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    Where to start!

    Glad you are enjoying it too. I like it where you said that beekeeping is harder than henkeeping. You certainly aren't kidding. Not only is it almost a science to master at times but you can also go very long periods without any reward. After almost 3 years of beekeeping I had no honey at all. My hive was in a great location but the weather in those years were terrible. I wish you all the best and full supers! Martin
  2. Was anybody elses daffodills a lot shorter than usual? We had some that were barely 3 - 4 inches... Then they just flowered one day and were dead the next! Martin
  3. Haha! I just made a post in the bats thread and I saw the pictures on here and that is exactly what I thought Clare! Martin
  4. I love love love bats! Last year somebody in our town found one on a window ledge, lifeless and not moving. We scooped it up in a box and put it in the dark to give it some time to recoup itself. Later that day at about midnight I went to release and the thing did not want to budge one bit. I was outside for about an hour and I still had a bat in a box!! I tried lots of different release sites and I had almost given up. I went in to the church yard and the bat flew out straight away. It was very eerie but very inspiring. A sort of religious experience, I wish I could describe the feeling. Not far from where I live is a nature reserve and they did a bat walk last year. I missed it but will be going this year if they do another. We have bats flying over our garden every night! Martin
  5. I love your set up Poet it looks great! Nice egg too!! Martin
  6. It is possible. But again it is quite rare! I think the record for one hen in a day is something like 9. In the past I had a 7 egg day from 6 chickens. She should be ok in herself but maybe keep an eye on her and give her some extra feed to keep her perked up. Martin
  7. Congratulations!! When I had mine I used to love a '6 egg day'!! Martin :)
  8. I never knew the name for this 'condition' but I do also have the same problem when I play football. I just put it down to playing outside at night rather than it being a normal thing for all people doing excercise. Martin
  9. Just a heads up.. If there are no vegetarian options on display then ask a manager if there is anything else you can have. They often will give you a 'contingency' offer. They will just price correct your transaction at the till. Worth a try, that's what we do at our store anyway. I do agree that the vegetarian options in general are limited but I do remember the goats cheese tarts in a 4 pack were also on the Mother's day offer as well as the Pasta Bake. Martin
  10. Martin B

    Our bees.....

    Hmmm.. Last time I came on this forum there was no such thing as a beehaus. Haven't seen one in real life so reserving judgement. Still think I prefer the look of a national!
  11. Well. I felt extremly motivated to get a move on today. Sewn some Runner Beans, Mange Tout, Sweetcorn and mixed lettuce. Also put some second earlies in to bags. Managed to get some courgette plants too! I missed the courgette glut last year!! Martin
  12. Wow! This is very interesting! Looking forward to seeing the results!
  13. Hi Clare. Have 6 months off from Uni now so trying to spend some time trying to ressurect my slice of the good life from the dead! See you arround!
  14. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L here today!!! Sun is blazing!
  15. Just a tip.. I definately wouldn't give Disney a miss despite your children's ages. There are some amazing rides and there are a multitude of different theme parks within 'Disney World' including Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Water park etc. Have a great time regardless!
  16. Hi Emma I'm willing to be corrected, but from what I have read there is no need to provide indoor housing for Alpacas. Although if I was going to get some I would definately want a barn or stable for them. Martin
  17. Blimey! I need to get a move on! I am going to be doing absolutely minimal this year. Maybe only french beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and that is it. Minimal space at the moment so will see what I can do. Martin
  18. Good luck Lesley! Can't wait to see the pictures. (I do check your Good life threads religiously even when I am not as active)
  19. Martin B

    Our bees.....

    Great news Lesley. My bees didn't make it through the 2009/10 winter unfortunately so I decided to give in. 2 and a bit years without any hunny but endless investments were a bit of a toll for a student. I sold all my stuff on ebay for about cost price which was good. I was surprised how well all the equipment held it's value. I will definately be getting bees in a few years when I settle in to my home. Good luck. Wishing you full supers!! Martin
  20. Georgeous girls! Wishing you full nesting boxes Martin
  21. £22.50 sounds like a bargain for a Buff Orpington. When I have enquired about them in the past I have been quoted up to £45. Martin
  22. If you haven't already tried Ostrich meat then that is worth a go too!! Martin

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