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  1. I really like that, very cool
  2. Cute wee guys Has iPoes started swiping at the glass yet or is it just a spectator sport at the moment?
  3. How exciting, I really hope he settles in well
  4. The dogs in Romania have it pretty tough - they're not on the streets because there are no dogs homes as such, they are on the streets because no one owns them or at least takes responsibility for them, and they breed indiscriminately, so there's an awful lot of them. Such dogs homes as there are are often pretty dire and no one is routinely neutering the animals (at least not in any humane manner - there's been a case going round Facebook recently of a dog that's been butchered rather than spayed, sewn up with string and with insides hanging out). However, as horrible as this is (and it is) I'm not sure this automatically makes them good candidates for rehoming as pets. Dogs that have lived on the streets for generations just don't seem to settle in homes, sadly, making life unhappy both for the dog and owner
  5. My Tango is an Irish rescue - not sure that's 'abroad' as such but it seems a lot of the Irish dogs are of 'working' types, e.g. lurchers, terriers, collies and mixes thereof. Fine if you don't mind something 'worky' and quite possibly fairly prey driven. I don't know much about the Rommie dogs but anecdotally I've heard they are not easy - they come from generations of street dogs and don't always seen to settle well in houses. I've heard of an awful lot who have scaled 6ft garden fences in their desperation to escape and have disappeared never to be seen again, or hit by traffic Of course they are not all like that and some make lovely pets, but personally I'd be really cautious about taking on a rescue from abroad, at least somewhere like Romania.
  6. Me too. Now I have a sudden urge to buy batteries...
  7. Folding? Ironing? What are these concepts of which you speak??
  8. Oh no! So sorry to hear this after all you've been through. I really hope you can get it sorted
  9. How exciting! That sounds so much fun. Where is the course being held?
  10. Looks lovely, what a super surprise
  11. Good luck - my parents have terrible trouble with their neighbours' cats fouling their gardens and haven't yet found a solution. They've tried everything from water pistols, repellent granules, ultrasonic cat scarers - you name it, they've tried it and the wretched animals still keep pooing everywhere Their immediate next door neighbours have two cats who are the worst offenders, they use a patch of grass in my parents' front garden adjacent to the neighbours' house. The neighbours had the audacity to call environmental health and complain about cat poo in my parents' front garden saying it was a health hazard Suffice to say my parents were not best pleased, especially as they have always owned dogs and therefore had to clean up after them. Not sure there is an answer.
  12. Yep she's an ex-poundie. Thankfully she's rarely ill which is amazing really. She must have a cast iron constitution.
  13. I think as a parent you don't get to be exempt, but it's perfectly permissible for you simply to smile and nod at appropriate intervals because it's gone way over your head

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