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  1. And where do i put the front line. We have lots of that. All over...or on their neck like we do with our cats?
  2. What are these on my bird. They all have them. Are they red mites...We have seen reddish ones and grey coloured ones. Lots of them. How can we get rid of them and what are they and what can happen to our birds?
  3. The thing is there isnt anymore room in my incubator...So im stuck...do i wait the 2 days then candle them and if they are duds then ive wasted like 5 days or so...or do i swap them...but if none are fertile of the old ones and lost it and i may of been able to save these other eggs...ive lost out. lol
  4. Oh dear ok then. Thats sad How long do eggs last. we took some in about 17 days ago before we went on holiday...are they off by now? Or will i have a good chance of hatching still. Or shall i just wait until they lay some more?!
  5. Hmm well They were on 40c for anything up to around 13 hours
  6. Ok Thank you. Fingers crossed all is ok...I have 12 eggs in there...desperately want some chicks this side of winter.
  7. Hi My friend has recently given me a homemade incubator. I put it on and got it to the right temperature of around 37.5 and the put the eggs in...I turned up the heat slightly and this afternoon i had overslept and it was around 41c. So i turned it down and have managed to get it to the right temperature. Will this have completely ruined the eggs even though its the first day they are in?? Chris
  8. I have thought a lot of speeding up them laying eggs again...and i was wondering if this set up would work...I make a sheet of the time i turn the light of...to bring them forward a month or so...so i know what times to turn the lights off each day...and i thought i could put a solar light in the coop...with the solar panel on the roof...and then when it came to night time i just turn off the solar light...or is this light the not sort of light useable??
  9. Perfect, thank you very much...as for lighting...could you send me a link of what i would need??? A bit confused on lighting etc...your help much appreciated
  10. Except its a bit different now...im only doing it a month in advance to when they would lay. and they are well kept.
  11. What if i used artificial lighting...make their days longer??
  12. Oh i hadnt thought of that. What months would they be in peak????
  13. Well...Yh, I mean...cut their break a bit short...nothing drastic...just a month early. What would i do to make them start laying again??
  14. Its so annoying...even though i know i put them in at night anyway...its just more hassle...was wondering if anyone just had tips or tricks on how to make them go in etc.
  15. They are definitely safe they have a 8-9 ft fence!! i just find it annoying i have to chase them in constantly, wont they be cold...they are polands?!
  16. Hi. I hear a lot about people using lighting and different ways of making their chickens lay throughout the year. What sort of things would i need to do to make ours lay through the year?? I know many people dont like doing this...but id like to give it a try so i can hatch some chickens before spring starts. Ive heard about people using protein and layers mash etc. and lighting...can anyone suggest anything?
  17. A few months ago we bought a new Polish hen...but she insists on living outside...she came from a place where she lived indoors constantly...and so there wasn't a seperate house to go in at night...so when we go to put all of our chickens to sleep and close up for the night...shes sitting there on top of the coop...and now one of our own hens we raised sits with her...Ive tried picking her off the coop and putting her down and making her walk in. And ive tried putting her straight in...but every single time she sits on top and im getting worried as its quite cold out.
  18. I have Bantam Polands and was wondering when its most typical for them to start laying again?
  19. I want to hatch around 30+ eggs a go, what is a good incubator to use??
  20. You should keep them inside and put them out for longer and longer each day...id say for about a week then they are ready...start off one hour. then a few hours. then a whole day and then after a week let them kip outside during the night. Best to introduce them slowly
  21. Hi, we were thinking of letting our ducks run loose around our 2 acre garden instead of keeping them in a pen. we have let them loose during the day and they have never been attacked and they never venture far from their water and food etc and their pen. Would this be ok or is there a risk they can get attacked by foxes?? Or are they big enough to not be harmed??
  22. We have a Silkie hen that went broody whilst we were on holiday and we put some more eggs under her when we came back and now shes happily sitting on them waiting for them to hatch, id say in about another 2 weeks. We want to move her from the pen with the cockerels and other hens into another coop that has a run attached to it and a little slope leading to the house above it with one nest box...whilst she is still sitting on eggs is it not a good idea to move her...could moving her put her off sitting on them. Would a better idea be to wait til the eggs start hatching. and when they do. close her coop up so the other chickens cant interfere...then when they have all hatched move them all into the seperate coop?? Id like to move her over now as it means its easier to feed her as theres a door right where the nest box is so we can feed her and also watch her in action as the eggs hatch...but if moving her from one coop to another with her eggs halfway between them hatching...could that upset her massively?? Chris
  23. I hatched them from an incubator...but i get the jist its sort of 2 months ish
  24. I saw a video on youtube of lots of ducklings in a bathtub swimming, they didn;t look very old...whats the youngest i can let mine start swimming in a tub trug or bath and let them have a paddle...supervised of course.
  25. I have chicks that i feed chick crumb...Do ducks eat the same? Or do they eat a mixture of bread and chick crumb??

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