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  1. Brown Betty

    How long does worming take to work?

    Thanks lovely. I've looked on a different site and it explained it in more detail. Evidently you have to leave 7 clear days after the last days treatment before you eat a bird, and as for eggs theres no withdrawl time at all so maybe they were just being over cautious. I've just ordered some
  2. Brown Betty

    How long does worming take to work?

    I've just looked up Flubenvet and found it on the same site I use to buy flea stuff for the dog and cat, but I noticed that it says this: Bestpet can supply Flubenvet only if: the medicated feed is mixed at the house where the birds are kept and those birds and their eggs are not reared for sale or supply for consumption off the premises Does that mean for ever, as I often give my eggs to neighbours and sell them to a few people when I have an excess. Are there other brands that this doesn't apply to. Many thanks.
  3. What do you do with it, sorry to sound dim, but do you put in on their feathers and sprinkle it in the hen house to kill the red mites or put it in their food or what. Thanks in advance.
  4. What do you put on the floor of the run. Our house and run are on the concrete base of our old greenhouse which also has a 3 high brick wall all around it. Perfect as before when we had the house down the garden even though we had a skirt of mesh around the outside we still had a fox trying to burrow under. But what do you put if anything on the floor. A friend told me that she puts a bag of bark chip on the ground which I tried but after they'd poo'd and weed on it for a good while it just turned to mud and stunk like a farm yard. When I cleaned them out yesterday I did a complete hose down job inside and outside the house and got rid of it, (it will make fabulous compost for next year) I have put a light covering of bark chip down more just to keep their feet off the wet if it rains. There is a roof on the run but rain still gets in from the side, its up against a fence along one side. I'm wondering about chipped rubber from recycled tyres has anyone else tried this. Thinking I could hose it down. Or should I just leave it as bare concrete. The house has lovely toasty straw inside which often finds its way down the ramp to the run too.
  5. Brown Betty

    Door open overnight - Brrrr? Do you?

    I have the same sort of wooden hen house with an attatched run which is all on a concrete base that my girls stay in when I'm out rather than being free range and I don't think I've ever closed the hatch to the actual house for the 2 years we've had chickens. Mine were exbatts but they did have jumpers before their feathers grew back. Only one out of my 6 use the perch, the others all squash into the 2 nesting boxes which they fill with poo over night. Mind you I don't get any eggs so I suppose its not too much of a problem.
  6. Brown Betty


    Mine usually enjoy popping in for a visit and leaving their calling card just after I've mopped the floor.
  7. Brown Betty

    Knitted chick dress

    Awwww thats gorgeous, you could knit the chickens in colours to match your own.
  8. Brown Betty

    why oh why lol??

    Its gorgeous wool but is hard to knit with isn't it. Certainly not one you can watch telly with at the same time.
  9. Brown Betty

    Any one ever used Silk Flowers???

    Personally I think it depends on what you want to use them for. If they are going into an arrangement that people are going to be able to see close up and they are not of a good quality then its a no no but I've used big lillies in very large pedestal arrangements in church and from the pews you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I think it also depends on the quality because some artificial flowers you have to actually touch and its usually only the green plastic bits that give them away, but there are also some really grotty ones too. Hope that wasnt' too garbled. What are you going to do with them.
  10. Brown Betty

    I'm turning my alpacas into a scarf!!

    OOOh that is gorgeous, I love that. Did you get much or just that skein. Bet it would sell brilliantly.
  11. Brown Betty

    Chicken Memorials

    Poor Edith, I Found her dead on the floor of the hen house yesterday, poor thing, I have no idea why she died, she was an ex-batt that we got in September. I only know that she's had a smashing time since she's been with us pecking up worms, scratching around in the garden and flapping her wings. I'm so pleased that she ended her days a free chook and not a chicken nugget. The others all seem fine but I admit that I'm a little nervous now of losing more of my little lovlies.
  12. Brown Betty

    lost chicken

    Awwww fingers crossed she comes home in the morning safe and sound.
  13. Brown Betty

    would like to have some ex-bats

    I agree, they are gorgeous creatures and well worth the effort. Heres some of mine eating their early morning porridge.
  14. Brown Betty

    Laying but not crouching..normal?

    Are the new ones a posher breed
  15. Brown Betty

    Ex batt not laying.

    I've got 7 ex batts well it was 8 till yesterday when Mr Fox paid a visit. But anyway. I was getting a couple of eggs a day when they first came to live with us but stopped after a week and are now growing their feathers beautifully. Still wearing jumpers but you can see the regrowth coming along lovely. I get the odd egg now and then but thats about it. They may start laying again come spring or they may not, I'm just glad they're having a ball in the garden pecking around and having a bit of freedom at last.