i have 3 hybrids.looked on internet and not sure best price. help want to get some as ladies need worming end of this month and people dont seem to recomend verm x anymore
  16. ring sunnyside poultry were i got my ladies from he going to give me a week supply of antibiotics for her. she isnt well and dont hold out much hope.he told me she should be the biggest hen by far and she isnt.just sitting under a bush as i write this post. hope im not going to be to late
  17. when did you see that i have dobson layer pellets pay £9. i have a wyevale garden center near buy and need some pellets,so may go in morning
  18. no she getting worse. she eating and drinking but most of time sitting down or huntched in a corner tail down.felt her crop and back end she looks fine. blinking alot and if i hold her she shuts her eyes.help im really worried
  19. that sounds just like my bluebell.feathers look good dont think she laying.she free rangers with the other two but then just perches on my patio chair leg.she has never been as friendly as the other two girls wont eat anything from my hand just picks up what the other drop.dosent look like being pecked either. just very light when you pick her up. im a new hen keeper and worried
  20. yes they were wormed when i collected them. didnt think i needed to do it that frequent. they were all from the same breeder and same age.
  21. my golden lab is 13 this year she dosent bother with my hens.she lies in garden and they come up to her sit and free range round her.only had hens for 2yrs
  22. help i have 3 hybbrids brought together feb 13th. bluebell is on her own all time and when let out to free range just perches on my patio chair leg.ive picked her up looks ok but very thin compared to my amber star and ranger.dont think she is laying as only get 2 eggs a day any ideas what to do? help please?
  23. me to i love my hens its so lovely watching my son of 3 outside with them. they are so friendly and its lovely collecting the eggs. would love more but dont think i have enough room
  24. i use plastic boxes with lids on in my shed not had any visitors. from wilkos bout £5
  25. could it be red mite in your nest box?? i sprayed my house just to make sure as the warmer weather could have woken them up

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