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  1. Just found my buff orp Bella dead. I took her to the vet last night as I thought she had respiratory problems and he diagnosed gapeworm. Wormed her with flubenvet mixed with water and left her for the night. She died in her sleep.RIP Bellay r
  2. Purple spray gets everywhere. My white (ish) Sultan had cut her foot so I purple sprayed it. I now have a white and purple spotty chicken.
  3. So sorry. At least it was quick and she didn't suffer. Its always hard losing a girl. I lost my blue silkie on Fri, she had been ill but was getting better. Know how you feel.
  4. Lovely girls. I've had an attack of morehens this week as well. A chamois appenzeller on Monday and a lavender pekin and silver laced wyandotte bantam on Wednesday,
  5. So sorry. I know how disheartening it is to lose a bird unexpectedly. I found one of my pekins dead under their house a couple of weeks ago . She had died in her sleep, no signs of anything wrong and I lost my blue silkie yesterday unexpectedly. My sympathies are with you.
  6. Sounds like a rat to me. We had one last year and it took ages to get rid of it. I put poison down and eventually it went. It made small round holes and was very persistant. Hope you find out what the culprit is .
  7. I bought a simple human bin from John Lewis a couple of years ago. It is just a large squarish black plastic bin and cost me about £35.00. It has a decent foot pedal but best of all it it is lockable and totally dog proof.
  8. We have two cats. I am slightly allergic to one but not the other, also one of the dogs makes me sneeze but not the other one. It must be too do with the type of fur they have. Weird.
  9. Beautiful girls. I would say Queenie is a buff and Suzie a gold partridge.
  10. I have to do chickens claws occasionally. I use dog claw clippers but be very careful not to cut down too far or it will bleed lots. I tend to take a small amount off at a time.
  11. So sorry, theres nothing else I can say.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you all have a lovely day li
  13. I have an orpington Bella that has been sneezy and rattly for a while now. She has had two lots of antibiotics but it hasn't made any difference. She is very thin but seems well in herself and is eating and drinking ok, all I can do is keep an eye on her. Hope your girl gets better.
  14. We have neighbours on three sides, one is about 10 ft away from the chickens. I have a barbu d uccle bantam cockerel called Inch , he is lovely and looks after his girls really well its lovely to hear him calling them over when he finds something tasty to eat . He can be quite aggressive with me and will stalk me round the chicken area. He is very quiet and doesn't start cock a doodling until I let them out in the morning and has never woken me up even in the summer. The neighbours are quite hpapy with him apart from one but then she is a serial complainer anyway.
  15. So sorry, at least Claudia is at peace. I lost a girl to suspected Mareks but fingers crossed everyone else is fine several months down the line.
  16. I suspect that bringing mugs downstairs is really really difficult, a bit like opening curtains and switching lights off and putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead of the sink even though dishwasher is under sink.
  17. A fox could definately get in. I have a 6ft high weld mesh WIR and my cat regularly climbs it with no difficulty.
  18. Thats useful to know. I was thinking about getting one for Finn who has been terrified of the fireworks [32kg 2 foot tal] dog trying to sit on knee]. I might invest in one for next year if they work.
  19. I have a LF buff Orp Bella. She is fairly quiet but always first for treats, not as dippy as the sultan and silkie but can hold her own with the other hens. She is very placid and easy going unless she is broody then she has a real mean streak.
  20. Its hard to lose them especially when you haven't had them that long. I lost a girl today so sympathise with you. It happened very quickly from not quiet right last night to me putting her out of her misery when I came in from work. At least it was quick. Hopefully your other hen will be ok.
  21. I had an ex batt that never flew but would escape by wriggling under the omlet mesh and walking down the road. She always used to come running when I shook the corn pot. None of my other big hens are inclined to fly.
  22. We had a lab that had arthiritis, we took him to the vet who initially prescribed Metacam but that upset his stomach so the vet prescribed Prednoeucoptropin tablets for him. He was on these for a good eighteen months before he got too bad. We would get a prescription from the vet and get the medication online which worked out a lot cheaper.
  23. I've got two 'dead chickens' in my run, I suppose I had better take them out before the neighbours think they really are dead chickens.
  24. I spotted some chickens in a local garden centre last year was so concerned I reported it to the RSPCA. They reported back to me that they had checked the hens and were happy with what they saw. I did go back to the garden centre and conditions had improved although they were still on concrete. I suppose it is easier to hose down and keep clean.
  25. Glad you found her. My little Seramas were confined to the run for over a week till they had their wings clipped. Little madams aren't they.

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