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  1. Ok, so we’re having to make an incredibly hard decision. We are moving to Germany, we have 7 hens and a cube with a walk in run. It would be 12 hours (minimum) in the car but also we’re renting and they don’t allow anything other than a cat or a dog or fish. We’re doing all we can to negotiate, but we’re concerned about the travelling time and distance for them, as well as unsure about any legal complications with transporting poultry to the continent. So, whilst it’s going to break out hearts, we’ve had to put our Eglu and Cube up for sale. They’re our lovely little feathery girls and this is the absolute last thing we wanted, but we have to go. Please no messages of guilt etc, believe me we feel bad enough about this.
  2. I wouldn't even hesitate, if she can't stand I'd have her straight down the Vets. I do hope she's alright and makes a speedy recovery.
  3. The Red Arrows came over the downs here a while back and it felt like you could touch the underside of their fuselage lol was amazing! Haven't been to a good air-show in years, I used to love going to Duxford.
  4. Yes I really need to get out of the Tourism trade so I can enjoy some of these "Bank Holidays" I've heard so much about
  5. Not at all but populated areas could be given a miss Was an awesome sight though, I love it when the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight comes over, what an experience it must be to pilot those craft.
  6. lol I must confess I am not, it looked beautiful, someone else on an aviation forum I belong to said he's seen them also with some AH-64D Apache Longbows joining them, must have been a wonderful sight. Don't get me wrong, I don't usually moan about that sort of thing, but I would have seen them just as well at 2,000 Feet AGL They didn't need to take off the Sky dish lol
  7. They aren't having much luck at the minute lol Yesterday there was a Police helicopter flying low over the downs at the back hovering around searching for someone, poor things don't know what to make of these big noisy metal birds.
  8. There starting to calm down now and be less noisy, but for the first 5 minutes Penny wouldn't stop alarm calling even when I was holding her which usually calms her down. Poor things, Beautiful sight don't get me wrong, but quite traumatic for the girls.
  9. Two Lockheed C-130 Hercules in close formation just buzzed the rooftops over our area at less than 1,000 Feet, the Chickens have gone mental I sincerely hope there was a justifiable need for that. It shook the windows.
  10. I should imagine you would only require this if you planned on selling the meat or eggs for profit in case you inadvertently poisoned someone, but just for keeping them I don't know what damage they could possibly do, unless your neighbour grows prize winning expensive vegetables and they got in. But I personally wouldn't see the need in this, but there may be things I haven't considered.
  11. Cheers, we've done it before with the older girls, although they weren't big climbers so we stopped doing it and never had any bother, but Fenty really LOVES to climb. But if we clip her should we clip all the others for "fairness" or is it not viewed as a big deal regards pecking order sort of stuff? Sounds silly I know and maybe I'm humanising them. But thanks for saying left and I watched the video and now understand why... we used to do the right wing oops. Learn something new though. Thank you both though, just seen the second post, will just do Fenty Thank you.
  12. We are slowly coming round to the idea that we are going to have to Clip Fenton's wings, she LOVES to climb, and I LOVE the fact that she loves to climb, she uses the swings, sits on the cube roof, she's adorable. But today I saw her sat on the fence between ours and our neighbour's garden. And I'm sure she could get back out if she went in there, but it's not the point. My worry is, if we clip her wings, should we clip all the other girls so she's not the only one, even though the other's aren't big climbers, where as Fenton has delusions of flying, several time's I've seen her run and flap her way across the entire width of the garden. so yes in short my question is this, if you clip one should you clip them all? I feel awful because her climbing is what we love about her but I'd never forgive myself if she got out.
  13. I use a washing up bowl, they've squeezed 3 of themselves in it at one point, but 2 are comfortable and they take turns. Although 95% of the time they can free-range and have 4 2mx1m veg beds to dust bath in, but we re-fill the washing up tub in case we have to leave them in the WIR for an extending period of time about once a fortnight as they slowly kick it out.
  14. Scramble was 9 months old but she had complications after a huge softie and an underlying infection Which in spite of intensive treatment she wasn't going to recover from and had to be PTS. Poach was 3 Years old and died from either an aneurysm or a heart attack, appeared to have happened very suddenly (we found her when we arrived home from a holiday) and Angua was a bantam and was 2 and a half, again she died in her sleep, I went out in the morning and she was in the nesting box with her eyes shut. But Penny and Peaky are both now 3, and both still going strong and laying pretty much daily. Please see signature for Breeds. Hope this is useful to you.
  15. That is interesting, it also may help explain why our Peaky went and slept on her own in the Classic when we moved them all to the Cube. Now there is only the cube, and Penny allows Val in the roost with her, and Willow and Peaky are out on the roosting bars, usually with Phoenix and Fenton, but the last two nights, Fenton and Phoenix have both tried to sleep on TOP of the cube lol, and both nights we've just popped them back in, hopefully they'll get the idea. Although they can't have been cold because they weren't huddled together or anything. They are funny little things.
