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  1. I am running a retirement home for aged hens, I haven’t seen an egg for months from the ‘younger’ hens and my elderly Perkins packed up laying years ago! Jenny has had a couple of dodgy moments, but was cured with hemmeriod cream and some vigorous rubbing while upside down, I won’t go into details, as some of you might be having breakfast!
  2. I have an aged Pekin who is now in double digits and going strong, although I do wonder about her eyesight. She was all ready laying when I bought her for my youngest son, so I think she is around eleven years old. I had a Wyandotte who got to ten, but Jenny does seem fairly ancient! How old is your oldest?
  3. Hi there, if you are still looking I have a red base which is a rabbit version, I sold my Eglu and would like to get rid of the base. If you are interested, pm me, my husband works in Birmingham during the week, so you could collect it from him! Open to offers chuckmum
  4. Hi, I am looking at getting some guinea pigs for school. My intention is to buy a Eglu/Go hutch which will be inside a 3m x 2m full height walkin run, so the children can interact with the pigs (supervised of course). My questions are : can I leave the guinea pigs outside all year round? I will cover the run with tarps to keep it dry and provide shade, the go/eglu will have the insulating insert/jacket when cold. How does the Go compare to the Eglu for cold weather protection? My feeling is that the Eglu is more robustly made. I am intending on getting four pigs, would the run need moving regularly? Many thanks
  5. Hi, I am looking at getting some guinea pigs for school. My intention is to buy a Eglu/Go hutch which will be inside a 3m x 2m full height walkin run, so the children can interact with the pigs (supervised of course). My questions are : can the guinea pigs leave a year round outside? I will cover the run with tarps to keep it dry and provide shade, the Eglu will have the insulating insert when cold. How does the Go compare to the Eglu for cold weather protection? I am intending on getting four pigs, how often would the run need moving? Any suggestions for holiday accommodation, I do have a go up run and house I sometimes use for my broody hens, could I turn the ladder into a ramp with sides and use the guinea pig base? Many thanks
  6. Does anyone know if omlet do an adapter to allow a Go Up to be connected to the end of a cube run? I am sure I saw different ends that fit a whole variety of different runs, maybe to connect to to the walk in, but I can't find them. Basically I have two hens in a 5m cube train living separate to the main flock (housed in a wooden walk in with cube and an off shoot 1m GO UP. I would like to use the cubes for the main flock and the Go Up for my two hens, but keep the cube run for them. Before I make my own adaptions, out of various spare bits I have I was hoping for a simple solution. I either need an adapter to allow cube run to fit to the GO Up or one to fit the cube run to GO UP run adapter, any ideas???
  7. I would also advise starting with the four rather than adding two later, which is not without its risks. Pekins are broody little devils, mine lay a couple of eggs then spend most of the summer being broody! You will needs to have a spare coop or the like to deal with this, so factor this in, it could be a rabbits hatch/run.
  8. It is a perfect size, even some room to squeeze a couple more!!!
  9. I've loved it, really disappointed it has finished, I enjoyed series 1 too. I think Sarah Lancashire is excellent, also think she is great in Last Tango in Halifax, when is that on next? Another cracking drama
  10. Yes he is a horrid character, but what about his mother, that is a strange relationship! We have been warning Helen about him for months and now he is plotting to have poor little Henry banished to boarding school! Great storyline to listen to, we listen on Sunday mornings in our pj's after a nice breakfast.
  11. I also make my own stock, which I freeze into bags ready for soup making. I particularly like the non stick bottom of my machine which allows me to sauté any raw meat before adding everything else to turn it into soup. Ham and pea is my sons favourite, dead easy to make with bacon lardons, peas and stock from the freezer! I don't even like soup that much, but I am hoping it will help me lose weight, but I guess the bread and butter hunks don't really help much!
  12. Wow peanut butter, might give that a go. Yes, the soup maker us a doddle, chop up small, add the stock, press smooth or chunky and return to eat it in 21 or 28 mins respectively! I made soups my self in pans and the blized, but this is really simple, easy and much smooth than mine. I am most impressed.
  13. Yummy, it's is great, we have all enjoyed the potato, broccoli and Stilton soup I made in 21 mins!!!! Not to sure of the calories, but I had a lump of Stilton that has been hanging around, so it's now gone. Four bowls plus seconds for everyone, sceptical husband is impressed!! Can't wait to try out more recipes now souper
  14. I have a soup machine coming tomorrow and wondered whether anyone has easy recipes I could try out? Also, any tips regarding these machines, I am hoping that I can use the soups on my fasting days (5:2 diet).
  15. Beautiful foxes! Lovely gifts.
  16. What lovely presents! I have a beautiful hot water bottle and cover, I am in awe of the skill with textiles, something I am hopeless at - it is really beautiful thank you swappe! From the wonderful Christmas Elf, I also have a lovely little bag, which is now full of make up stuff and will live in my work bag, just what I needed and a perfect size. And a hot pot pad which has a pouch of something that releases fragrance when heated!!! Wow, such great gifts, thank you both of you very much!!!! Sorry, I can't resize the photo on my iPad in photobucket and I am away from my computer, it has chopped off the case and some of the heat pad.
  17. Many many thanks to the Elf and swappe, I was intercepted by my Postie with two parcels!!!!! A huge thank you to my secret swapper for paying the painfully high postage to get it here today and to the Elf for insuring I had something should Santa's sleigh have suffered a serious breakdown, I feel rather spoiled now . Thank you both very very much and Happy Christmas!
  18. My fingers are crossed that something arrives tomorrow, I know a Christmas Elf has sent an emergency pressie (which is very kind), as my swap has sadly been delayed. If nothing arrives, I guess I can look forward to a post Christmas present.
  19. They look lovely! I am , nothing here yet.
  20. We often get our first egg around Christmas, several times the first ones were on Christmas Day! Lovely extra present. My Pekins however never lay early, it is always around March they start, then go broody straight away !
  21. Thank you everyone for all the advice and kind words!
  22. I have been adding more eggs, red meat, dried apricots and nuts, plus fresh OJ to my diet, I also got some vit c tablets just in case, to help absorb the iron. Feeling good!
  23. I am feeling much better at last! Thankfully I have been spared the iron tablets potential side effects and I think they are having an effect, I feel human again! Went for my first bit of physio yesterday on the knee, the excerises are very similar to those on the link Plum posted. I am hoping to fix the knee as well as my iron levels this holiday! Looking forward to the new me for 2016, as 2015 was eventful health wise, what with rumbling appendicitis, neuralgia, anaemia and the knee twice, quite glad it is nearly over!
  24. Nothing here yet, postman is on the look out for 'chuckmum' though, had a laugh over it yesterday when we chatted!
  25. Thank you Plum, this is great, I have been told to get physio on it, this will certainly help!

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