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  1. Well today we bought 6 day olds as the Sablepoot eggs haven't hatched So now Dipper is the proud mummy of 3 silver spangled hambergs and 3 black pekins we had tried candling the 'poot eggs and they seemed ok, did a post mortem on one and there was an almost full term chick inside, just not strong enough to make it all the way, OH was very upset and even Momma Dip singing chicken lullabyes to get her babies to sleep couldn't cheer him up Will try and post some pictures soon to play the "will I be a girl or boy?" game.
  2. Our Dipper went feral when she became broody (only another week before hopeful hatching!) and she does exactly the same thing; run to the dust bath, play at being a ninja if our aracauna comes too close, massive poop and then she trots up with a "I'd like to go back on my nest now please!" @D its the first time my OH has seen a broody hen and he was amazed at how far her feathers fluff up when she's cross!
  3. Poor wee Lemon, Miss MK Pet Idol passed away on wednesday in the night. Gone too soon and at the peak of her modelling career Me and Daddy miss you sweety xxxx
  4. Seeing OH weighs 9 stone soaking wet I think I'd get away with it Although he's said he doesn't want to give the boys names until he's ok with them being destined for the freezer
  5. Well the Sablepoot eggs arrived, very cute but so tiny! Dipper (not Tikka after all) is happily ensconced on her clutch and has that blissed out broody look So hopefully we should have some babies soon! Well...next month but still OH is very excited *fingers crossed for at least one girl!*
  6. Its just as well my OH is a skinny fella or sunday luch would be a little unfulfilling! Hmm just had another thought, Tikka, Dipper and Nugget always do everything together...pers iould get away with 3 lots....
  7. Hmm thanks for the suggestions... of course now OH has seen some Lemon Sablepoots he thinks look amazing
  8. Today our Tikka has gone broody! (First time my OH has experienced the evil pancake chook of dooooom ) We want to hatch some babies for her as poorly Lemon may be on the way out soon and we need at least half a dozen worm-magnets We were just hoping for some advice on the best breeds to hatch at home as this will be the first hatch and my OH's first experience of the technical side of where they come from! Any boys will be reared and will end up on the table now I've done my course so we have no worries there, so I suppose a dual purpose would be best ... Any thoughts would be appreciated! x
  9. We have the vaccination record (Farmer Giles is awesome) and they're vaccinated at day 1 for mareks and then get vaccinated against everything else until day 44 which is good as our "posh" girls all come from him I've had a email with an avian vet who lives about 90 mins away who has said much the same thing, that silkies are a prone breed. Hopefully our vet will refer us so we can get an expert opinion; I know she's just a chicken but she's our baby of the group and my OH loves her so we'd rather check that its not a tendon or fixable thing .... these blumming birds, they just have to be so loveable!
  10. Can they get it if they've been vaccinated against it? We got her from a very good breeder who vaccinates them against everything I thik...could she have gotten it from one of the Omlet birds? I've noticed my seem to make my others birds dodgy (mainly them carrying mycoplasma which offed the cockerel )
  11. Hiya she's not laid yet but she should have started weeks ago but that's silkies for you! she's a little diva We've added extra limestone flour and given her a special grit pot in case she was getting ready to lay and was leeching out the calcium for the shells (I heard they can do that like budgies) but so far she's only gotten worse and today we went to check on her and somehow one of the girls had gotten in to her sick quarters and almost completely buried her in the woodchip! only her wee head was sticking out! she was understandable a little shaken up and the culprit was kicked out but it almost seemed to help Lemon, she actually hopped for 3 steps before falling over. Nasty Nugget was threated with being Sunday Lunch after that!
  12. It was worth it to see the photographers face; he photographs babies by trade and had never done animals let alone chickens...he did say she could have a dog biscuit if she wanted
  13. Thanks all for the congrats, I went and told her but the little diva just wanted more corn I'll check out the link too, thanks Griffin
  14. Just a quick note to say that chickens are on the rise! On a whim I entered our little silkie into a pet idol competition andlast week got a call from the paper to say she'd one the Allsorts category! We're so proud of her, but unfortunately she's a poorly madam at the minute so hopefully the giant photo we won will cheer her up
  15. Hi all, Just a hopefully quick one here; our little Lemon Silkie has hurt her leg; we don't know how or when, just one day she started hopping about. We've separated her from the other girls and taken her to the vet who couldn't seem to find anything wrong with her leg, he could manipulate it ok and said it probably wasn't broken and was possibly tendon damage so he gae us some metacam for her but she's still not getting better, in fact she's gotten worse as she can't stand up at all now and we were wondering if there was anything else we could do to help her before we have to make a tough choice Lemon is eating and drinking normally and doesn't seem to be in any pain since we have finished the bottle of pain meds but she does scurry backwards now and we're trying all we can to get her well as the vet didnt have any advice on what to do apart from spend £200 on a x-ray which he said probably wouldn't show any breaks anyway I hope someone can help us, my OH is quite distressed as she is his baby and has just won the Milton Keynes pet Idol Competition too! x

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