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  1. Forget my reply - I didn't read to the end of thread. Glad he's got a home.
  2. On preloved there is a lady called birdie. She advertises chickens and eggs. Give her a call and ask her if she has any chicks. She has a smallholding and oodles of birds, she may well be able to help. She's also based in NE Kent.
  3. I can list a few places for you...... First up www.mayfieldpoultry.co.uk. They have blue, black and white available according to the website. If they haven't then G&S bantams in tenterden may do. Next, www.cockerdoodlequack.co.uk. Mark has a nice set up, some lovely healthy birds and is very knowledgeable. The only downside is that his prices are a little more then others. www.arkbirdsandbeeskent.co.uk. I've not been to these but they did respond via email when I was after a particular breed. THen there's www.westmoorpets.co.uk - I don't know much about them, but they do breed silkies. There's some to be getting on with. If no luck with any of them, there's a lady that advertises on preloved and uses the name birdie. She has a smallholding in Sandwich and more often then not, will have what you're after. Good luck!
  4. I have raised and eaten table birds. Although I felt guilt initially at killing a bird that I'd raised, I knew that I'd given them a good free range life and a quick death. I try not to buy any chicken from supermarkets now as although the label says freerange, it's the method of death that bothers me. Did you know that a small proportion of meat has to be labelled up as 'halal slaughtered' but large supermarket chains will sell meat that has not been labelled but has been slaughtered the halal way. Not great if you don't agree with the slaughtering method and would like to avoid buying it at all costs. Same as MacDonalds. All meat they use is halal slaughtered - we don't eat there either now.
  5. I brought from Ben last year. His hens were all in fantastic condition and well kept. He certainly know's his stuff where his birds are concerned and I would recommend him to anyone!
  6. Gross - I hate ticks with a passion. One night hubby and I were trying to set up the playstaion network wirelessly. He asked me to read out our moden number or something. Modem is on the floor. I bent over to read the number and hear this little 'plink' on the laminate. I look at where the sound came from and saw the biggest, fattest, most swollen tick ever. It had to have fallen off of my head/neck/shoulders area - the thought really repulsed me. Once I had 'run over' the tick with the kids toy wheelbarrow (made a satisfying crunch and squelch) I jumped in a hot bath and commenced with full body examination. Horrid revolting things they are!!
  7. One of my marans eggs hatched in superfast time this morning on day 20. Having said that, 9 weeks ago it was day 26 before my araucanas made an appearance. Both lots of eggs were under under broodies.
  8. If I were in this situation I would get a few bantams myself. Mr amorous would have a greater selection of girls to get jiggy with and may leave your bluebell alone. However if this didn't help the situation, I would suggest to the neighbours that Mr amorous becomes a pie!
  9. You may remember two months ago I rehomed a shar pei male. We still have him and he is a lovely dog around people and our dog, however I learnt the other day, that he will not be allowed off of the lead ever!! Other dogs - all other dogs - see his wrinkly face and furrowed brow and seemingly mistake it for aggression. Every dog we have ever passed will bark aggressively at him. He then pulls towards them. The other day on a walk we hit the same scenario. We pass a little dog, dog barks aggressively at Winkle and he pulls towards him. In that second the lead dropped from my hand and Winkle was on this little dog. He got his mouth around little dog and picked him up. I had control of him again within seconds and dog was checked over and he was ok, but in that second I have never been so scared - and disappointed with myself for dropping the lead. It has taught me though that he will never be allowed off of the lead. I don't care how well trained he gets, I will never trust him fully. I now make him sit and wait on a teeny tiny short lead whilst other dogs pass - and still they bark at him. If a law was passed where all dogs should wear a muzzle, then I would happily oblige. I am even considering it now (local pet shop didn't have any large enough ones in stock).
  10. Apart from the ex-batts, could you possibly purchase eggs from the Uk and have a go at hatching the breeds that you'd like?
  11. The Dodson and Horrell ones are also available in Wyevale garden centres and have 20% off at the moment. This I have read (my wyevale don't sell them), puts them at around the £6.50 mark fo 20kg
  12. well, there was a cunning plan behind the sofa. You see that blanket thats covering the sofa - that is the dogs blanket. He was allowed to 'stink' it up on the sofa that day (he was allowed on the sofa at his old home). That brown blanket is now on his dog bed on the floor of the lounge. He does try and get up onto the sofa, but gets no further then his front paws. A firm "down" and he slinks off. He has amazed me though with how easily he has settled in. Aside from the odd snap from my lhasa (he tries to mount her) there are no problems. I'm hoping that castration in a few weeks will stop him from trying to mount her. She really isn't keen on it.
  13. We've decided on changing the name to wrinkles, although it should be Dyson from the way he hoovers up food. I think the name change should be easy. I'll call him wrinkes every so often and then gradually increase the amount of times I use wrinkles instead of winkle and hopefully make a complete change within about 10 days. Thanks for all of your advice. Here is Wrinkles.
  14. There's several names I'm thinking of, but if we need to go with one that's similar sounding, Wrinkles is the only real option. Other names were.... oso, baxter, brewster, Custer, Hogan, Willard,
  15. I have been reading through the threads and see that there are a few of you that foster dogs. - so I'm hoping a few of you are able to offer advice on how to, if possible rename a dog that I've rehomed. He's a 19 month old Shar pei. He's very big, very strong but as dopey as anything. He's very soppy , affectionate and not at all protective! The only thing is his name.I can't say it without giggling. It's just wrong for a big dog to be named.......Winkle. I'd like to rename him, but only if it is able to be done in away that doesn't cause any confusion or problems. Is it possible at this age?? many thanks kelly
  16. I'll be placing them under my broody silkie tomorrow morning. The naughty lady that supplied the eggs supplied double the amount that I asked for (tut tut) and it's a shame to waste 6 eggs and a broody's undercarriage, so I will be planting all of them under her. I have visions of silly looking chicking sitting atop a pyramid of eggs Here's hoping that in three weeks I have some lovely, fluffy araucanas
  17. I'd name them after the 'Golden Girls' - Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, Sophia.
  18. He could just be trying to tell you that he'd like a more masculine name! Poor florence may be feeling emasculated (i hope thats the correct word) and is merely trying to point out that he is deserving of a 'butch' name! Now, bring on the cuddles!!!
  19. And it's only taken 11 months. We rescued 5 ex batts back in january and 3 out of 5 thrived and grew feathers very quickly. One died in august - she never recovered from the battery farm and always looked unwell - so much so that her nickname became sicknote. The final exbatt (nicknamed skanky) has laid throughout but didn't really grow any feathers back - she always looked ragged and 'chewed', for want of a better word. Finally though, after all these months - she's fully feathered! She had a moult and back has grown some lovely ginger feathers. I'm just hoping she stays that way now. Very pleased - to look at them all now, you'd never know they were battery hens.
  20. I'd go with my cochins too. Batty, a little simple but funny and full of silly charm!
  21. I currently have 18 chickens but am only getting 2 eggs per day at the moment. Those that had recovered from their moults have given up for the winter. The pure breeds, having spent a lot of time brooding over the summer/autumn have given up for the winter. The only reason I think two of the gingernuts are laying is because they wish to claim the nestbox as their own and ensure that they get the best spot at night! Things will turn around in the spring time - but in the meantime, make this a time to ensure that your chickens are getting their fill of pellets, getting additional supplements of protein and calcium to get them through their moult and maybe help eggs along. I'd certainly worm them too at this time.

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