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  1. hi had two eggs yesterday and today really excited still not sure which hens are laying as all three crouching. bluebell still dosent come near you.
  2. i use shavings. people on her have said they use shedded paper. wouldnt block slats off as need venilation.
  3. i have three hybrirds my son is 3yrs loves them.they are so friendly amber star and gold ranger will come in house if door open, son can even pick them up.bluebell on the other hand not to friendly keeps out of way all 3 eat corn out of your hand.would say so much friendlier than my bantams.and they will lay a good surpply of eggs which son loves to collect
  4. i leave mine but only feed a certain amout and dont fill up till all gone i get the odd mouse but as long as they outside not to bothered.plenty of cats about!!
  5. i had sussex and marrans the marran a good dark egg layer. my sussex didnt lay to well but easy to keep and the marrans went broodie and hatched on baby hen and then second clutch one cockerel.hope thats ok.
  6. could be more than one bird laying. got a egg at 7am today when i let them out. i checked at 4pm yesterday and none. was suprised at how early it was laid.thought may get two eggs today but no just the one back to a small size. the farmer did say that the bluebell he has lays a big egg double yolker most of time.havent checked my big egg yet.
  7. any idea when all my ladies will lay one started last week not sure which one get a egg every day apart from sat. today it is a massive egg could it be a different bird laying it???
  8. ive just but strawberries in a hanging basket made a stand so 3yr old son can get them.so far ladies cant reach them. im going to restrict there free raging to afternoon when i can watch them as i want to plant veg in tubes
  9. its so exciting still only one of my ladies is laying.havent a clue which one it is!! four in four days she getting hang of it now as last two days was in nest box but before that in different places.son of 3 found them. all three are crouching when you go to them so hoping any day now for 3 out of 3.
  10. my son went out yesterday at 3pm came back with my 1st egg. today went out with him i couldnt find any then my son again said look and under the wheel barrow ans anohter egg. dont know which lady laid it both in different places. do they lay in nest box avevntually?? so happy.
  11. i had four bantams who trashed my grass.had to re lay it.now i got three hybrids now and they are really good no were near as messey.
  12. i let my 3 yr old help clean them out check for eggs. he even picks the hens up he loves it. the hens love him as soon as he goes out to play they are at the gate waiting for him.he wears wellies and his playing out cloths.i only clean them out once a fortnight. i change everything i dont poo pick should i??
  13. i paid £11 gold star ranger £13 for my amder star and bluebell. that was 12 feb. they 20 wks crouching but no eggs yet. the ones that may lay blue eggs were£16 but they had sold out.they are vacinated as well.think that a good price wouldnt pay £40 my hbby would kill me!!!
  14. id be very careful bout leaving bob whole open please make sure your run fox proof. i just let my girls out when im up.i do work shifts so one wk they get let out earlier than the next and they ok
  15. i got my hybrids 12 feb i have a amber star£13 gold star ranger£11 and a bluebell £13 he hab sold all his ones that lay blue green eggs but they only £16. mine are bout 20wks havent had a egg yet but crouching so soon i hope. £40 is very exspensive my hubby would go mad if i paid that for a hen. even though id love one that lays blue green eggs. maybe when i make my flock bigger.
  16. i will try a feeder as a just tthrough mine to the floor. they love raw brocilli to. my other friends give them bread is this ok ???
  17. they are lovely girls. wish i could afford a cube but having second baby aug so not much chance unless win lotto!! i have three lovely ladies my son of 3 loves them. well done on your 1st egg im still waiting.its best if you handle them at dusk they are sleepy and you can get confident with them. mine are so tame got them 12 feb.can pick them up and they love eating corn out of your hands.my amber star loves my son goes into shed with him !bluebelle always first out in morning think she maybe in charge. gold ranger abit skitty flaps alot she the youngest.
  18. hi i have a coop and run coverd thats ok.then an area of free ranging at top of garden.it is like a mud bath!! any ideas what i can put down did buy new turf in summer didnt last to mins!! i dont want them all over my garden as have a 3yr old boy.
  19. they arent that red in the face the blubell is quite black so may not tell.chicken nugget as my son called her is pink so hope not to long.they lovely birds.cant wait for my eggs to start comming.
  20. my hybrids are 18 to 20 wks ive gog a bluebell amber star and a gold star ranger none are even crouching yet. they are so friendly had them 3 wks love brocili.you can pick them up well nugget and bluebell. gold ranger still abit nervous.my 3yr old loves them.
  21. hi ive got three hybrids got them 12 feb farmer said they 18wks was wondering when they will start to lay?? they so tame got a amber star bluebell and a gold ranger. had 4 batams but mr fox had a feast!! so wanted more hens and ones that would lay. they are on layers pelletts corn for a treat and califlower stokes so far wht else shall i try them on??
  22. havent taken photos yet they already eating corn out of my hand. amber star i can pick up.gold ranger abit flighty. i want to know what things i can put up to put the fox off.hubby got up for work 6am let dog out and fox was waiting. help dont want my ladies as fox dinner. i got them from sunnyside poultry burton on trent way. the famer was very good gave good info. i give mine apple cider vinger. havent tried with my new girls yet. they arent as messy as my batams were. which is a suprise as thought they would make more.dont drink much though. cant wait for my first egg they are 18weeks so not long.
  23. I thought the mag was a ok read.ive ordered 12 copies as it is only £19.50 for the year. easy for me to read quickly with having a young child. i got 3 new hens on saturday hybrids bluebell amber star and a gold ranger so many to choose from wish i could have had more. they are so friendly alread. they are point of lay so cant wait for the eggs. the man at suunyside poulty said one of his bluebells laid a triple yolker!! fingers crossed for that.
  24. Hi we went and got three new ladies yesterday.they are hybrids. they are lovely. we had a amber star a bluebell and a gold ranger.all point of lay. so i hope in the next couple of weeks to start getting eggs. they are so friendly going to handle them every day as think they are going to be so tame.going to keep them in pen for 5 days before i let them loose. gave them there first califlower storks today. blubell was straight in. polly the brown one not bothered. thats what my little boy wants to call her.havent named the white one yet. so excited to have my girls.

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