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  1. "... so I can show you how to look good naked!" The way the new chap is going at my girls...................the name 'Dirk Diggler' springs to mind!
  2. Perhaps if I advertised home-cooked 'Coq au Vin' meals for sale it would put off future drop-offs.............Only joking!!!
  3. I know people may be stuck for a 'nice' solution to having an unwanted cockerel, but they do need to think about the inconvenience to the new 'foster' carer! Gok seems to have taken to him without too much problem, but I don't know what I would do if anyone 'dropped off' any more unwanted ones.
  4. I will keep him - I'm a soft touch and luckily 2 acres to spare!! But I don't want the 'word on the street' to get out though,I'll be inundated with unwanted cockerels. I think I'll put a sign on the gate saying 'I am NOT a cockerel sanctuary'!...........
  5. Has anyone else heard of this or could help solve the mystery? I went out into the garden this afternoon to discover I had gained a 'new' cockerel, much to the annoyance of my existing cockerel, Gok the Cock?! My new addition looks like a fairly young chap and is possibly a Light Sussex Bantam. Gok is a much larger 2 year old Maran. He has put himself away in the other cube with no problem at all! Since the 'young contender' has arrived, Gok has suddenly started to take an 'interest' in his girls, I was seriously beginning to question his sexuality!! There are enough girls to go around..... . Where has he come from? We are in a fairly isolated but elevated position, but it is obvious to the trained chicken-fancier that I have chickens, with two brightly coloured cubes shining like a beacon for all to see!!! Couldn't Omlet use camouflage paint! Has he strolled along or has he been dumped? I have noticed tyre tracks on the edge of the drive. The nearest farm is over 2 -3 miles away, but they dont keep that breed. The plot thickens........ I will keep him, but I'm sure I haven't got a sign on the gate saying 'Cockerel Sanctuary'.
  6. I can sympathise with your problem! I was digging in my veggie patch andthe chickens were happily scratting at my feet. I suddenly pulled up some old raspberry roots and unearthed a rats nest complete with six small babies. The chickens went wild and grabbed and pulled at these rats! One chicken actually swallowed one whole . The remaining chickens ran around the garden chasing the other chickens which had rats dangling from their beaks!! I had to go inside and have a lie down for a moment - I felt pretty sick!!!
  7. Many thanks for all the kind words and advice. Unfortunately the problem is a fox. We moved the chickens closer to the house, right under the bedroom window. However we lost another chicken this morning. My husband let them out about 6am and whilst we were looking out of the window and a fox grabbed one (Bluebell just POL) and ran off. I ran out in my pyjamas straight into the field and followed the feathers. No chicken, but I could smell the fox - it was disgusting , a smell I wont forget. I've put the word out in the hope Mr Farmer and his gun will take revenge, but have to think about security. I've posted a 'Wanted' item on the forum for a run so I'm hoping some one will contact me if they have one to sell. My husband is also upset and has been looking into getting a trap or worse. It's very frustrating but I know it's part of living in the countryside. Has anyone ever heard of foxes taking cats? We have three very laid back cats who sleep all day in the garden - that is my next worry. All advice on foxes is appreciated. I'm busy checking out all info on this site. JO
  8. Thanks I thought chickens would have killed all of the chickens and have left a bloody mess. There's no sign of blood. We have 4 buzzards which nest nearby. We are surrounded by farmer's fields so I thought foxes wouldn't be attracted to the area. I may be wrong. Oops I meant foxes. I wonder if Omlet would swap the 48m fencing for the electric fencing. I bought it a month ago!!
  9. Thanks I thought chickens would have killed all of the chickens and have left a bloody mess. There's no sign of blood. We have 4 buzzards which nest nearby. We are surrounded by farmer's fields so I thought foxes wouldn't be attracted to the area. I may be wrong.
  10. Thanks Chicky Mama, It gets worse. I've just returned from the garden (in the vain hope of finding the chickens) and I've found the feathers of a baby pheasant. We have a family of pheasants that had raised 3 chicks and were out in the garden last weekend. It seems I have some hungry predators around my garden. We do have sparrow hawks in the garden that attack pigeons, but they tend to just remove the breast meat and leave the bird -that's a horrific find My chickens are in shock- I've let them out of the fenced area and they are all just following me around for safety. They are in shock. I've told Hubbie and we'll re-fence them inside the tree area for cover and safety. Don't know what to do about the birds of prey
  11. I've just returned home and checked on my chickens to find 3 missing and 3 separate piles of their feathers on the ground-no blood. I've lost a bantam cockerel, aracuna and hybrid. There were the smallest of my group of 17 which include a maran cockerel, sliver grey dorking and black rocks. They free range in 2 acres on a southwesterly aspect hill which is surrounded by arable farmland and in five years I've never seen or heard a fox. We do have buzzards which fly overhead and were over the hill at the time. Can buzzards carry away a chicken let alone 3? If it was a fox attack, would a fox have attacked the remaining chickens and left a scene of devastation? I've decided to bring the chickens closer to home and fence off an area which incudes a coppice of trees. I dont want to enclose them as I've just bought the Omlet 48m fencing! I'm so sad - I appreciate wildlife, but these were my chickens. Oh no the kids will be home from school soon and Boots the Bantam belonged to my daughter. I'm north of Newark Notts. Has anyone else experienced the same?
  12. Thank you very much for your replies I think I will remove one of the roosting bars and fill it with more bedding - just to relieve the pressure on the very popular nesting box! The cube is proving very popular and they are putting themselves away at night - no probs with the stairs Infact the Black rocks have ventured in there to check out the des res Thanks again
  13. Hello Sorry for the seemingly daft question - but I've recently taken delivery of a cube (very pleased). Do I need to put bedding in the roosting section? I currently put sawdust and shredded paper in the nest box which I change daily and sawdust in the poop tray. I have ten ex batts (arrived 10.10.09) and they all try to get in the nesting box at night. Is it because they are used to sleeping crammed in together or is the roosting section too cold? I don't have a run as they are happily roaming around the garden, which is very pleasing to see. Thanks for the help. x10 x5 (Black Rocks) a bit miffed cause the new girls got the Cube!!

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