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  1. So sorry, know how hard it is. RIP Harry x
  2. So sorry Luvachicken. You did everything you could from her and it was obvious from your posts about her her much you loved her. She was lucky to have an owner as caring as you. Sleeptight Queenie x
  3. So sad, all someones son, husband, brother etc
  4. Like others double bagged and binned, although when my Cockerel died on Monday I just couldn't put him in the bin so took his body to the vets to be cremated. It cost me £7.50
  5. We have had rats in the past, put bait boxes down which are there permanently and poison blocks where the rats were tunnelling through (out of the way of the chickens of course). I bring the food in at night. It never crossed my mind to rehome the chickens. My neighbour had a rabbit and she had rats. Rats are always nearby its just that you never see them.
  6. I'd be happy to sign a petition. Couldnt agree more that fireworks should be restricted to organised displays only. Finn hates fireworks and spent Sunday evening curled nose to tail on my knee, which is fine but he is a husky cross malamute and weighs 32kg. There wre fireworks on Corrie last night and he was getting worried about those.
  7. Is she moulting or showing any signs of it. I've had a look at the video and I had an ex bat that did this when she was moulting. She was fine afterwards
  8. My pekins do this and some of them are about three or four so its not just a young bird thing. My big girls do it as well
  9. coco

    Go sober

    I am having last glass of wine this evening, then none for a month. Friday night will be the hardest as I do like a glass or two in the evening. Its for a good cause and feels good to be doing something for somebody else. I shal rise to the challenge. Willl keep you posted.
  10. coco

    Go sober

    I have signed up for Go Sober for the month of October, so no wine for a month. Its for a good cause, Macmillan nurses who do a fantastic job, wish me luck
  11. I found my lovely 3 year old brown sussex Rosa dead in the run this evening. She was fine this morning and had food in her crop so it was a complete shock to find her.She had been moulting for ages and had just about finished, the only sign of anything was a very slight prolapse, no other symptoms and she was a good weight. I think it was quick and hope she didn't suffer. RIP lovely girl, you will be missed
  12. I too have used the broomstick method, I don't have the wrist strength to do it the other way. At least your OH was able to do it and sounds like he got it spot on. There is always flapping, I tend to put the hen down on the floor somewhere quiet and leave her for a minute or so then go back to her. Its a horrible thing to have to do but unfortunately part of chicken keeping. I always find it upsetting.
  13. I think that Jack is the youngest and my elder two are still at home makes it a bit harder . I am closer too YS than the othet two, its him that looks after the girls when we go away. I shall miss him.
  14. YS off to Stafford on Sunday. Girlfriend of 3 years is stopping ovet Saturday night and we are dropping her her home on way to Stafford on Sunday. Not looking forward to it as is going to be emotional enough as it is.

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