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  1. what can i do to soak up the mud in our chicken pen????? it is mainly because it has rained non stop for the last few weeks but also because we have ducks in there too. it is disgusting - like a swamp. i am thinking we will have to put concrete slabs down in the bad areas when it dries up but looking for a temporary fix .............. is there anything i can put down to soak it up???
  2. Hiya - we just got our ducks on Saturday and one of them is limping - any ideas???? Also - want to check I am feeding them the right stuff and in the right way - can you tell me what you feed them and how?
  3. Another question about ducks ................... I don't want to breed them so can I buy a pair of female ducks or will breeders only sell a male/female pair????
  4. Hiya duck lovers, I was wondering whether anyone could give me some advice. I would love to get a couple of ducks to go along with the chickens we already have but am not sure what type I should be getting. What are the best breed of ducks to have in a garden situation - I read somewhere that a certain breed only needs a very small amount of water???? Help please xxxx
  5. Can't believe how kind some people are Yeah think we all go a bit mad when we are pregnant!! End of my second pregnancy was spent dealing with builders doing our extension!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - so probably not an option what a shame - that would have been a good arrangement
  7. Hiya, I was wondering whether anyone knew if there is anyone that offers a cleaning service?? Bit bizarre I know but I am coming towards the end of my third pregnancy and have been struggling to keep on top of the cleaning out so have managed to get a bit behind. Was thinking if I could get someone to give it a proper blitz and dig out the run I would be able to get back on top of things when the baby arrives. Does anyone know of anything like this? Thanks
  8. Hello, over the last few days we have started getting some funny looking eggs. They are bigger than usual and look a bit deformed (slightly lumpy) and have what look like cracks in the shell. They are pretty freaky!! Does anyone have any ideas? They also seem to be laying slightly less - we were getting one egg per chicken every single day now it is a bit hit or miss. Should I be worried about either of these things?? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply, thought that may be the case. The wild birds are gonna love me )
  10. We have bought some pecking ball thingies from wilkos today which are aimed for wild birds. Just wondered whether these are suitable for chickens?? They have got some sort of meat product in them. Does anyone know?? If they are not then I will just leave em out for the birds )
  11. I am looking for some Garlic Powder and Bokashi but i am unsure of where to buy it or what to buy - Garlic powder rather than Bokashi. Does anyone have either websites or places to buy around Huddersfield so I can stop my chickens getting too smelly. Thanks
  12. One of our chickens has developed a limp, we had a look at her feet but couldn't see anything obvious. any ideas?
  13. Do you just leave them in the garden if you are in the house then?? If you are out all day do they just stay in the run. We haven't been letting them out much and am getting concerned we should be letting them out more
  14. Hello, we are pretty new to keeping chickens, having had our girls for about a month. Just wondering what other people do about letting their chickens out. How often and for how long do you let them free range????? Thanks Catherine
  15. Thanks for your replies!! I think that it probably is because she is v young. They are all the same really pecking at us when we go to the run and when we let them out. One of the chickens isn't laying, but we are not 100% sure which one but maybe it is Dorothy and that would explain whey she is the worst???? Anyway, I will leave it another couple of weeks and see if it improves as they realise we aren't food. Thanks again x

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