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  1. Madge is, I'm sorry to have to say this as a proud 'mother', one of the thickest girls I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I've resorted to putting netting across the weekend garden area as she does love to fly over it and attack the grass. She's found another way out. And all I can do is admire her thought processes. This little video is the 4th time she did this on the trot. With walk-on parts from Rowena and Bea.
  2. That Black Rock is a beauty! I put 4 in with 1 and no problems. The 1 was a bit put out but could not do much damage as there was 4 to boss about. She just ran at them for a day or two. Of the 4, they were bred by breed and kept separate in big flocks so I introduced them in the boxes I brought them home in. They were so young and scared they became best mates in seconds when the 1 spied them all!
  3. I can spent hours watching mine jump up at leaves. Madge is a right trollop and opens her legs wide as soon as she is off the ground. Bea does scissor kick from her knees. Edwina sort of kicks her bum with her feet - as if she wants an extra boost. Phyllis, the brain box amongst them, cleverly climbs one of the tree branches to gently reach out for a delicious leaf without straining herself. And Rowena does not bother at all.
  4. They'll be fine - like sleepy babies. And I don't think they really sleep like we do. Whenever we've popped out to look at our they always make the most delightful mewing sound when we open our back door (unlike the racket they make when it's day time) so they seems to be always slightly aware of what's going on.
  5. When we trimmed our laylandii style 'thing' in our front garden (the people who had this place before us had some very strange ideas ) we shredded the larger branches for our girls. We kept back some of the smaller 'fronds' and laid them all over the floor of their run, 'leaves, twig and all. We actually managed to save some of these smaller bits from the elements so they provide hours of fun over about 2 months. Went down a treat with my lot.
  6. And I think I'll be following Duncan's lead. Go and get a cuppa to settle down to read this. So chicken nipples. What a waste of time over the weekend. The DH made something so easy the hardest possible. I was going to do it - he took over. 3 buckets later...first had slightly sloping bottom so they did not go in straight and so could not get a seal. 2nd - this is where I got annoyed. He got a floor mop bucket - no good as was not right shape to hang off nest box and when I filled with water the handle fell off. So, if you want a job done properly I took over in Sunday morning and one £1.98 bucket from Wickes later and a load of plumber's mate, it was sorted. Took them a good 2 hours to work it out and then I had to force one gasping for water to try it. It needs to be quite high as they have to reach up for it. And I'd recommend push-in ones not the thread type I got as they do need sealant. But then you do need a 11/32 drill bit. Which the DH thought he had but had to make do with 9mm bit. So not exactly the right size holes any how! Means they gave 14l water which will last ages and ages. I was then planning to get a lid a various flies had committed suicide in it within those few hours. Roll on to 8pm (and I am about to go to bed as I was getting up at 5am the next day). Two girls attacked same nipple and there I was singing there's a hole in my bucket. Back to the drawing board...and Duncan's suggestion.
  7. I've ordered 10 nipples from ebay. I will ask the landlady of my local if she has a catering size 'bucket' with lid of some description. If not, I'm going to use my huge Stalosan box. I will post photos once I've done.
  8. My hanging drinkers are all shapes and sizes - they manage to spill them all in equal measures. I also want to keep hanging to preserve floorspace. I'm rather attracted to nipples (as Madge loved a rabbit waterer) - will have a look later. I understand the superglug no longer has these. Thanks folks.
  9. Hi. Hoping some of you can make a few suggestions. Since we've got 5 girls, they seem to drink a totally out of proportional amount of water compared to 3. Just for info, they are all fit and healthy, so the problem is not due to illness. I've a glug that gets as mucky as you like with various debris and some of the girls will climb on it, I also use a garden trough on legs that also gets full of muck - and I mean that as Edwina has been known to use it as a bidet. While they don't seem to mind the dirt, they will only drink them part-way down. My 'main' drinker is a 5ltr hanging gravity drinker but I sometimes have to fill it twice a day as the little madams knock into it a spill the water all over the floor. Hence seeming to drink loads and loads. This is rather annoying as I work away a lot and the DH is not always able to refill as he works awful hours. I need suggestions for spill free drinkers please. I'll still keep the glug and trough as it offers alternatives if the top girls are in a 'mood'. Many thanks. PS excuse any iffy typing - on a train home after being away since Tuesday and DH informs me that 15 eggs await me. Omlettes for tea me thinks.
  10. It justs gets better - today I cracked open my first ever double yoker. Our first in nearly 3 years of chook keeping. No photo as it was cracked straight into the frying pan. We think it's from Bea.
  11. Could someone remind me how long it takes to the Garvo to get in their system. Had my new girls since Monday and I've forgotten how much poo they produce - and how stinky it is. I was cleaning out the coop today (a daily 'chore'at the moment) and was presented with 4 portions of curry. I've forgotten how bad they are. The run and coop really hum. All I can smell, as I sit in my office, is chook poo. I just want the miracle that is Garvo to kick in - and quickly.
  12. And another of the EPRBs has done her first egg today - not sure who though. Look at the different sizes of the eggs I am getting. It's been a long time as we've not had a regular supply of eggs since November - but we're back to Friday egg tea. I think I'll start with a basic Spanish omelette.
  13. That is just so true! With the posh girls being intelligent and minding their own business and the chavs as thick as two short planks and always getting into trouble.
  14. Come home at 8pm yesterday after being out at 6am to 3 eggs. OK so Phyllis was eating one. So that's one standard size egg from Madge (my 'old' girl) and two from the EPRBs which are sort of big sprout sized. It's deffo Bea laying - gone from virtually no comb & wattles that were skin coloured to 1/2" bright red in just over 24 hours. I think the other has to be Phyllis as she's broader in the beam than Rowena and is crouching. This was my little gang on Monday when the EPRBs were new to me. From the left Edwina, Bea, Phyllis, Madge, Rowena.
  15. I've not used Auboise as my local supplier does not stock it. However I had a similar experience with Hemcore and after two bales of clumps that was awful for my girls and me I asked my supplier for recommendations. Bless him - he put a small hole in each type of bedding he stocks and I settled on Bedmax (not literally - but it's fine for kneeling on). Been using it about 18 months and never had a problem. It's good in the compost and in the borders after use too.

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