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  1. I have an Eglu classic in green, 2m run with cover, glug and grub feeders (I think there are two of each) and large drinker. I think there may also be spare roosting bars but I’d need to confirm. I don’t have any photos at the moment but will do on Monday Located near Shepton Mallet in Somerset. Looking for £200 please.
  2. I had surgery to remove some bone and a protruding disc in March last year. Despite being terrified, and it taking place on my daughters 12th birthday, I am neither dead, paralysed or incontinent! Recovery was frustratingly slow, but I also caught the dreaded norovirus whilst in hospital. I am however really glad that I went through with it, and it solved my terrible pain. PM me if you would like to know anything else xxx
  3. I replied to him by email offering him a picture of a disturbed badger as per the sketch. He replied and said he wasn't bothered about a badger picture! He then went on to say that he has had a very rude email from a lady telling him he is being too specific and he should be grateful for anything he was offered, as this was the true spirit of Freecycle. He says he has pointed out that he was the moderator for the Kensington and Chelsea group, so knew how it worked, but hasn't had a response from her! Still made me smile though!
  4. Just read the following on our local Freecycle site. I'm still smiling! "I wonder if anyone could help me. I am looking to find a picture of a disappointed horse. Ideally it would be of a horse which is disappointed because it had recieved bad news, but any picture would be considered - BUT in an ideal world I don't really want it to be of a horse which was perturbed Alternatively I would also consider a painting of an irked kitten"
  5. It may be different where you live, but our Tesco store employs lots of teenagers. My daughter (17) works for their dot com department, and loves it. She 'picks' the online orders, starts at 6 and is all done by 10 leaving plenty of socialising time! They are offered overtime constantly, and can do as much or as little as they want. She enquired in store and was told to simply write a letter of application and went from there. It may be worth writing to the dot com team leader rather than the online system? Good luck!
  6. You must be In the same freecycle group as me as I just read those two!!
  7. I had rubber chippings, a very expensive mistake. They looked lovely to start with, but became impossible to clean, and became muddy, messy and horrid. Trying to wash them was a nightmare, and turned everything into a quagmire and they didn't get clean! I chose to ignore all the negative comments that everyone had posted on here about them, and soon realised that they were all quite correct and trying to steer me away from them! Perhaps someone will come along soon and say how fab they are, but my advice would be don't do it!
  8. Don't know if it's the correct, but my brother was told by the council rat man that peanuts have a natural antidote to rat poison in them. He said as long as people put peanuts out for the birds, the rats would eat the peanuts and the poison would have no effect. I don't know if this would apply to peanut butter as well, but worth considering.
  9. You have my sympathy, you really do. I know what you're going through. My husband was told on 27th April his job was under threat and put onto immediate gardening leave. He was made redundant on 31 May, and is still sorting out all the finer details. He has 33 years service behind him and is able to take his pension, but at 51 has a lot of years left that he could be working. He has been in the same job with the same employer (HSBC) since he was 18, but really thinks that financial services have had it for the time being so wants to look for something else, but its difficult to write a CV for a job when you don't know what you want! Its the waiting and not knowing thats the worst, but believe me it works itself out. Just keep strong and look after yourself too.
  10. Thank you to my Easter bunny! I've just unwrapped mine as we were on hols till yesterday. I've had some lovely hand made cards, really beautiful. Also two note books, which I have hidden from the children as they LOVE things like that! They both have lovely hand made covers. To go with them is some very useful sticky notes, also in a handmade cover. To finish it all off there are some choccy eggs in a handmade bag. Thanks you who ever you are, you are very talented and have much more patience than me!! I've taken some photos and am about to work out how to upload them, so fingers crossed....
  11. I posted mine yesterday, so should hopefully be received soon! I received mine today, I'm not going to open it until next weekend, but wanted to let my swappee know its arrived!! Am most excited, but will wait like a good girl. I'm off on hols tomorrow till after Easter, so will open it in the post-holiday misery that usually arrives on coming home, and I'm sure it will brighten my day Photos will follow on opening...........
  12. Oh dearie me, I've not been on here for a while and have just caught up with the 'things you like' bit So sorry secret Easter bunny swappee, you must think me very rude... I like nature, owls, flowers, things made of glass, gardening, owls, butterflies and birds, chocolate, chickens, and did I mention owls??! I really must pay more attention next time
  13. I've had quite a few things from them and have just today ordered a fleece cardigan in the sale. My mum also orders lots from them too. Everything is good quality, and their guarantee is really good. I had a pair of shoes from them with an elasticated toggle, and the elastic snapped some 2 years after having them. They exchanged them staright away, no questions, and I had a lovely new pair. i would really recommend them for long lasting and sensibly cut clothes!
  14. Haven't seen this yet, but went to a talk on Tuesday given by the man who made all the wooden hurdles that are used in the film. he also makes trugs - his talk was called "I'm a miserable trugger - or at least I think thats what the wife calls me" !!!

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