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  1. Two superglug - well used. One nipple missing two grubs- old and new design Plus the stand £30 the lot ono collection preferred from Coventry but will post at buyers cost- but might be tricky due to size etc .
  2. Hello. We are trying to add lots of extras to our zippi tunnel system. Looking for tubes/connectors/look outs . thankyou
  3. We are selling our guinea pig eglu go in green with 1m run. dismantled and ready for collection new run door collect from Coventry Cv4 £150
  4. I bought a second hand cube but don’t need the wheels so selling them on £30 ovno collection coventry Cv4
  5. Thanks everyone . I have moved cube into WIR now. and lock the door at night. Having read about mink on internet am getting more convinced that this is my problem - in which case, it may be the end of my chicken keeping days. I have pest control ringing me back on monday. . I hadnt thought of weasels - will look that up too - thanks Does anyone know if a mink/weasel can get through th vent holes in the cube (if indeed it can get into the WIR first) . THere is the odd small gap around the bottom of the WIR where it sits on the slabs ,I dont want to fill all the gaps in the cube as this is the point of the vents isnt it?? also are they nocturnal- the girls havent been out to FR since this happened Also - am concerned I am down to two hens now, who are obviously stressed and rattle around the cube at night in this cold weather. Thanks everyone .
  6. Thanks everyone- keep it coming!! I have decided to move cube into WIR- currently on outside, with ladder goind down into WIR. I have sent Father in law to get mesh for ladder hole and wire wool. I bought the WIR from a company who use welded mesh its approx 1"x1", would a mink get in here??? I know nothing about them . x
  7. Hello everyone. Sorry this is such a morbid post. Last week I found a hen dead in the WIR after what looked like an attack of some sort. The hen was otherwise healthy and although an ex batt was still laying (i think) , She had what loked to be a fight with something in the eglu cube -lots of feathers and then found on floor of WIR in the morning . I gave the whole cube and WIR a good clean and could find no evidence of anything -rats/mice or otherwise . I have nocticed one of the remaining hens stepping ontop of and pinning down the other girls and peck at their heads and necks ? trying to breed. This all seems to settle down though -I just thought perhaps abit of vicious bullying. Today -another hen dead, in the cube- head pulled off . Again- i dont know by what . Do head bully so badly til death?? Could a rat or otherwise be doing this. I am VERY concerned. I now have two hens left and am loathe to get more if the head hen is doing this, also how do i tell if i have a rodent problem?? Surely rodent would go for the food not the hen?? PLEASE HELP- i'm in a right state- I love my girls- except the bully!!! Thanks in advance
  8. Morning all!! I have been battling with an quiet hen for a few days. The hens are new to me but appeared to do very well with intros etc, with all the normally bullying etc (although i had to have one ts from bad bumble foot straight away!). However, one hen started to have a sore bottom with blood and bald vent, I sprayed with violet spray and kept an eye for bullying . She seems to be doing ok but is definately quieter, I locked her in hen house for a few hours the other day for a bit of quiet and she layed and egg - so thats not the problem, her eyes are bright and comb is red (with a very slight tinge i noticed today) , I've bathed her bottom as it seemed to be poo-ey. She has pale/greyish legs but no scaly mite. I havent wanted to 'vet' her as she does appear well, and laying, is eating treats and drinking - just spending time quietly in the eglu but comes out when i arrive at run. any advice gratefully received . I have also bought some ex batt pellets to give them to try and grow feathers and giving etc mealworms. I've read about northen fowl mite (dirty bottom) but wouldnt all the flock get this??? thanks- sorry to waffle!!xx
  9. Hi guys. Well they are now intergrated with a choice of bed although all went in cube together last night . Seems to be going well, abit of pecking, got the purple spray and a water gun out and that seems to be settled now. Laying well. Had to have one of the new girls put to sleep after just 2 days becuae she came to me with a BAD case of bumble foot - never seen it before. The other new girls seem unaffected although one does have a greyish looking left leg- she is laying and eating well so will keep an eye. What size leg rings do i buy- I can't tell new girls apart very well at all, so think thats the answer. Thanks everyone. xx
  10. Thanks everyone- will be adding 5 hybrids to my ex batts tomorrow- I have divisions already in place, and ready to go. A bit nervous as not sure what state they might be in- I know she's struggled to look after them the last few weeks, but here goes. Thanks all. knew I could rely on you to advise! xx
  11. Hi. I have only ever kept ex batts but my friend has got to rehome her 5 standrd layers tomorrow (!) (warrens i think) should they be fine to mix after the normal intro period?? not risk to either set of infections etc. Does anyone have ex batts and layers all living together?? Thanks
  12. I have estimated 6kg use for a course (6 hens) and the lady I spoke to at the company said it can be easily stored in a metal bin, it was £17.50 delivered- alot more than normal pellets plus flubenvet I know, but also- for me anyway........a huge amount easier than measuring and mixing.
  13. I just rang up Marriages direct, they asked a few details and how many hens i had, and because there is no supplier near me they said they were happy to deliver it!!
  14. Hello everyone! After struggling to meausre and mix flubenvet each time I worm my hens, I am chuffed to bits that marraiges have just released a pre-dosed feed- YIPPEEE!!! Just order my first bag - delivery in 2-3 days , just hope my hens will take to the new flavour of pellets!!??

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