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  1. We lost George today.... she was only 16 months old she is the frist we've lost, so sad to see her. she wasn't the best looking bird but she was my fav. RIP george XX
  2. ditto .. i have a hubby just like that , sits for hours with the girls ... what can you do ! lol.
  3. we are that chuffed .. means we can leave them all day if we want without worrying, we've had them out every afternoon Skitty still chases the others but at least they can run away.
  4. After getting 4 new chooks playmates for the 2 we already had we had a problem, we had 2 babys which went in one eglu so leaving the new ones having to go in with the 2 we already had... which i know is a mistake but we had no choice, so of course the fighting starting from the minute "rocky" was put in there ( eva the other chook didn't have a problem at all she was like a long lost sister, fitting in right away), they all roosted fine but in the mornings it was like WW3, so we had to have rocky free range all the time, this went on for 2 weeks, i thought they would have settled but they just
  5. Hubby was talking of getting a bench for the garden, so we could keep an eye on the chicks. So today he went out and got one. I came down stairs after sleeping all day ( i work nights) and there he was sitting on the bench with my son and the babes chicks, they were laying next to him, having a Stroke just like a dog. It was so sweet, pity i didn't have the camera ready. I think i'll start called him " pappa hen"
  6. thinking the same our selfs... £2 for 5 on ebay , sent away for some ... I dont want to do it either but needs must ..i dont even like wing clipping.lol
  7. I have ( just today) put roosting bars in .. not that they've used them yet but hubby was messing about with a stick before and one girl hopped on it .. so gave me the idea. i have a ball for them in the garden, but their not intrested.
  8. We wasn't going to have one at each end, there is going to be a door at one end. We think we've sorted it now ... The things we do to make our girls happy
  9. Can you fit two runs together? ... door to door sort of thing ... takeing off the doors of course. i would have thought as the door opening is the same you could do this? so if you picture it youd have a eglu then the run slopping up to the door opening then another door opening slopping down to another eglu. ( or hand made door as we would like to do) advise please ?
  10. We get ours online .. its cheating i know and we prob could find it cheaper in the shops but its finding the time to go look.
  11. so we have Skitty ( white with a black tail) Chicken George ( red colour) oddball ( black with red around the neck) eva ( white) and the two babys .. i think we're calling them rocky and ginger ..lol (in the run)
  12. they eat better then me mine love tomatoes
  13. Lovely Picking up my 4 today .. that will be my max having 2 already .. its a shame
  14. I work in Care Night work caring for 9 ladys and 1 gent in a convent care home.
  15. I have 1 name already MAYA ... not that unusual but its after my niece she comes to the house and always whats to see the " chick chicks" so think its only right we named one after her.. 3 more to go
  16. least hes not as bad as clarkson
  17. It should do ... we have 3 sometimes 4 laptops running through ours.
  18. I am getting 4 new chickens monday and would like some names for them please Any ideas ? I named to last two skitty and chicken george. soon... and 4 un-named

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