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  1. Many many thanks for your offer, have just e-mailed the coordinator to see if I can get my hens on that day, will pm you when I know. P
  2. Have only just thought of this possible solution so had not considered trying to get an earlier delivery instead - Thanks, will try them tomorrow. Oops, looks like you edited your original post just as I replied! Many thanks for the offer, and of course I would do/arrange the transporting. Will still see if omlet can deliver sooner... P
  3. Hi everyone, I realise that this is a big ask but I am intending to rescue 4 to 6 ex batts - only the chooks could be available before my cube is. (I have no other housing) So the question is: is anyone in the Kent area willing to take some brand new ex batts for a few days til I can get set up? If I can get it organised we'll be looking at the rescue on 19th Sept, and needing housing til 22nd Sept. Obviously if this is not possible I will have to wait for a later rescue (but if you don't ask you don't get!) Many thanks P
  4. It's coming on 22nd Sept! Now, to find out when I can get my ex-batts... think we'll go for 6.... P
  5. I agree with Chickengirl and ness - take your cube and let the new house owners get their own. As for the run - perhaps someone on here who has converted to a walk-in-run has a spare cube run that they would lend/sell to you, or contact omlet where I'm sure they will sell you one. IMHO it sounds like they are evicting your chickens and making a lot of trouble for you. P
  6. Cube + run + extension, should be enough room for 6? It's just that we've never had birds before and we're still undecided whether to start small and then have to do intros, or jump in with both feet and start with more... ... or is there not much difference between having 4 and 6 anyway?! P
  7. They're supposed to ring to arrange delivery so I'll find out soon enough, just have to be patient. As for colour, if it were me it would have been a difficult choice between lairy orange or bright purple, but DH decided we should have a red one. I thought it would be nice to let him be right for a change. Ms Tilly, as you don't use it, would you mind if I try your superglug when the girls arrive? P
  8. I can't wait! But I know I have to. Anyone know what the waiting time for a cube is? Hopefully they will ring me soon with a delivery date. P
  9. see the faqs on this site, this thread http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=46461&view=unread#unread should help
  10. hate to say this but according to this threadhttp://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=22559and the first website mentioned, alfalfa is not a good thing. Claret: edited to add that Alfalfa has now been removed from that list as it's obviously not harmful to chooks.
  11. Originally designed for bokashi bins, an indoor composting system. (Plenty of info on the web about these. It's what I use mine for at the moment.) The "effective micro-organisms" are produced as a liquid and must be soaked into something to make it easy to transport. This is usually bran (therefore edible) but I have heard of someone soaking newspaper sheets for their bin system. This is why the bran can be moist or dry depending on the packaging.
  12. I've had good service from Mr Youlip too! He packs in biodegradable plastic bags rather than paper which means the bran is moist - but I don't know if that's a good thing or not...
  13. I got mine from Pets at Home - may be cheaper than ebay...
  14. Hello, I don't have chickens yet but I have been an owner of ferrets for about 8 years now, so I may be able to shed some light. Ferrets and polecats are similar, if not the same animal in different colours. They will tend to be most active around dawn & dusk, and I expect a mink would be the same. If it's around during the daytime it is possibly a lost pet, especially if it approaches humans. Offer cat/dog/meaty food & water. Ferrets used for rabbiting are supposed to flush the rabbits out of the warren - not to catch them, and should have been fed regularly so have had less practice catching their own dinner. As far as I know a mink is either a pet or for fur, although I have heard stories of escapes from fur farms and subsequent survival in the wild. Weasels are much smaller animals (think squirrel/rat sized) but are very strong and tenacious with very strong jaws. Tend not to be pets. As far as chickens vs ferret: Confined in the run, I should think a flock would be able to see off a solitary animal if they work together, if they panic you would probably lose one - but only one as that's enough for several meals and it's difficult to carry away more. (unlike fox thinking) Free range chickens could escape one ferret so long as she can jump & perch high enough. An animal accustomed to fending for itself may steal eggs for food, but I couldn't see a pet ferret doing this. Hope this helps, and that your chooks are safe. P
  15. Lovely pics - hope to be taking similar ones myself sometime P

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