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  1. just browsing and see some amazing runs that people made. I won't be putting up a picture of our attempt or you would have to take 'inspiration' out of the title of the thread !
  2. Thanks for reply, yes these are larger holes than the one on the other thread. I still don't understand how these wouldn't get mites in so I am not surprised if people have filled them in. There are already regular holes on the base of the side walls on the outside of the house, when we spoke to omlet they did say there were holes in the base but requested the photos of the other holes which didn't inspire confidence that they are meant to be there! but why have some inside?. Will post pictures. thanks
  3. Thanks for your reply- will try and work out how to to that, I am not very technical! will try tomorrow.
  4. Hi, I have just received a new green eglu cube, very exiting but... there are round holes a bit bigger than the end of a pencil in the side walls and on the nest box door. These go through to the inner wall and are all on the inside of the cube (hope that makes sense). Is this normal? I can't see how these don't get filled with water if hosing it down, and I have no idea how you would get red mite out of them. We sent pictures to omlet but were told they were expansion holes, but to me it doesn't seem to match up with the description of the cube as not having nooks and crannies Would be grateful for advice. Really concerned as have had lots of red mite probs in wooden house. Thanks for any comments.