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  1. I like the look of the vents, I wouldn't shut the nest box divide on a regular basis but can see how it could be useful if needed, I use a wooden divide to make two nest boxes which they do use if one is occupied but on the whole they prefer the front one as it is darker as the light grey back panel lets too much light in so disappointed that the colour hasn't been changed to a darker one. A darker smaller nest box is supposed to stop the other hens being attracted to the laying hens egg or vent when laying. Probably not a concern to some people but I had a horrendous experience when first had the cube when one hen pecked another's vent probably during laying and then all the hens joined in when I went out the site I found stays with me! The nest box drainage hole looks to be smaller good for people who use the run. Mine still leaks in the nest box but I use a technique to soak it up with a flexi chopping board on top then aubiose even so would still prefer it to wood.
  2. That's funny I can sympathise with the bit about them always laying in the doorways, mine do that and sometimes decide to leap up when you're stepping over!
  3. My daughter uses Letraset Promarkers for Manga, they have dual tips and are blendable. Copic are supposed to be really good but more expensive. She also loves Paperchase for stationery bits
  4. 2545 - 1 = 2544 RIP Maud, Sussex Reverse 6 years
  5. We have one which divides it into two nest boxes and they do use them but if they can some prefer to wait and lay in the same one as whoever has laid before them! OH made it from wood and generally they prefer the front box which is darker as the grey back panel lets more light in.
  6. Saw lots of lovely lurchers at Thame Show on Mon, missed the racing but enjoyed the final of the lurcher long jump very impressive!
  7. You can get a lockable bait box that a dog shouldn't be able to open and if it has a rod inside to put bait blocks on rather than loose bait which might spill if the box is knocked over that way the rat has to go inside and eat the bait. You could also weigh it down with something heavy. I suppose it depends on how your dog behaves whether its worth taking the risk.
  8. I haven't tried that and expect you've tried most creams by now but I find Simply Herbs chickweed cream is good its natural and has tea tree but is quite oily so only use it at night and I use L'Occitane Sweet Almond Oil liquid soap for hand washing which doesn't affect my hands whereas other products do. I have also used the Simply herbs foot cream on my dog's corns!
  9. How exciting, what eggs are you going to hatch?
  10. Hi, as it was our first time hatching I wasn't confident and the first time grew them on for longer and 4/5 were male. The second around 50% were male but if you look at the third picture with the two chicks the one on the left with the large comb was the male and the one on the right was a pullet and she now lays olive eggs. They also were more confident as chicks and did challenge each other from an early age. The pullets didn't get red combs until much later. The legbar x marans were easy to tell because of the large combs but the speckled sussex was harder but that may be because I only had one so nothing to compare it to. Some can be sexed by colour at hatch like the welsummers we had and this turned out to be correct apart from one which was indistinct. I think it must get easier the more times you hatch. I would have liked to hatch again this year but as all of last years chicks are laying the final two started last week I have more than enough eggs and will wait until next year when some of the older girls aren't as productive.
  11. Hi PixieDust I bought the hatching eggs they were Cream Legbar x French Copper Black Marans. This is Olive, Phylis is similar but slighter darker and smaller comb.
  12. I'm loving the hounds in hats I've got a few of those embarrassed looking hound photos myself!
  13. Two of the chicks I hatched last summer have started laying and Phylis laid her first egg today! It seems like I've been waiting for ages to see what colour they'd come out there's quite a variation so it will be a surprise every day
  14. Olive laid her second egg today and it was 61g, I am surprised at the size of them she didn't start small! https://www.flickr.com/photos/65167387@N05/
  15. Well done Tilly, its an exciting day especially when its one of your own babies . Hopefully the blood will be a one off Olive laid her first egg this week too and it also had blood smears but she laid another today 61g and it had none must be a shock for them first time.
  16. Olive who I hatched last year laid her first egg today and it was 60g! https://www.flickr.com/photos/65167387@N05/
  17. This thread is interesting I use smallholder layers too and have tried another type when I haven't been able to get it and the hens haven't been so keen. I see a lot of people recommend Garvo I have looked at these before but the ingredients seem to contain genetically modified soybean which put me off as I have layers.
  18. Have seen the reports on the news hope all is well after work today and you get manage to get some sleep tonight.
  19. Hello, today I got an egg today from my hybrid sussex reverse who I got in 2009, last year she laid a few a week and today laid another after a winter break I was expecting her to go into retirement! It was matt and a bit muddy due to this weeks wet weather but a lovely addition. Also I hatched last year for the first time and two of the copper blacks have started laying one in the last couple of weeks so I've been enjoying some brown eggs. I'm really looking forward to when the legbar x marans to lay and see what colour they produce.
  20. We've gone for a woodland theme again this year with birds and pheasant on the top
  21. That sounds great and a good price with a shed and water butt and if its freshly turned over you can start straight away very exciting. We have just got our first, two half plots but they haven't been used for some time so will take a long time to get sorted before we can properly use it but I will be planning too. I have bought an allotment handbook to help. There are no sheds on our site at all so will probably make do with a low tool box and a new bench sounds like a good idea!

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