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  1. Love the ideas I've always wanted to play the guitar, I might just do that - I can use my dad's acoustic one Cooking is definitely a good one, I spend most of my time making cakes anyway, but I'm sure there are loads of others out there I can find That gives me an idea for another topic.... And I might go for a couple of national trust volunteering days too That's my summer pretty much sorted then! Thanks all x
  2. Hey again, you can tell I haven't been on here for a while! I have just broken up for the summer holidays - a glorious 9 weeks of freedom! Unfortunately this preposterous amount of time can be a curse as well as a blessing as it gives me plenty of time to do all the things I haven't had time to do all year, but is also incredibly boring! I know, I can't believe I said it. I'm busy for two weeks, and a significant amount of the remaining 7 weeks will be taken up by school work, of which I have a hideous amount (which is unfortunately why I can't apply for a summer job But I know that due to a lot a procrastination and the fact that no human being can work every minute of every day for 7 weeks, I will have a lot of spare time. Does anyone have anything that they usually do when they have a lot of free time? Like particular day trips (preferably free or very cheap), activities at home or some form of volunteering to achieve a vague sense of accomplishment instead of vegetating hopelessly? Many Thanks! x
  3. As far as choosing what subjects to do, as I had that joyous task this time last year but for the IB diploma which is different to A levels, is not to make career and employability prospects your main motivation for choosing what subjects (and eventually what uni course) to do. Choose what you love, and that way you'll be funnelled into the direction of doing something you'll enjoy.
  4. Stevenage is close to me actually, I've had a look at the site and it looks great. I've sent them a quick email. Thank you very much for the suggestion That also sounds like an amazing idea! I'll definitely look into that too. Sounds silly, but any ideas how I could actually contact them? Many thanks guys, keep the ideas coming! x
  5. I hope it does my hair is thick, curly / wavy does what it likes depending on how it feels. I've found that when its having a wavy day, a bit of the mousse makes it tend towards curlyness
  6. For my Gold Duke of Edinburgh's award I have to complete a residential - 5 days and 4 nights away from home doing something productive with a group of people I've never met before. I have found loads of activities which fit the bill, but unfortunately are WAY to expensive. I can understand that some payment is necessary for food and accommodation, but £350 to volunteer to pick apples? I mean really? Would anyone know of any charity, organisation or such group which would require the assistance of an eager (and desperate) 17 year old girl for a week? Preferably in the south-east/ London area, but will travel further if necessary. Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated! x
  7. jam

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    Hey all, There's nothing more that really gets me going on a gloomy day than a good quote, from a friend, a song or one of history's great thinkers. Just thought that perhaps people might like to share any quotes they may have tucked behind their ear? My favourite one at the moment is: 'Both faith and fear may sail into your harbour, but allow only faith to drop anchor' Not sure who originally said it, but I found it in Bear Gryll's brilliant autobiography 'Mud, sweat and tears'
  8. I suffer from the same hair as you - no matter how short I cut it, it still remains stubbornly curly but likes to frizz with the slightest dampness! But I've learnt to love it I use boots own make hair foam, it says curly hair on the can in silver letters. Its in a pink squirty can and only costs £1. Works a treat, lovely tamed curls and ringlets which remain curly, not frizzy
  9. I love my corti semi automatic incy- great value for money in my opinion- holds 25 eggs cost just shy of £100 I can't afford an R-com king suro but that one would be my second choice
  10. I agree with most peoples points on this thread, however I think that responsibility doesn't depend entirely on research. Some people like to look up on every piece of information before taking the plunge, whereas others like to check up on the basics then jump in two feet first- I guess everyone approaches things differently, but I'm sure we can all agree that regardless of how much info has been gathered beforehand, starting something new is nearly always completely different to how its described in writing! It is frustrating when people phone me asking for chickens for the first time and they don't even know what they eat, but everyone has to start somewhere, its just important to take on new information and change when it happens so that the chickens/ other animals have the happiest, healthiest time possible
  11. Poo is very high up on the list of the few things I don't like about chickens, and Mud- I'm practically swimming in it everytime I go up to the WIRs. There's no chance of any grass ever growing up there again! So I suppose if people are very protective over their garden then chickens can become unattractive very fast. I'm intrigued by the topic of planning rigorously before getting chickens and the like- I've never planned for anything in my life! If I plan too much then I end up talking myself out of it- I think I bought my chickens within a week of first having the idea but disorganisation works best for me. Anyone else?!
  12. Thank you so much for that, its very interesting It does get very confusing though, especially when no one seems to know what birds are bred together to make an amberlink! I'd say you're probably right with the colours of the chicks - unless the bloodline the chicks have come from isn't quite right then the whole idea goes down the pan- should be interesting to see what mine turn out to be like! I do love reading when people argue on a forum though Thanks again Scarlett
  13. I guess if you can put people on a diet, why not guinea pigs too! I used to feed my guinea pigs a bit more in the winter so that they'd stay full and warm, but If you say that your guinea is getting so fat that he's having trouble cleaning its behind, then perhaps its time for him to cut down! Guinea pigs can be greedy, well all the ones I've ever owned have been! So you do have to control what they eat otherwise they won't stop. Especially as yours is on his own he has no one to share the food with. My suggestion would be to keep his dried food the same, as this has all the basic vitamins in, but ration his 'treats' like bread and veg. Hope this helps Scarlett

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