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  1. i have been in touch with the lady I got her from and we think its an Araucana which is nice as I was thinking about getting Araucanas but they were too expensive. It was lovely to get 2 eggs today, one brown and one blue. it will be interesting to see what my little Silkie cross Pipa lays when she starts although I think I'm going to have to wait till spring as she is showing no signs of laying at all. she seems to be quite a bit younger than the other two and is still very nervous.
  2. My silkie cross Coco laid her first egg today.and it was blue. I thought silkiies laid cream eggs but it was a perfect 40g blue egg. We don't know what she is crossed with so I was wondering which chickens lay blue eggs. The place I got her from had about 200 hens and cockrels of severall different breeds all free ranging. Any suggestions.
  3. Well my black cat Tyson has been after the chooks ever since thy arrived about 6 weeks ago. He spends all day stalking round the run, the chooks have learnt to ignore him now. have been letting the chooks into a fenced off area outside thier run, well Tyson took it upon himself to jump in with the chooks. Hubby and I went rushing outside to see what all the commotion was about to find the chooks stading glaring at the cat and one very scared cat desperately trying to get out without having to go past the chooks. We got him out and he rushed off. Hopefuly lesson learnt.
  4. I give my girls the Yeo Valley organic yoghurt. I put in in a plastic dish for them,at first they thought I was trying to poison them but now they love it. They do tend to get it all over their faces and walk round wiping their beaks on the grass
  5. Hope you get your chooks back, thats an awful thing to happen.
  6. The chooks are on grass at the moment but I am thinking about putting them on either bark or wood chippings for the winter to stop the run becoming to muddy. I have some perspex panels which I am going to use to cover the run. Which would be better to use wood chippings or bark.
  7. Mine wouldn't touch pellets when I for a couple of weeks after I got them and would convince me they were starving. I started putting Bokashi bran and a bit of garlic powder in with the pellets and have had no problems since. I've only had my girls a couple of months but have sussed what brilliant con artists they are, every time they see me they try and convinve me how hard done to they are clucking sadly at me, I'm wising up to them now though. They won't let themselves go hungry.
  8. I usually say hello to the chooks every time I go outside and give them a dandelion leaf or bit of fresh grass. Last night the girls had gone to bed but my black silkie cross came out to see if I had anything for her, I ignored her as I had been in the greenhouse [which is by chickens] and went into the house. She made such a racket I thought that the chooks were being attacked by something and ran back out to them at which point I got an indignant cluck and she went back to bed. There was nothing to be seen. I think I must have an attention seeking chicken. Has anybody else experienced similar behaviour.
  9. We had our first egg tonight, I was so pleased I had to ring everyone and tell them, they all think I'm mad. I even sent the person I got the chooks off a text. i
  10. I got a box of live mealyworms when I got pinkies for our snake, as I couldn't stand having them in the house I just tipped the whole box straight into the run, the girls loved them and they were gome in about a minute. I have decided that when I go for pinkies once a month I'll get a tub of mealyworms as well so they can be a monthly treat. I pulled my broccoli up today as it was full of caterpillars, the girls spent a good couple of hours playing with it. got rid of the caterpillars as well. PS. I also feed dried mealyworms [meant for wild birds] and they go down well.

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