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  1. I love reading your meal plans Kaz and will definately be looking in on them for inspiration. I started my week 4 yesterday and the foods on my list are growing longer. The biggest change for me has been that I can actually leave food on my plate One the comments in my LL book is: 'It is no more wasteful to throw food in the bin than to over eat' Well I don't bin food but the animals or composter appreciate it I have still been losing a little bit of weight and acutally find that at 10st 6lbs I am at the lower end of my comfort zone in terms of weight because I won't suit being waith (sp?) like and scrawny. The challenge comes of being able to eat enough of food to be able to maintain because the more calorific foods don't get introduced for another 2 weeks. The other news that is very exciting is that I get to find out this week about whether the horse I am interested in will be up for loan or sale. I can't wait, if I can ride 4 times a week then this will really help with my fitness and toning. I keep meaning to do some 'now' shots so you can see the difference. I am now a 10/12 bottoms and 12/14 top but know that the next year is going to be even harder than losing the weight was in the first place. 9 out of 10 slimmers put all the weight back on in the first year plus more and I can't go back to that My attitude towards food seems to be normal. I was concerned that I would be too extreme towards the health siide of things. I seem to have managed to ditch my all or nothing attitude which is great. How is everyone else doing?
  2. I've lost my weight and have started the management programme and am learning heaps Life is still good although it would be even better if I can work out how to get more time in the saddle with not a lot more outlay. Riding is my one interest and I look forward to every Friday and wish my life away Life is good and even better, as from Sunday I get to eat eggs again
  3. I would definately be up for an equestrian themed day out I am just in the process of weighing up my option on how to get more riding in without the huge costs My last lesson was on 14h2 a welsh section D who might be up for sale at the end of this month. She is on working livery which redudes costs and gives full livery care but I'm not sure about it.
  4. I ate a palm sized grilled trout fillet last night and am surprised that of the thingsI could have chosen, this was my number 1. That 'meal' was my first conventional food since 19th May Tonights delight will be reduced fat plain cottage cheese. Tomorrow I can add a green leafy sald to my protein choices and I have my first weight management meeting which is when all the hard work really starts I dcided to start 2 days early because it is hubby's birthdat at the end of October and by starting a couple of days sooner I will have a better choice of foods to choose from at the restaurant
  5. You sound so much like me and those little white lies to save face with the person that gave you the breadmaker in the first place is very me too
  6. Congratulations. Have you eaten it yet?
  7. Oh dear the poor old brain has finally given up on me Try this http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/5367432.stm
  8. It looks wonderful. Isn't that where Agatha Christie based one of her novels? I have them all
  9. The beeb are delaying showing the new series of Top Gear until he has recovered.
  10. Neither have we I'm very jealous but delighted for you
  11. Have you got one of those garden vacs?
  12. I don't eat any meat, or anything that doesn't come out of one of my diet food packs for that matter Seriously though we go for free range additive free meat and try not to eat a larger protion than required.
  13. I'm unique too but then I wouldn't have expected any other result with my unusual forename and weird spelling of my surname thanks to hubby
  14. When my Grandma entered her nineties, she decided she could be extremely blunt to the point of rudeness. My Mum said "when I get like that you will tell me won't you?" When I pointed out to her last year that she was turning into her mother...................... she was very put out My mum would slap me if I dared to suggest anything like that

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