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  1. Those were the days. Quickest person to 1,000 posts! My posts per day ratio used to be about 40 per day! I still have the tortoises. But no quail or chickens. Looking to get back in to either chickens or quail in the coming months! Nice to see you all! (Hi Lesley)
  2. Hi Rachel! I remember you!! Have stepped down from this forum quite a bit since 3-4 years ago and we are currently chickenless at home. Still have the eglus so just waiting to move somewhere else so we can fill them with chickens again! Martin
  3. THANKYOU!! My signal has been terrible for about four months. There has been a pressure group created in our town and many people have got refunds as they have 18/24 month contracts... Martin
  4. Thank goodness I'm not working this weekend!!!
  5. They are very active animals and can't be kept on their own. In the wild they may have up to 30 Prairie Dogs in their own coeterie(family group) and 1,000's in their town (groups of family groups close together). They eat lots and lots of different foods. Their main food is Timothy Hay which they also use as their bedding indoors. They also eat lots of fresh fruit and veg, rabbit/guinea pig foods, seeds and nuts as treats. I also find that they like cat biscuits and no salt oat cakes which helps keep their teeth at manageable levels. Having access to outdoor space their nails are trimmed naturally by digging in the ground. However if they are kept permanently indoors then you can provide digging materials which will help manage nail size. Sand etc will keep their coat in good shape, and they love rolling in it. I wouldn't reccomend them for young children or anyone with little experience of exotic animals unless you were prepared to get bitten along the way. Thankfully I have not been bitten as yet, but I have seen other PD owners being scratched or bitten and the wound was quite deep as their teeth are huge and once they get hold of something they will not let go. Where did you see one, was it in a pet shop? They are very hard to get hold of, it took me about two years to get hold of these two and I have seen them sold in pet shops at £350 each, so £700 per pair. If you have any more specific questions, don't be affraid to ask... Martin I put a stuffed Santa toy in their cage and they ripped it apart in seconds!
  6. Hi Sarah, Tell her to literally cram in eveything that sound's good - volunteer work, societies or clubs she is member of, does she play sports? Also be quirky and original. They've heard the same stuff over and over again and she will want to seperate herself from the rest. One example that was shown to us started with... 'If you were a squirell and I was a nut then you'd definatley want to store me away for the harder months...' Obviously I wouldn't reccomend that particular annecdote but the Personal Statement really does need to make a STATEMENT! Good luck to her, I'm sure she will be fine... What courses/unis is she applying for/to? Best Wishes Martin
  7. I am at Aston Uni Clare, so commute every day by car or train rather than live on campus... Martin
  8. Ok no worries. I will be there, not sure about the walk though as I have a Villa match and it's my birthday the next day so will be busy! Will definately come to the market though! Will be great to see you. Martin
  9. Right... So not you're everyday pet I suppose. But in July after two years of searching I managed to get a pair of Black Tailed Prairie Dogs. They have been my favourite animal for some time, and I am highly intrigued by their communication system which is one of the most complex in the whole Animal Kingdom! They are so interesting to watch! They are kept indoors at night time but go out in their run during the day! And it will soon be time for them to hibernate... So let me introduce you to Rocky and Daisy... Daisy (female) Rocky (male) Rocky is very friendly and loves a fuss, but Daisy is still reluctant after three months of trying!! If you have any questions about their husbandry then please just ask.. Thanks for looking, Martin
  10. ...Busy!! Hope you are ok Clare. I will be at the famers market on the 16th October if you still go. My first weekend off of the financial year!! Started University last week and I am overwhelmed with lots of other nice things.. ..Just about to post a thread... Martin
  11. Not on the forum anymore??? No they do not hibernate. Being an African mammal, the desert temperatures do not get low enough in the wild for them to hibernate. In captivity, they should be fine as long as they are in a warm heated house, if they do get too cold and try to hibernate then they could become quite ill I believe. It is always a precaution to offer a heat source in the winter. Wether this be a snugglepad, heat mat under the cage or heat lamp. Let me know if you need any more advice. I have three babies at the moment (6wks) and they are very cute... Martin
  12. Lesley... where?? My aunty is after some! Thanks Martin
  13. My cousin works at the Derby branch. The fish are changed regularly and are recycled (left hungry for a while in filtered water and fed some sort of food that makes them more hygenic apparently!) The fish are also offered for sale to staff, my cousin actually bought my aunty the set up for her birthday comprising of a tank with filter, fish and the food stuff. If you have your own set up it is obviously much more comforting that the only feet your fish have nibbled are your own or partners! Any questions I am sure I can give her a nudge on facebook. Martin
  14. Boots soemtimes have them...
  15. Great pics, I think their shelter looks rather comfy!
  16. Your set up looks great! It is very funny when you they foam, it shocket me when I first saw it too! Martin
  17. Lots of heavy rain this morning, but brightening up now. Still a lingering chill in the air!!
  18. The head teacher who is famous locally for his extravagant beard was sponsored to shave it off in assembly, raising £1,700 on his own!
  19. No you can't Snowy. Well not battery farm as such, Ostriches are in fact a Dangerous Wild Animal (DWA) in Great Britain, the keeping of exotic DWA species is subject to heavy local council, vet and welfare billing. One of the stipulations of the legislation is that the animal has a naturalistic environment and ability to perform it's natural instincts etc. one of the main charachterisitcs of the ostrich is it's ability to run and display, something which requires larger land amounts.
  20. Thanks for your input. Emma/Lesley you made me smile!
  21. Hope they are successful and we see them at Waitrose in Alcester!!
  22. I do agree. Not sure if I like it or not. Seems a bit of a major overhaul as opposed to a tweak... The new hen has no personality...
  23. Saw something very similar myself a few months ago where a lorry pushed the car sidewards for a distance. Caused a huge blockage on the motorway.

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