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  1. wow...flying eggs! what a clever chicken The only time i can remember anything similar was one of my ex-bats used to relax so much on the husbands lap that one day he popped her back on the grass and with in seconds she laid a softy!of course the other then ate it!!
  2. OMG i never knew about this i would have definitely of visited....poor chickens why do some people do these things
  3. i have decorated the WIR but its high up so they cant reach it to peck, its my first chicken christmas last year they went to the cattery for a holiday as i was in Belgium so they will be spoilt this year santa chicken mummy will bring lots of yummy treats just for one day i may put a few more decoration on when i get them down from the loft to decorate the tree!!
  4. i have a WIR for 4 hens, no free range time at the moment only at weekends as i work full time. But as of next week i'm part time so more chicken time. they play in the garden only when i'm there to keep an eye out i watch them from the cosy conservatory They have a 2.5m x 3.5m sqaure run for them to play in being cold and snowy they dont seem to mind being in there as long as they have there warm mash/worm/corn/porridge mix every morning
  5. I only have 4 The Husband has put a stop to any more 1 Blue Cochin - Sweep so so cute!! 1 Buff Sussex - Sausage 1 Amber - Snowy 1 Black Hybrid - Sooty Total 4 plenty more space in the cube for more! had some ex-bat they all sadly died would love to get some more next year
  6. mine will get some meal worms, a sprout tree, a cabbage, and a clean out as it will be due Christmas eve, they wont get much from my Christmas lunch as it will be steak en chips They already have decorations on there WIR just to add a little sparkle to the garden, the neighbours must think i'm bonkers talking to them asking how they like there new chrsitmas decorations lol
  7. i doubt it wouldn't take long for a couple of very hungry foxes to dismantle it!! i'll be sticking with my cube..
  8. Hello, Does anyone know if i can trim her feathers on her feet, they seem quite long and drag on the wet ground. Thanks
  9. lovely pics Daisy is very pretty love the ones on the trampoline
  10. i had a tub once and one of them jumped up and knocked it out my hand i'm sure they planned it!
  11. great choice i have a buff called Sausage she's a very cheeky chicken! but very friendly and funny to watch
  12. Oh well done, you will love it, they are so rewarding. I love watching mine everyday been doing for year and half now and love every minute i spend with them. any photos of your set up? good luck
  13. http://www.ilikechickens.co.uk/ enjoy! But very expensive so get ya credit cards at the ready!
  14. they laid there first eggs this week when they started crouching this week i new it would be soon, so proud of them. Sweep is a cochin and her fist egg was like porcelain its was so cute and small just felt the need to share with everyone what good little chickies they are
  15. I was glued to this for 10 mins i'm so please everthing turned out ok
  16. been almost 4 weeks for mine and there run still has a separator because the cochin is terrified of a litle white amber! just have to be patient
  17. hello you can use a clear shower curtain a cheapo one will do from home bargains or wilkinsons and wrap it over the run part, or wavy pvc corregated roof sheet from wickes or any other DIY place this also works well. grass will get muddy so some Aubiose or easy bed for them, bark chips may contain pests or nastys so i dont use them but you may have to put something around the botton to keep the bedding in and dry. with regards to cough and colds check for bubbles in there eyes and runny noses, runny nose continues for longer than 2-3 weeks i'd see a vet, bubbles in eye see a vet straight away they need antibiotics, it may just be change of weather my new chickies are sneezing a the moment but no signs of runny nose or coughs. never heard mine cough so cant help you with that someone else may come along with some more suggestions
  18. so sorry, how awful, at least you gave them a much better lift than they would have had. RIP little Daffodil x
  19. Thanks all. i got home last night from work to find she had been doing it again its so heart breaking as when i treat the area and clean it she give a load squeak as it must be hurting her and quite sore, poor little thing the little ones enjoyed some tuna flakes last night & this morning, they have a corn hanging up, corn to scratch on the floor and both mash and pellets. the good news is that i found the new babies snuggled up to Sooty last night in the nesting box, snowy was in the hole and just gave sausage the odd peck nothing to nasty. i'm just hoping that if i open up the run it won't upset Sweep to much, she's so small and timid and still scared of the big girls, sausage has quickly become more adventurous but still runs away. i just hope the saddle helps her to recover a bit.
  20. i got 2 new hens just over a week ago the run is separated from the existing 2 hens. the problem is the new hen sausage is pecking and pulling then eating Sweeps feathers! sweep has a patch on her back where all her feather have been pulled out she was also bleeding a little on Sat. i have clean her up and put Vaseline on her back which seems to work for a bit but then sausage pulls them from her leg. i have tried to fit a bumper bit twice to sausage but have failed both times i keep thinking im hurting her trying to do it. do i open up the run and let them be together so they have more space in WIR. they are free ranging together. will this take sausages mind of pulling sweeps feather out? the new ones still get chased by the older hens poor sweep seems to get brunt of it . i have anti peck spray it doesnt work but i have order a saddle for Sweeps back to protect her more Sweep is glued to sausage and follows her everywhere she seems to cry out for her when they get separated by the other two when chased so i dont really want to take sausage away from sweep any advice on the feather eating and pulling would be appreciated thanks
  21. yes yes yes i love my chickens i would probably go with out food if it was a choice of them eating or me! i've just had some new chooks and they are so small and cute and i'm worrying about them 24/7 i love my cat also he thinks he's a chicken sometimes its so funny seeing him drinking from the glug and sitting in the WIR with the chickies just pecking away around him he's such a character But it was definitely the ex-bats that stole my heart, when i got them they were just meant to be for eggs but after a week i didnt care if they laid or not i loved them. i definitely shed lots of tears of all 3 of my ex-battys sadly all 3 are in the coop in the sky

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