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  1. There's all sorts of plastic (and wood) roll out path available - would that work?
  2. I really would recommend putting the run on a purpose built floor rather than the grass for winter. They will eat all the grass and it won't recover quick enough to have some fresh to move them to, and as you say it never really dries. Unless you're going to fastidiously poo pick then it can build up into a thick stinky mess, and the girls will dig big craters for a dustbath even if you give them one. All this gets worse if it snows. At least, this was my experience and we're all much happier with a permanant run that stays reasonably dry! I don't free range mine all day though as the fox would get them so perhaps the grass decimation and poo buildup would be lessened in your case.
  3. No, what you're doing is just fine - it's just that some of us like to put something in the poo trays to make cleaning out easier. Horse bedding is a popular choice.
  4. 'Fraid not, this time it's posh birds, next time for ex caged. I like my coloured eggs and Skye is getting along in years and I miss my Sussex's - so another blue egg layer prob Cream Legbar, a Welsummer if poss for dark brown and a light and a speckled Sussex is the plan.
  5. Aggie has had an impacted crop which thankfully seems to be clearing now, but otherwise we're all ok, thank you for asking. Just waiting until after our holiday to add some more
  6. It may be that she's not stopped laying, just that she's having an 'extended rest' and will lay again next year for a short season. My 5 year old Skyline and my dodgy-cream-legbar-who-lays-white-eggs like to take these long rests but their eggs are worth the wait. Plus they don't wear themselves out which would help them live longer. Having said that, Crystal "The Enforcer" light Sussex hen laid a bit when she was young then never laid again! But held onto second in command position despite this. At the moment I'm getting 2-3 eggs a day if lucky from 8 hens!
  7. I was under the impression that chickens (if not all birds) don't have a great sense of smell, unlike mammals. If that's true then making everyone smell the same wouldn't work as well to mark newbies as part of the flock. I would imagine that chickens are more visual creatures so being able to see the new ones and become familiar with their movements would be a more successful way of introduction. I don't know - I've never tried the 'everyone smell the same' method, only the long slow 'I can see you but I can't get you'.
  8. It sounds to me like she had something in her eye, if everything seems normal now then just monitor the situation.
  9. Hi and welcome to the forum! I can't answer your question as I don't have even one cockeral but I'm sure there are a few people on here who have them.
  10. Careful with really cold water as it could be too much a shock to their system - lukewarm water would be enough as it's the evaporation that cools them.
  11. Are you getting a blue-green egg? If so then I think your ginger hen is a Skyline/Columbine (same hybrid different names) - does she have a tuft of feathers behind her comb? Your white and black hens are Sussex as mentioned above, and your speckly one could be a Barred Rock.
  12. Welcome new girls! Now be nice to your new mummy and settle down quietly
  13. I saw some giant ornamental thistles yesterday and wondered how chicken resistant they were.
  14. My Skyline is top of our flock and I hear from the place I got her from that it is quite common for them to be quite near the top of the pecking order. Of course, this may not apply to your Skyline - but having said that, if she is laying then she will be higher ranking than the POLs. So if you were to put them together the POLs would be likely to accept the Skyline as their top chook for the trio, everyone knows their place and it should be reasonably harmonious. I'm of the 'take it slowly' way of doing intros too, and being prepared to go back a stage if things get nasty. Hope it all goes well
  15. I did sniff her afterwards but she still smelled like chicken
  16. I haven't seen a Go up close for a while - does taking the tray out leave a big gap at the back where foxy (or other unwanted) can get his paw in? Just that I understand broodies are particularly vulnerable as they are often in a trance like state and don't always react quickly if attacked. Hope it works!
  17. They can still breathe with one fitted as the bumpa bits do not completely plug the nostrils ('nares' on a chicken) and also they can breathe through their mouths in the same way we can.
  18. Video link in this thread: http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=100129
  19. Crumbs! You could buy several bags of treated pellets for that price! I must just be really lucky when I decide to worm mine as I've never had a problem sourcing powder or pellets.

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