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  1. Just thought I would dig this up from the archive.


    A few parts of Alcester are flooded again. Mainly fields though, but some roads.


    The main road out of Alcester towards Redditch via Kings Coughton was about 1ft deep with water last night for a 150 metre stretch. It made a 40 minute journey home about 1 hour and 45 minutes.


    The town has spent £2 million on flood defences over the last couple of years but the river is close to spilling over the bank. Since the last flood they have doubled the size of the bank but it was at the top of that last night. It was spilling on to the bridge which is normally 18ft above river level. Scary stuff..


    Anyway, it's worth scrolling through this topic to see some of the photos I took last time we flooded. Hopefully won't be a similar situation this time..


    Martin :D

  2. Having previously worke in a pet shop. I would be alarmed if this cost more than £149.99!


    It looks very ordinary, and the storage thing is not unique to this product.


    If they produce an eglu shaped hamster home to go inside then maybe I'd be a bit more enthusiastic!



  3. I went on Wednesday and it was amazing!!


    I wrote so much about it on my blog (link in signature). Had to do it in four parts as there were so many highlights.


    Like you said, chickens and bees featured heavily in the show gardens, displays and stands.


    Have a great day and I hope those of you going at the weekend have a superb time!!


    Take lots of pictures too like I did!


    Martin :)

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