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  1. Thanks I'll have a look on ebay I notice the eglus seem to go for a high price. I do love the easy cleaning though. I can ask my OH if he can maybe adapt something for me he did a good job on the run but he's so busy at work at the moment he'll probably prefer the easy option! I am getting him some vouchers for the new hens for his birthday which is coming up so he can choose
  2. Hi, I have the same situation so would be really interested to know what you decide to do. My daughter is also 12 and pays for her own calls too although she mainly texts so its not a huge amount. What she really wants is a HTC as she tells me thats what a lot of her friends have got and have a similar cost monthly contract and they use it for apps and play angry birds and similar on the bus on the way home. She has recently had her birthday so will have to wait for Christmas although at present she doesn't spend as much as a monthly contract would be but at this age they really want to be the same as their peers
  3. Hi thanks I haven't used the forum to post but have used it loads for advice since we thought about getting the chickens a couple of years ago especially the WIRs section which was great for ideas. Do yours sleep out in the winter too ours have always seemed to take to the eglu from day one perhaps they like the pink!
  4. Hello I currently have a classic eglu with 3 hybrids we have lost one and one has egg drop syndrome so produces eggs with weak shells but is otherwise in good condition. We are thinking of getting some more girls to boost the egg production. The eglu is attached to the outside of a fairly large walk in run over two levels. If we got another eglu and attached this as well and got either 2 or 3 more using a divider to separate them to start would they do you think use both eglus or try to squeeze into one?

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