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  1. Just thought I would dig this up from the archive. A few parts of Alcester are flooded again. Mainly fields though, but some roads. The main road out of Alcester towards Redditch via Kings Coughton was about 1ft deep with water last night for a 150 metre stretch. It made a 40 minute journey home about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The town has spent £2 million on flood defences over the last couple of years but the river is close to spilling over the bank. Since the last flood they have doubled the size of the bank but it was at the top of that last night. It was spilling on to the bridge which is normally 18ft above river level. Scary stuff.. Anyway, it's worth scrolling through this topic to see some of the photos I took last time we flooded. Hopefully won't be a similar situation this time.. Martin
  2. Having previously worke in a pet shop. I would be alarmed if this cost more than £149.99! It looks very ordinary, and the storage thing is not unique to this product. If they produce an eglu shaped hamster home to go inside then maybe I'd be a bit more enthusiastic! Martin
  3. Dissapointed is an understatment. Really don't like it! I've been refreshing all day, but have to admit I'm underwhelmed. Martin
  4. Having a whole load of pumpkin squash related problems here! Normally they have done really well for me! Martin
  5. My advice is make your own. They are so cheap and easy to make, but are so expensive in garden centres in the like. Seen some for about £20 which is way out. No idea what they are called though, sorry! Martin :0)
  6. Pak Choi, young spinach, courgettes, mange tout, chilli peppers. = Stir fry!
  7. Definately sounds like a great bargain. We bought one for £12 from Wilko. It is bigger than the average ones, and it is ceratainly serving us well! Martin
  8. I am also cucumberless at this time. Today we are going to be picking: Courgettes, raddish, salad leaves, mange tout and chilli peppers. Martin
  9. We have growbags outdoors at the moment, and I often water the tomatoes and frogs skip out of the holes. Makes me jump every time, but it is quite funny! Martin
  10. Wishing you good luck on your new venture!!
  11. I understand that this is a real nuisance for you. However, although I can't help much, a local school just got an eglu for their after school 'growing club'. What a good idea! Martin
  12. I'm so glad we featured you on our blog. It was a great patch and you deserved it!! Martin
  13. P.S Was also dissapointed at lack of Tub Trug (the actual company/brand), Omlet and Wiggly Wigglers... Tut Tut! Martin

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