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  1. Congratulations! Shame about the Orpington's but I hope your new hens bring you lots of smiles...AND EGGS!
  2. That is hillarious! Definately a Russian Doll egg! Martin
  3. Do you know what? I always felt that one of my hens eggs were better for cooking in a saucepan e.g poaching and boiling. But the other girl seemed to lay eggs that were great for frying. Very odd that I thought this. Can't remember why I decided this was the case. Martin :0
  4. It's that time of year again. The eggs are really mounting up and I have run out of ideas! I absolutely love pickled eggs so this was a great chance to make some... Ingredients: 20 medium sized Free Range eggs 1litre Pickling Vinegar (available from all good supermarkets) To make the pickled eggs I hard boiled 20 eggs for 15 minutes before allowing them to cool in cold water (in the pan). Then when the eggs are cool just simply peel off all of the shells and you will have the eggs nice and ready. Take a sterilized kilner jar or any other air tight jar and add the eggs. A large kilner jar should comfortably accomodate 20 medium sized eggs or 15 large ones. Then pour over the pickling vinegar. You probably won't use the whole litre so you could make a medium sized jar of pickled onions or alliums with any that is left over.When the pickling vinegar covers the eggs up to the rim you then need to seal/close the jar and store them in a dark place. I normally leave the eggs for 2 days to 'mature' a bit but you can eat them after a couple of hours if you can't wait. The eggs should store for at least a month. If they last that long of course! Right who's making the chips?
  5. Haha! What a con, feel sorry for the elderly and the vulnerable who may fall for this sort of ploy though. Martin
  6. Didn't they try this a while back and almost put off everyone in the UK from keeping chickens by going into homes with chickens head to toe in white protective equipment to avoid diseases etc. Fingers crossed for you I hope all goes well! Martin
  7. Amy has just finished making this prom style dress for her A-Level Design and Techonology project. The dress is made entirely from a few staples and a whole load of recycled paper!! Uploaded more photos to my blog, but Amy isn't a member on here. When she first said that she was making a dress out of paper I almost laughed at her, but when I realised she was being serious I was concerned. But I'm really pleased with the final product, so much better than I ever expected. Have a craftastic day! The first person to say 'I hope it doesn't rain' then shame be on you Martin
  8. Brilliant!! The Harry look a like is insanely uncanny!
  9. Definately a shock. Such a shame as she seemed such a nice person. The first person I thought of when I saw the news was Dan. I can't belive that she a) passed away and b) was 63! She looked so much younger. No word of ill health makes this news even more of an unwanted surprise. Martin
  10. We have never had a problem mixing the two whilst they free ranged in the garden. I think the first time the rabbit got too close to the chook the rabbit got a peck, so they stayed pretty clear of each other from then on! Martin
  11. Haha! That is a good post about the university. I am currently studying at Aston Uni and we have a man made lake which has loads of geese, swans and ducks upon it. The university is right in the middle of Birmingham city centre and it is always bemusing when the geese and ducks cross the road to head for the bullring! Martin
  12. You need to keep them under control Scarlett, they look full of rage! Martin
  13. Martin B

    New Plastic Hive

    Wow! I quite like this design and it seems great value too! Martin
  14. Sending a text to the wrong person can be the worst feeling in the world. I once sent a text to somebody that I was 'slating'. Oh well!
  15. I had the same problem, even after I clipped their wings... Martin :)
  16. For me. I'd live life on the edge I'd just plant them and wait and see what happens. Look again closely to make sure you haven't missed any big give aways regards any differences but I would just go for it! Martin
  17. Just to let you know that the contingency for this dine in (vegetarian) are the Filled red peppers, vegetable mousakka and goats cheese and onion tartlets. Martin
  18. I would not not not not not go to this place it is disgusting. Like previously said the chickens are sloshing around in absolute filth. You will need a protective mask for the sale room due to all the dust. I did work experience there when I did my GCSE's and they only collect the eggs from the hens once a week. In one of the coops there was a carcass, not a fresh one. Literally just the bones with no flesh on. There are rats and mites galour. Much better places to visit than this!!
  19. Wow! How exciting! Definately something that would be great to do! Good luck Martin

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