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  1. Bye bye lovely Agate, my barred rock hybrid, aka Zoom Zoom 'cos you couldn't catch her.
  2. Welly-the-Welsumer, you were still young, sorry we didn't find out what was wrong in time.
  3. Just wanted to add that I'm sorry to hear this, (and sorry I'm a bit late but I haven't been reading the forum much lately.)
  4. And now Bombay Sapphire joins her rescue-sisters Tequila and Mojito at the Rainbow Bridge.
  5. Goodbye Mojito ex-caged chicken, one of my "Ginger Ninja's" at about 3 and a half yrs old.
  6. Perhaps, I don't really know! I suspect we are equivalent to top in the pecking order, but not part of the pecking order. Maybe we are viewed as "large food providing thing with power to pick us up and shut us away" and we get deferred to because of that. That is unless you have a cockerel/top hen that thinks otherwise and tries to put you in your place by attacking you instead; usual advice is then to pick them up and carry them around thus enforce your authority over them.
  7. They are flock animals and will establish a pecking order where there is a leader (a cockeral if your neighbours allow, or one of the hens assumes this position) and then varying levels of dominance until the bottom hen. Top bird sorts everyone out and settles disputes, bottom bird submits to everyone and gets chased off the feeders/eats last etc. Your role as food provider puts you up near the top of social standing so with the loss of your top bird the lower ranks are looking to you for the leadership she provided, but of course you can't always be with them. They don't need anything more from you other than reassurance that someone else is in charge! As they adjust to the situation one of them will step up to become the leader and their neediness will diminish. At least - that's what I think, but I'm just an amateur chicken psychologist! Condolences on losing one of your chooks.
  8. A design made of rectangles that get bigger as you add them to the outside edge. Many designs, here's an example: http://www.stitchedincolor.com/2013/04/tutorial-quilt-as-you-go-log-cabins.html Can also been done in knitting and crochet by picking up stitches along a finished edge.
  9. I'm afraid I'm going for 'chap' as well due to the pointy neck and saddle/back feathers.
  10. Glad to hear she's doing well! Too much apple I would have thought would cause sour crop rather than an impaction as I would expect it to ferment. As for grit I think most poultry grit is sized for adults unless specified otherwise, I had to go online to get 'growers' sized grit. You say the vet gave you the blockage - can you identify the substance without opening the bag? Whilst it's wise to review their living arrangements try not to blame yourself for this, sometimes things just happen.
  11. Well, at least it's out now which is good! If she seems awake enough then I think some soft food would be ok, I don't remember my vets ever saying to withold food.
  12. I remember doing crop 'massage' on Agate, then when I took her to the vets he pulled and pushed her crop impaction rather more forcefully than I had and I realised that I hadn't been doing it hard enough!
  13. I am sorry to hear that the last of the little-legged wonders has left you, but what a wonderful retirement!
  14. I've had one who used to disappear into the nestbox, sit for a while, then come out shouting about.... nothing. She hadn't laid but I think was keeping up appearances to maintain her ranking.

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