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    Dog chews

    She’s a cutie my pup had cows hooves they can chew and we’ve got quite a collection he will still go and get one and have a chew regularly, just have to watch out as they’re painful when you tread on them! I get other dehydrated bits from zooplus, scalp, tendons and pizzles.
  2. Cute puppy, don't think I've seen one in the flesh! Glad they're getting on already.
  3. What about air flow, must be aimed at the toy dog market who have lots of clothes, the wardrobe might not be big enough
  4. How nice I've never had a green one which chicken lays that? I lost one of my Olive layers this winter so only one left but she's still on her break.
  5. Princess Leia, how can that be comfy? I buy lob worms from WormsDirect even the name makes me
  6. We've had Goose 4 months now, he's got big and grown a fine beard!
  7. Is there an option to put your phone on do not disturb between certain hours so you won't be notified? I do and the alarms still work and on mine you can still have the option to receive calls from your favourties or calls made in succession if someone is trying to get through in an emergency or maybe only get your emails when you push for them rather than them coming in automatically during the night?
  8. Wilf is obsessed with the washing machine. He likes stealing underwear out of the drum whilst I'm unloading it and parades his treasures around the front garden at least it's clean! Goose has also managed to whip some undies from the airer you can tell as he's very quiet pretending to be being good.
  9. That's great, she stayed there for a while though
  10. Ours has been out in the day and in at night depending on the temperature but has been in for the last two days as the temperature has stayed low enough, she has a double box with shredded paper for bedding in the inner box and polystyrene pieces around the inner box in the garage which is unheated but we do have a greenhouse heater which will kick in when the temperature drops too low.
  11. He's got a Hungarian name, he's called Gusztáv (Gus pronounced Goose) so we call him Goose or Goosey my girls are not amused but he responded to it. At puppy class there was a husky called Brian and another puppy called Mabel. I don't think the dogs mind at all what they're called as long as it's not confusing for them.
  12. Yes he's a wirehaired vizsla and he's a live wire, so different from the sighthounds so major learning curve for me he's going to keep me on my toes.
  13. That's great to hear, which vet did you use in the end?
  14. Our eggs are down to maybe one every other day I'm hoping to stretch out the ones I've got not looking forward to buying over the winter
  15. We have Marans and Sussex too in our cube we have our own ladder though. We have had various hybrids and my favourites were the Sussex reverse and the Amber Star who was cream with brown she was very friendly laid lovely eggs too!
  16. Hope Wilfs recovering well now he looks very cute!
  17. We have a new puppy, he's been introduced to the chickens and so far hasn't taken too much interest in them. He's full of energy and is going to keep me on my toes! click for cute photo!
  18. It's definitely harder work than you remember time definitely makes you forget bit like having a baby We're getting a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla bit of a change from the greyhounds so will be a totally different experience looking forward to the wirehair being more robust as my girl's skin tears easily I'm going to have to watch the baby teeth. We're picking him up next week so will make the most of the weekend.
  19. Meant to add know what you mean about lifting in and out of the car, OH made a special ramp covered with turtle mat type non slip mat and would he use it, no nearly did himself a damage trying to avoid it and just jumping anyway so ended up lifting instead
  20. Zooplus is good price wise for Naturediet if you need to stock up. Think it's normal at that age to get thin. We lost our old boy at Easter he got very wobbly on his back legs towards the end but still enjoyed a small walk off lead and generally had a good appetite it's hard when they don't eat my girl now can take it or leave it and is very slight.
  21. How are things going? We've got a new puppy coming soon so will be having a shock to the system too!

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