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  1. I certainly am. Caring for them down there would have been a nightmare. You're right! Chick watching is very time consuming. I hope your fluffiness hatch on time and are all well.
  2. No, I have no idea what sex they are. She is a young hen so there will be loads of cockerels. Always sad for the boys.
  3. I took the bull by the horns...took a cat box down and sprinkled some mealworms inside. Sofia went straight in, I closed the box and popped each chick in through the small top opener. Magic! She is now in a broody pen in the garden with food and water. There was one little one that tried to elude me Feeling very happy and ready for a busy day in the garden. Until the other one decides to show me where she is. No worriesI I am an expert now. BTW! There are 14
  4. Sadly he is blind in one eye now. He is not capable of flying onto the 11foot wall to rescue her. He is the chocolate Wyandot in the middle of this group. Lovely boy called Buttons.
  5. There are no real predators like foxes and my 10 cats are not a threat to them. They are used to chicks in the garden. I have never seen any dogs in the Ravine but I am not looking all the time...To be honest I think she would be fine... She has been coming back to eat and drink while she was broody, I have seen the broody poos around. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and bring them up out of there. I have some young friends coming to dinner tomorrow evening, they could help me do it. The other hen in the field will be a different story. it will be very interesting to see what she does. Nice to see you too. I will certainly keep you posted. She is a mix of breeds like all my chickens. There are three like her from last years hatch..They are called "The Sofias" ( (Spanish spelling.)
  6. Hello, very long time since I needed your expert services. Two of my hens disappeared a few weeks ago into deep ravine at the side of our house. we searched every where and were unable to find them. We now know that one of them is in a neighbours field and we are not able to get to her because of a guard dog. This morning I heard scratching down in the ravine and there is my hen with twelve chicks in tow. Do I leave her to bring the chicks home or take a box down to this very dangerous situation and try and get them all at dusk? Will she bring them home if I don't feed them? I had to go and have a look this morning and took her some food and I have left water for them...I brought the food away in case of rats. What should I do? Here she is.
  7. I hope you all enjoy your fiftieth birthdays....It really isn't anywhere near to getting old you know. I am loving being in my seventies. Just think! I have my eighties and nineties to get through yet.
  8. Awwww, poor thing...I hope she feels better tomorrow. It can't be much fun for them.. my girls just wanted to be in a warm spot.
  9. Would like to have seen that...The link is not working.
  10. Cathy Congratulations to you both.. I Enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish. I now have five grandchildren so it's not over yet.
  11. You were right....My friend has looked at the example photos on line, and it is Fowl Pox.....There is another case of it on a farm close by. They are culling the affected hens. I am worried now about my flock.
  12. Will do my best to get some pictures up......After looking up the Fowl pox suggestion....It looks very much as though it could be that......Thank you for the help guys....Will report back on progress and get pics. X
  13. I have found out today that they are living with pigs. That can't be good...Can it
  14. Oh Well......That's a no no then. 16 views and no reply.
  15. Hi, a friend of mine has some chickens that have developed worts around their eyes.....Some of them are now going blind. Have any of you lovely people any idea what it can be, and how we can treat it...I am at a loss myself. Going to the vet is not an option, as the vets here in Tenerife are not that well up on chicken illnesses...Plus my friend doesn't have the money for vets bills....I hope you can help me with this. X

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