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  1. Thankyou so much for your reply, thats very reassuring. The bees will be 12 ft away from the path and parallel to it not flying across it. I am booking classes with a local beekeepers association and will take advice on buying a calm nuc. Giving myself until next spring to learn as much as possible before embarking on this adventure.
  2. Total newbie, ready for booking a course but would appreciate some advice first. I have a long 90ft x 25ft with a garden path running up the centre. Not used by postman but used by us and visitors. On the left side of the garden I have a 2ft high raised bed running the length of the garden full of bee friendly flowers that i would like to put the beehaus on. The banking has a 6ft fence along its full length but has a neighbours 30ft high fir tree hedge growing above it, this runs for about 30ft of the length of the garden but is behind the fence. The ground underneath is dry and doesn't get dripped ondue to the angle of the hedge. There is a treehouse on the right hand side to shelter the beehaus from wind and the garage is a few feet behind it. If you have read and followed so far, thank you. The bees have to fly high on 3 sides. The front of the hive would face up the border in order to get the sun but would mean the garden path would only be 12 feet away but to the right hand side of the beehaus. The decking/house would be 80ft -90ft away. if i put a netted trellis in front of the hive to make them fly above head height they will be inline with the height of the decking but if i don't the flight path would be body height for anyone in the garden. So honest answers please, is it a no win situation or can i keep bees. Many many thanks for reading.
  3. Thankyou for the link. Definately going to give this a try. To echo Bramble ,do you top the spray bottle up with water?
  4. So excited I had to post. Had to put my 3 bantams to bed every evening since I got them on Saturday. They fell asleep on the perches in the run. Just gone to put them to bed and saw this. All in bed even the new girls.
  5. Love that saying, mad as a box of frogs, but it is very apt. Going to put them all in the eglu tonight when they fall asleep on the perches in the run. Have set alarm for 5.30 to let them out in the morning.
  6. Thankyou Eve. Whilst checking the website for the White Stars yesterday I noticed it said available. They weren't supposed to be untill the second week in May. With great trepidation I picked up 2 beautiful little girls. I had read hundreds of posts on introductions and was very worried. I placed the girls in the run and waited, for 3 hours, with a water spray. I found out who is top hen I think, 'but I only had to spray her 3 times for having a peck. I had sprayed all the girls with a very dilute solution of white vinegar with the mist setting of the sprayer before adding the white stars. I read this made them smell the same so could help. I then had to go on the school run, so I put a pallet in to divide the girls. Came back from school to find all the girls jumping up onto the pallet then off again, back and forth, into both sides of the run, they thought it was great fun. Very early days but am keeping a very close eye and ear on them. I did wonder, with the bantams being from a farm with cockerels, as well as hybrids if they are used to been ruled over by a cockerel. I did notice that the farm had white geese as well so could they mistake the White stars for geese, they did all free range together on the farm. Plus the fact I only got the bantams Saturday afternoon.
  7. Noooooo Cat tails, honestly never seen that before, got to laugh though, great advert.
  8. Yes Charlottechicken it is. It's saved in my favourites, always makes me smile.
  9. Thankyou plum. They are lovely. Been hand feeding them sweet corn today. The younger ones make a lovely peep peep sound. They don't seem to bok. The older one announced when she laid her egg but she also makes a peep sound, just slightly deeper. It's very endearing. They let me stroke them as well .
  10. Got to be this one link. It won't post the link. But definately worth copying and pasting. It has chickens in
  11. First day and lucky enough to have an egg. Showed next to a standard egg from our local farm shop hens, free range of course.
  12. Thankyou, I didn't know she was a partridge. I put a house brick in front of the glug for them to stand on. This worked for the last bantams but I will keep an eye on them to make sure they are drinking. Is anyone else having trouble with error posts when trying to post? Been happening to me all morning.

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