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  1. I've been, and like Sarah was queing up the high street and waiting for twenty minutes. I manaed to get the mug, a can of ginger beer, a necklace worth £10, a frisbee and a fantastic tea towel, really authentic and I really like it. Also found out that the items are free but a suggested donation of 1p, as it is for charity they can't charge or something like that. haha! Some people did take advantage of this I believe and didn't take a penny. Awful!
  2. Hello everybody, This is a bit of a long shot but hey ho'. My girlfriend is doing a geography project mainly focused on tourism but other aspects such as location, environmental well being etc. The title for her project is: Endangered Species? Is the UK love affair with the British city zoo on the verge of extinction? Her main focus is on comparing Bristol (City) Zoo and Twycross (Countryside) Zoo. If anybody has any stories or pictures then they would be greatly appreciated as it is essential for her to be able to look at the history of both places and the animals they keep/kept plus new exhibits and attractions as time goes on. If anybody has any old guidebooks for Bristol or Twycross Zoo (pre 2009 as she has these) that they no longer want or need then I would love to have them. Of course she would expect to pay postage. Will include this in Wanted section. Any photos or stories appreciated. Hints and tips also.. Thanks in advance for your help. Martin
  3. How terrible! Donating to charity! That's a new one!
  4. Hey, I've duplicated too! There must be a duplicating monster in the system!
  5. 1001 if you count the duplicate thread! Congratulations!
  6. 1001 if you count the duplicate thread! Congratulations!
  7. 1001 if you count the duplicate thread! Congratulations!
  8. Definately love both, but would have a coffee over a tea anyday!
  9. Congratulations on the black lamb Lesley, great result at last!
  10. Well my mum and I are going down on Wednesday morning for opening. We are lucky that we have two M&S stores in Stratford and I believe both are doing the promotion so one trip to the other and we should have a nice mass. Martin
  11. I am lead to believe M&S are good, but then again I may be bias!
  12. Martin B

    Bee Chat

    The fully assembled hives are the way to go! Good luck with your flatpack, I remember when Lesley had hers.
  13. I am driving a 2 year old Renault Clio, it was great for practising in, but the insurance is quite hight. About 1,750. Martin
  14. Verging on the not paying, looking option. Thanks for the link Clash!
  15. I pulled in at a farm shop on the way back from Northampton yesterday. They had lots of sheep and about 5 cows with 2 calves in the same field. Best of luck Lesley!
  16. Have seen this episode before. I think the eggs were placed there for the tv, he needed 3 eggs and voila they were there. I am sure he was mortified at the time but he has moved on like most people would. Martin

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