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  1. Upsons Farm in Hatfield Peveral are very good, I have had three lots of hybrids from them. I had my first lot of girls from Smilers Farm in Wickford, but I wouldn't use them again after going to Upsons. I prefer the way Upsons keep their bird's.
  2. Had to have my 6yr old Hybrid Dark Sussex girl, Tikka, put to sleep this morning. Very sad to lose her, she was the last of my original group. She was a lovely girl, very friendly and had a beautiful green sheen to her black feathers. She will be missed but it was her time Fly over rainbow bridge Tikka xx
  3. I have something similar so I will try that Thanks Chickabee
  4. Thanks gavclojak I don't think it is peritonitis. I did check her over the other day but couldn't find anything, maybe it is just her age. She is showing signs of being She is the last of my first group of chooks, so I will be really upset when she goes, but a very good friend commissioned an oil painting of her for my 50th last year so I will still be able to look at her every day.
  5. Hi, I have a 6 year old hybrid boss chick who is still looking perfectly fine but isn't eating much but does drink a reasonable amount, the problem is she is only doing small, green poos that are a bit smelly. I have looked in all my chicken books (incl Victoria Roberts one) and I can't work out why she is doing green poo, could this just be an age thing? She has been breathing quite heavily for a while but still manages to put the others in their place when they get out of hand and can still run down the pen if she wants to. Any ideas would be great. Thanks Jan
  6. Hi Dancing Cloud, yes my two have been nasty while broody - I think it's a speckledy thing then
  7. Thanks both I only have a flock of 7 in the back garden so not any spare room to let them ride out their hormones. If it gets too often I will have to find a friendly farmer When not hormonal they are lovely girls and we have had quite a few eggs (very small) from them. We will see how it goes....
  8. I got two speckledys in May, one went broody on 26th August, I put her in the cage of shame for three days and all was fine. Then the other speckledy went broody on 21st September, she came out of the cage of shame today and is fine (at the moment). Now the first one has gone broody again, so she is now back in the cage of shame for three nights! Are Speckledy's more prone to going broody or am I just unlucky with these two? I don't like putting them in the cage but I can't let them sit on eggs as I don't have the room unfortunately. I am hoping that this might be it for this year, but who know's
  9. Thank you Jackian My ine is a Speckaldy too, I have a dog cage I normally put my broody's in for three days this tends to bring them out if it so I might try that.
  10. Hi all, I got some new girls on 12th July and one of them, who started laying on 27th July, is showing all the signs of being broody. Is this possible in a chicken so young? I keep taking her out of the nest, especially this morning as it was chilly I thought it might cool her down a bit, but true to a broody she goes back in fairly quickly Has anyone had a chicken go broody this young? I have had chickens for 5 years now and not seen this before. Any advice would be helpful, if I need to get the box of shame out for three nights I will but it is getting quite chilly here of a night time now. Thanks all
  11. OK I have now managed to get a collection together (with help from OH), see below:
  12. Hilda who is a Redco, Sybil & Flo who are Speckled. Now to manage the integrations
  13. Really sad to say my Myrtle passed away last night in her sleep, she wasn't quite 3yrs old but a prolific layer and made me laugh. She will be missed
  14. Thanks to both of you, you have put my mind at rest. Its horrible watching them knowing they are hungry but I suppose it will take some time. They were using it fine when treadle was on the ground so I am sure they will get there

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