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  1. Hi twig, just read about the ants, and then realised we actually have one of those compost bins. I'll put it on the tray like you said if i get time tomorrow! How much do the worms cost and wheere from? Kind Regards Martin
  2. Thanx, I've lookead at the site already. But didn't somebody say it could be done cheaper? HOW? Kind Regards and Thanks Martin
  3. Hia, i'm not really interested but are the ducklus available for sale on this site? Kind Regards Martin
  4. Are you selling the eglu? Where are you located? Kind Regards Martin
  5. What exactly do the wromeries from wriggly wrigglers do? When I eventuall get my chickens I want to use the poop to make some good quality compost for my grandads olotment. Kind Regards Martin
  6. Thanks Clare, I'll certainly be talking to my mum about it later. Kind Regards Martin
  7. Hia, my name is Martin and although I'm currently looking for an eglu fo chickens i also own 2 rabbits. They are very beautiful, and i would like to say hi from the three of us! Kind Regards Martin
  8. Thanx, I'll get a copy on the way to school. Thanx Martin
  9. How much does Practical Poultry cost? Kind Regards Martin
  10. Had the privellige of attending one of Jimmies talks at the NEC last year, and I'm absolutely hooked on his series.I think its so interesting and I can't keep my eyes off it when it has started!!!!!!

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