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  1. It's not hot, but it's not cold, but it is very grey!
  2. Without having the allotment this year, I'll be doing all of my growing from home. I'm just wondering which is the best budget mini-greenhouse. One of those plastic ones suitable for a couple of cucumber, tomato and pepper plants. With going away on holiday several times and it being my last summer before going to University, funds are limeted. So the cheaper the better, any reccomendations? Thanks, Martin
  3. A little bit of rain in the early evening, but it has turned out to be a nice clear night with an abundance of stars in the sky!
  4. Sell them to a local delicatessen or the like or just to friends and family. They are lovely softly boiled in a nice salad!
  5. Like stated above, when we gave mixed veg one time including leeks and onions to our chooks the yolks went browny/black. I'd suggest it's something they are managing to eat..
  6. Martin B


    Yes it does! Buy one now!
  7. Martin B


    Don't forget the Milka Hot Chocolate!
  8. BEST DAY OF THE YEAR SO FAR! It's been absolutely lovely here today, beautiful sun and sky all day!
  9. Martin B


    We're in the same boat as Sarah, we have an Asda Homeware nearby but the food one is quite far away!
  10. Just got back from 6-a-side football and I would like to report that it is bitter in Redditch!
  11. Catch up Clare, I've been around for a few days now!!
  12. Very chilly here - freezing wind!
  13. Must say I have heard a lot of stories about people using street view + google earth/maps to locate Koi Carp ponds and then take the contents!
  14. Chocolate covered.... I know your weakness!
  15. I go away for a few months and you build a helipad on your roof!!! Lucky you!
  16. Baby quail go down hill very quickly if they want to, could very well be the inhalation of water or 'dunking' as it is known. Sorry to hear of your loss, I'm sure you will have 14 happy chirpy chicks in the morning!
  17. When I had chickens they absolutely wolf-ed down those Excel Rabbit Pellets, I've never had an encounter with bunnies eating layer pellets/mash etc. but I would suggest like above that you move the feeder to a higher position which is accessible for your chooks but not the bunnies. Good to hear they co-exist happily though!
  18. Yes, I'm sure we can let them off this once, saw it on the tv earlier. Nice tribute.
  19. There is a battery farmer near me who is converting to FR. He sells POL chickens for £4 each. They are the healthiest and nicest birds we've ever had. Worth asking farmers as well as 'breeders' if you are looking to cut costs.
  20. Oh my life, I've just seen my car on street view, didn't think a town like Alcester would be on there!!
  21. Yer lovely weather in the area today. Just read the last 20 odd pages I've missed. Hope you are ok Lesley? You must pop into M&S again soon! Martin
  22. Definately can't beat your first duck egg!

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