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  1. Hello I think we may have rats, we live in inner city Manchester so comes as no great surprise, but I've had chickens for six years and never seen any sign of them before, however I think I saw one scuttle off in the run the other day and there are scratch marks on the feeder. I know the advice is to eliminate them, but are there rat proof feeders available as well? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks Emily
  2. They will be 3 next Spring. I guess that may be it. Thanks!
  3. Both my two hybrid chickens (one marran, one speckledy) have stopped laying. I don't think I've had a single egg in at least a week. Other than that they seem to be behaving exactly the same although my speckledy recently malted. During the summer they were laying every day. I know its got colder and darker but they laid regularly all through the last two winters. Can anyone help? Thanks
  4. Thanks for your help. What actually happens if you forget to move the football or whatever? Would they just lay in the other part of the chicken house? Emily
  5. Hi I recently moved my two chickens from an eglu into a larger wooden hen house. It has roosting bars about two foot up in the main bit and a littler box at the back where they lay the eggs. The trouble is I think they are laying and sleeping in the little egg laying box as there is rather a lot of poo there (and none in the main bit). How can I encourage them to roost on the roosting bars? Thanks in advance Emily
  6. Great - thanks for all the tips! So do the mite just live in the wood and not on the birds? If I eradicate the mite from the eglu, the problem is solved, right? Or do I still need to keep using the powder as well? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I've just discovered red mite in clumps at the end of the wooden roosting bars of the eglu. I think this might explain why one of my chickens is not herself at all, lethargic and not laying. I know I can dust the chickens with the red mite powder, but how to I eradicate the red mite from the roosting bars? Other than a thorough clean. Is there a spray I can get? Thanks Emily
  8. We've been to the vets and our chicken has suspected Marek's disease. He has given us oral medication and we've just had a go at getting it down her, but it was a nightmare and most of it went everywhere. We don't know what we're doing - any advice much appreciated. Thanks Emily
  9. We've just noticed one of our chickens is very unsteady on her feet. She's getting about but keeps collapsing every couple of steps. Can't work out if its a broken leg because it looks to be like she's losing her balance on both sides, but I might be wrong. Does anyone have any clues? Or should we just take her to the vet? Please help. Thanks!
  10. I'd like to get a WIR, but don't know where to start. I have an eglu and eglu run but the chickens need more room. So my plan is to keep the eglu but house it in a WIR. Where is the best place to buy one - can anyone recommend any websites where I can buy one online? For a decent price too! Thanks!
  11. Thanks everyone. Dried or Live? Any specific benefits or just that the live ones are more yummy?
  12. Hi We have an eglu and run, which houses 3 hybrid girls. Unfortunately they only get to free-range on weekends when I'm around, having had a couple of bad incidents involving foxes and I'm beginning to think the run isn't enough space for them really. I'm looking into getting a new house and larger run for them and wondering where to get one (we live in Manchester but happy to get one online and have it delivered)? Maybe a wooden one this time. I don't think there is enough room down the bottom of our garden for a WIR and don't want to spend a fortune. Any advice appreciated, th
  13. Thanks for advice everyone. My mum is a GP and I've asked her now and she says she doesn't know of any risk with chickens. Cats are more of a risk, she said, and lots of people have cats and have babies. So I think I'll stick to the super hygienic way forward. Baby due in June. Emily x
  14. I leave my eglu door half open so that they can get in and out if I'm not around to shut them in, and they don't get so much of a draft if the door was fully open. I'm going away too and my main worry is the water freezing every night, as other people have said here. I haven't yet worked out a solution to this. I've heard if you put glycerine in water it doesn't freeze.

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