  16. Please Note: I'm not worried (this time lol) I'm purely intrigued. Pennyapple is a large bird, she's over 3 years old and still lays pretty much daily. She has always laid above average sized eggs. However since we've had the new girls she has laid 2 Extremely large eggs, both double yolkers and over 100g about the size of an average fist (we checked her vent both times terrified she may have hurt herself) But at no point has she done this before, so my question is this? Could these eggs, be some hormonal, psychological, or other physiological response to the new girls? Perhaps she's feeling a bit maternal, or maybe it's completely random. It's just an interesting coincidence that she's only done this since the new girls. the rest have returned back to their normal above average size. I'll try and post a picture in a bit, but one was over 110g. What else is interesting is she appears to be grooming Valentine to be the new Head Chicken, she's even been given Pecan's spot in the nesting box. We're starting to wonder if perhaps Penny never really liked Pecan all that much, but she tolerated her because she was her only companion hence the repeated pecking and feather plucking (3 different types of anti-peck were used but she got used to all 3 each time.) And she doesn't do it to any of the new girls. So maybe she just doesn't care for Peaky like we thought she did. She has shown other protective and maternal signs for the new girls, especially with cats etc. Just wondering has anyone else noticed similar experiences, both egg size, and behaviour changes with new introductions?
  17. We're with Chick Wiggle, we have done two introductions, and both times it was 3 full weeks before we allowed them into the same space together even the whole garden. In our humble opinion 1 week is far too quick. Even with 3 we felt we were very lucky and had planned for 6-8 weeks before allowing them together, but they just seemed ready and at peace with each other. I would leave it at least 2 more weeks, see if they start sitting together (but separated by the partition etc.) Once you get signs like that, that's an indication that they're a little more used to the new girls. And I'm sure bumper bits are fine, but personally my wife and I don't like the look of them, I understand they are widely used, and I'm sure they are a last resort, if another chicken is being harmed, but we personally believe they should NOT be a first resort. Allow them time and you shouldn't need them at all. Others may disagree re: bumper bits, that's just our feelings on them.
  18. I agree, I would be asking for my money back, he failed to deliver the services for which he was paid in accordance with a verbal contract. It would also make me worry for the other animals in his care. Someone needs a lesson in responsibility. But glad you had a back up plan And I'm glad they were ok, cus it's always a worry when you go away
  19. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried like a baby when we had Scramble put to sleep. I'd spent two weeks spending all day every day nursing her, and she was making improvements up to a point, but then she started going down hill due to infection and it was the kindest thing to do. Because it was a weekend it had to be an "emergency" vet, but she very kindly waived the additional fees and only charged us for the actual medicine and was about £30-£40 if I recall, but if she hadn't have waived the extras she should have billed for, it was going to be about £80-£90.
  20. our new four were silent for almost the first 3 weeks, then they started getting a little chattier, and now they're as chatty as the old girls. I don't think you have anything to worry about, if they're young, they're just getting settled and getting the picture before joining in
  21. Thank you all so much I feel a lot better about the whole thing now. She seems no worse for wear this morning. Guess I was worrying over nothing
  22. Thank you both ever so much. Just been out again and she's stayed on her own snuggled up in the nesting box of the classic. We'll leave her for tonight, but she's going to have a shock tomorrow night. Must admit I was quite worried about her. Again thank you. I will let you know how tomorrow goes.
  23. ok thank you, we shall take the classic out tomorrow, and shut the cube door. We get up early anyway but I'm sure we'll hear them They will make their desire to be let out known of that I have no dobt. Penny has a right pair of lungs on her.
  24. Ok, thank you, we shall leave her, I must admit I'm the worrier, my OH Sally thinks she'll be fine. So we shall leave her for tonight, and tomorrow we will take the classic away and shut the cube door. She didn't appear to be pecked, I think she just felt a little overwhelmed and crowded, she's used to having sooo much space, and 4 new chickens just got dropped on her. And certainly if Val joined them in the roost, she probably just wanted some space. I'll check on her before we go to bed and make sure she's ok. Thank you so very much.
  25. we moved her only a couple of minutes ago and she grumbled quite a lot, I turned the torch off but she just tried climbing down the ladder in the dark. Is it worth putting her in and shutting the cube door? Thank you so much for your quick reply, I must admit I'm a little concerned, not faced this problem before. I'm also worried because she's missing some feathers on her tail which are coming back slowly as Penny was bullying her a little, but she's stopped since she's had new sisters. Not at all, I'll be staying up a little while longer and will check again before going to bed. and dependant on whether or not my concerns are laid to rest or if it is recommendatory to shut her in the cube. again thank you so much for your time and help.

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