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  1. They're looking lovely its good that some are hens too I like the black ones with their legs. I've got some australorps in the incubator along with some CB Marans and CLB x CBM so will be interested to see how yours in the legbar thread turn out. Your broodys are great too.
  2. A good idea I'm sure it will help others as although everyone's experience is different it will definitely help with what to expect when having surgery. I can sympathise and when I was young couldn't understand why my mum was always saying her feet were "giving her one up" and soaking them every night. I also suffer and very nearly went down the surgery route but was unable to proceed on the dates offered as had young children and couldn't afford the recovery time, my surgeon also warned me that being relatively young and active that they would likely come back and be worse due to all the metal work. I'll read all the blogs and digest.
  3. That's a good idea I wonder if they are plotting on how to master getting to the top of the ladder they look like they're having a good chat!
  4. That's good news, I haven't used Beryl's but have used Avipro which is good for after antibiotics to help stomach balance you can use it in the water or sprinkle on food. Poor rabbit hope the vets has helped.
  5. Hi, I think there are rats and mice everywhere we had a rat coming through our garden before we had chickens and it came to eat my strawberries! It took months to trap it. We also had quite a lot of rats coming through all of a sudden and I was worried but our next door neighbours had an infestation in their loft and had taken action so they were finding other places to go. I have children and pets but use lockable bait boxes as a precaution and if you're worried about poison you can use snap traps in them that way nothing else can accidentally set them off the rat/mice have to go right inside. If the builders haven't ordered the materials yet you could get the smallest gauge weld-mesh and rats won't be able to get through I think ours is 1cm x 1cm. I use an eglu run on a temporary basis when I need to and I do put the food in at night as the run has large openings.
  6. Thanks luvachicken I've planted more pots this year to disguise the runs and OH is currently making a new one for the new chicks. Thanks SJP both have feathery legs but one is blacker with white underneath the other is more fluffy with yellowish underneath neither have a head spot so I'll have to wait and see, they're quite cute though but I think the welsummers are all males.
  7. They're so cute, I don't know why I'm surprised about all the different coloured chicks when you think of all the different types of hen! What type are the ones with yellow faces and darker tops?
  8. Hi, I think if it was me I'd slab it as it will be easier to sweep out with a broom if you have restricted height, soil is good but needs digging over and would be hard if you can't get in to do it I think go for the quickest and easiest option for regular maintenance even if its more work at the beginning. You could always leave a square of soil with an edging to stop aubiose falling in to use as a dust bath.
  9. We hatched some mixed eggs of welsummers, copper black marans and cuckoo marans, our broody hatched one marans and one hatched in the incubator they look different so I'm presuming we've got one of each I'm presuming the bigger one with the more yellow underneath is the cuckoo and the other copper black, can anyone tell me if this is right?
  10. Sorry luvachicken thought I made it public and thanks Egluntyne for making it clickable I must master it I thought if I grabbed the code from flickr it would work also I have just worked out you can add photos to flickr from an ipad easily so am giving it a go.
  11. They're cute! We have just hatched recently for the first time so I am not familiar with what different chicks look like but we have welsummers with similar markings but sadly I think they are males!
  12. We got some eggs from a local chap for our broody and look what we saw yesterday!
  13. They're very cute love the hairdos!
  14. Perhaps it didn't go through as an automated response is sent out when you email them so you know its been received.
  15. really lee??? I also look at ours from the house especially when its lashing down so I can decide whether I need to go out! Also our family has the code to view and I wonder whether they'll be looking when I go out in my dressing gown
  16. They're so cute what type are they? We got a mixed bunch of hatching eggs after seeing a sign at the side of the road and having a broody so looking forward to our hatch day. Most of them are brown and never having candled before I couldn't really see but they looked similar to your photos so I'm hoping for the best.
  17. I also used a soft dog crate for on the back seat initially and now use a hatch bag hammock which fixes round the headrests, both dogs fit in OH's estate with a divider but as I don't regularly take both dogs in mine apart from local journeys find the hammock good as its protects the seats and can be moved over to fit a passenger in the back too without them having a dog on their lap as I don't really want to upgrade to a large car.
  18. I got one for my ED to help clean her brace and its good I got the nano travel version as at the time there were no special offers on the bigger one but I'm pleased with it, its nice and small to keep on the side and plugs in the shaver socket also its great for cleaning the sink it cleans out bits from the outside of the plug hole that you can't see.
  19. We make one too to hang decorations on, we go out and collect sticks from the wood and plant them in a pot and hang eggs or things the children have made on for when the children have an egg hunt. We don't say the eggs are from the Easter bunny though. When I was young we always made an Easter garden in a seed tray with moss, a path, little pot with flowers and Jesus' tomb. We always have a family lunch similar to Christmas lunch on the Sunday and the children look forward to it nearly as much as Christmas.
  20. I saw this about the gingernut types: The ISA Brown is a French breed of chicken, which is a cross between Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White chickens. The breed is known for its high egg production of approximately 300 eggs per hen. ISA Browns are now considered by most fanciers a breed of chicken, not just a hybrid. Breeding ISA Brown × ISA Brown will produce ISA Brown chicks, just as crossing Rhode Red × Rhode White will. However, the ISA × ISA chicks generally lay more for they are selected from the best layers. ISA stands for Institut de Sélection Animale, the company which developed the breed in 1978 for egg production as a battery hen. The ISA breeds have been modified over time and the ISA Brown was bred as a result of trying to get the best return on eggs for food given, hence the appeal to the battery farmer. There are a number of different names for essentially the same type of brown and white chicken. The names vary, depending on breeder, but include, Warrens, Hylines, Gold Lines and Lohmans. So I guess it depends on the breeding I think the hybrids we buy are hatched in Europe and shipped over and raised here to point of lay, I can't imagine the scale on which these hens are bred as they used for commercial egg farming. We all have our favourites and I like the friendly ones my sussex reverse is one of my favourites I got her in 2009 she started laying in the Dec and is still going strong laying at least 3 a week!
  21. I also think it could be hormonal or connected to digestive health with differing needs at different times, I had long straight hair and decided to have a bob and my hair went very strange started like Miss Hoolie then went really wavy. It's now much straighter also I do have some slight food intolerances and notice changes if I haven't been eating properly.
  22. I've used it for dog food as its same price as the cheapest online shop and with the guaranteed delivery slot its good especially when you need to know when its coming so I have been pleased the dogs have also had several free samples and Christmas hats! Haven't used it for chicken bits though will have a look next time.

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