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  1. Blimey! Poor girl! Looking at her leg made me feel queazy. I haven't seen an adder in years thankfully! Martin :)
  2. We've applied for football at Old Trafford and The Ricoh Arena. Martin
  3. Lesley that table of food luck scrumdiddlyumptious and the cake stands are all so good!! Well done!! Martin
  4. Well, I'm not sure what to do... Especially when the Town's Street Party is on your street.... I am not that interested but I will watch because Prince William is an Aston Villa fan.. Will probably be having cream teas in the garden. Weather permitting... Martin :)
  5. Yes nothing special.. but remember this offer starts tomorrow. Don't forget that most M&S stores are opening at 1pm on Friday and closing at 6pm. Martin
  6. That's great. I've always wanted to make a chicken door stop! Martin :)
  7. Thanks Charlotte. Been a while... Martin
  8. Just sown some mange tout, runner beans, tomato, cabbage and beetroot. Also started a second potato bag
  9. That size enclosure would be great for them! Not sure about how long a pool like that would take to go stagnant etc. When I had ducks I had a moveable pond which I could empty every few days and replace with clear, fresh water. Keep us updated Martin
  10. Great pictures they seem quite placid. Martin
  11. Great story!! All the best for this year!!
  12. Have an eggcellent day everyone!! Martin
  13. Has anybody had a go at making their own wormery? I know you can buy them quite easily these days but the cost seems quite uneconomical in these recent economic circumstances. From having a quick search I can see that people have made their own out of timber, plastic boxes, rubber tyres and a variety of other things.Then you can just buy the worms and off you go.....!!! Has anybody on here made there own? Is it worth it? What went well/didn't do so well?? Look forward to hearing about your wormery! Martin :)
  14. Well done. It can always be a tricky thing to do!! Martin
  15. I went to the shop at Barn Farm Plants yesterday and they were open. Not sure about today? Did you get the right number? There are abour 4 or 5 different numbers we found.. Martin :0)
  16. I definately prefer pickling them in brown pickling vinegar as opposed to white vinegar. I think they look more rustic this way too! Martin
  17. It is a size 8 I think. I will ask her later and yes it can be and has been modelled. I will see if I can get her to give me the photos so I can upload them. Martin :)
  18. There has been unprecedented levels of demand for that Hello Kitty egg! Martin
  19. The bottom half is two copies of the Sunday times. The top bit and corset is made from old sheet music books. The flowers are made from tissue paper!

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