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  1. good grief dogmother.... 44 chickens every three days... i dont think i will manage, tooke me all day sunday to give only 7 of them a proper bath and hairdry!! eprinex has arrived hubby is just feeding the children then as soon as the baby will allow, we're off out with syringes.
  2. Oh no!! I've spent all summer battling hard against the dreaded red mite. Due to financial constraints I simply can't afford the initial outlay for nice shiny plastic style coopage for my gorgeous birdies, and having a wooden coop for my big birds and a big wooden shed for my bantams I ;ve had major struggles keeping the number of the little blighters below "infestation" levels. Well for two weeks on a row, I have been a very Very bad mummy and not checked my chooks over. I've been signed off work for 4 weeks with depression and just have been so listless and tired that even my chooks haven't spurred me into cheerfulness. I've cleaned the coops weekly and fed and watered daily but that has been it. So today, I was washing up and feeling a little bit brighter for a change, not so snoozy or impassive about life despite the grey clouds outside. I thought to myself, hey, I feel up to it, so how about going and powdering the birdies and checking them all over before the rain starts. I went out and the first bird I picked up had a little scurrying critter *cringe* on it's crest-skin. I quickly doused him in diatom and also the powder in the pink and yellow tin (looks like poultry spice!) and put him down feeling I had done a good job. Lo and behold though, the next fella that I managed to grab was teeming in horrors! Not much on the majority of his body but HUGE crustiness by his vent, nasty grey ashy feather yuck and crusty flaking skin. Tiny little critters, smaller than the lice I've dealt with before. I actually vomited as I wasnt wearing gloves and the thought of touching the horrid yackies really turned my tummy. Poor poor Snape (the silver laced poland bantam in question) I have been such a bad mummy for not checking them more often!! I checked the advice on here but only had buzz busters powder and Smite for the houses which I have been using anyways, and diatom and powder for the birds available in the house. I've bathed him in the only thing I have available (Johnson's baby shampoo) which resulted in all the sludge coming straight away from the feathers - something that wouldnt happen with normal lice either. Also all the crusty skin has come away too which I hope has provided some instant relief. I have so many chooks, about 45, that I didnt manage to get through all of them today. I've found a huge infestation on Dirty Gurty the mongrel poland, who has also had a bath; Celeste the white orpington who is normally grey with mud but was grey with critters; Mina the silkie has had a bath and so have Domino and Blondie my wonky poland bantams. I managed to dust another six or seven birds but then the rain had really started and there didnt seem any way of dusting soaking birds as the powder wouldnt get to the base of the feathers but stuck on the tips. Here's hoping over the next day I can get any more seriously infested chooks and then dust the others ASAP. I've been using frontline for cats spot on as advised by my vet, but it doesnt seem to have worked at all. I also have noticed a few scales up on two birds legs! So have ordered the all-hailed ivormec eprinex online tonight and am hoping it arrives as soon as poss. Anyone who has had a bad NFM infestation - what worked for you in the end?
  3. awww, thanks cheeky chook!! that's lovely I have two four-day old partridge silkie chicks in my brooder at the moment and theyre just soooo cute I keep going and picking them up for a snuggle x
  4. its cool now in cheshire, but im still liquid round the edges...
  5. that's random... and has made me smile (sorry!) my mum is terrified of pylons and electric workings, and also gateways and bridges. Portal-a-phobic she is
  6. I'm goth and have been since I was a tiny teen, so "spooky" graveyard angels and haunted houses = fun for me! I feel very serene in graveyards, even after dark. I have a degree in human anatomy so spent a long time in the dissection room and watching PMs so dead things also dont bother me, and as a nurse I've had to do the last offices with a number of patients when they have passed on, I just have no spook about corpses etc. I mean, if one sat up and drew fangs at me a la horror movie then I would be scared, but I feel certain that's not going to happen. The things that DO frighten me are insects. And spiders. Anything that has an exoskeleton but isnt a mollusc ie can go crunch squish if i step on it, and I am terrified. I took the curtains down in the bedroom yesterday to wash them and found a HUGE housespider on the sill, I thought I was having a cardiac arrest. Cold, clammy, faint and shaking. Gross. What else spooks me? Since I became a mum Im scared when we're in the car especially on motorways, sometimes I have to close my eyes as I am convinced (hubby is a good driver!) that we are going to crash. When on holiday in France two years ago we had to drive on mountainside roads, I thought the area was beautiful but will never ever go again as just driving to the local town had me fearful for my life. Snake pass in the UK is bad enough for me to get the jitters!! Before I had kids, I used to bomb down there on a Honda fireblade...
  7. today, I have had 7 little chickies hatch all cross bred from my garden chookies. I saw kung fu panda2 with my son and it made him cry (he's 4). And i have been lazy, when i should have been painting the facings on the house.
  8. oooh and local too.... darn it my poor credit card....
  9. Well we went and enjoyed the day on Tuesday! Personally I like that the Cheshire isnt too full of marketting and gubbins, otherwise I end up coming away utterly penniless and trolling round with bags of stuff I otherwise wouldnt have bought!! Here's Ethel getting prepped for the show last week My decorated egg for the show - I came second!! front back then Ethel came second in her class!! for our first ever show I was so proud of my girl! Mina the silkie didn't come anywhere but she looked so pretty, I love her immensely and think that she looks fab after her baths! Any my actual eggs didnt do anything either but the egg class entries went from one end of the marquee to the other, at least 30 entries in the classes I entered!
  10. the only local butcher we had was less than useful. He is 4 1.2 miles away and said he could not take the birds to kill at his shop, but would also not come to my house to do it (even for £20 plus £3 per bird!!) Now I remember why we stopped using him... !! it was a good idea to ask him though x
  11. Thanks Laurie, I've had an idea for decor now, can't wait to do it! I've uber-filled the nest boxes with shavings, here's hoping for clean, identical eggs! Come in ladies you can do it my feathered beauties x
  12. Hi folks, I'm looking for someone to help me by showing me how to cull my boys. I have dispatched a couple as small chicks by using a CO2 euthanasia method, and found this to be a humane and (as far as I could tell) not too distressing. However, I mostly keep polands and by the time I sexed my current lot, they were a bit too big for me to want to use the CO2 method. I want to be able to cull them myself, and have read all kinds of things on poultry sites (and watched videos on youtube ) but it's something that I could do with being shown in person. They're 12 weeks now and just beginning to start crowing/ treading, so fighting trouble can only be right round the corner. The last thing I want is to cause distress to my gorgeous babies as I say goodbye to them. I have done a google search for dispatch / kill pluck gut type courses but I can't find any in Cheshire - anyone know of one?
  13. Hi everyone, long time no speak! I've been trying to sort out my finances and health, and am now spring-cleaned and shiny new! It's the Cheshire agricultural show on June 21/22nd, with the poultry section showing on tuesday. Last years show was quiet but I have a feeling this years will be very well attended. I've entered into 6 or 7 classes and it is my first time as acompetetor. As a last minute thing, i entered into the decorated egg class. Does anyone have experience of showing eggs both plain and decorated? I am in the 3 bantam eggs class, contents classes forbantam and large, and supreme bantam egg. how do i prep my eggs? i know no polishing, but am i meant to wash and wipe them? decorated egg - so, does it have to be "raw", hard boiled or do i blow the egg? I want to get cracking (pun not intended!) but cant as i dont want to do the wrong thing. help!! cally x
  14. Turned out to be three with splayed legs. Two of the three have pecked off their tape today and are managing quite well and are standing up, abeit with a slightly wider gait than normal, but I've decided to leave them overnight and see how they are when I get in from shift in the morning. One still is taped up. the home-hatched, looks like it's a Count Vlad/Mina offspring
  15. all 12 eggs hatched! 3 white crested blacks, two silver laced, 6 lemon looking ones so could be white or chamois, and the mystery egg... looks like a pure white miniature silkie!! two still in the incy but the first ten - more pics later when I havent just come off nightshift and have slept two of the pale ones have splayed legs so are taped up. Here's hoping.xx

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