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  1. When I was first on this site a few years back there was a chicken nappy thread and yup, you can get them in the States!!
  2. Some great advice already, I'll just add my penny's worth! Hens need two types of grit, insoluble which goes into their gizzard to grind food and soluble which helps with calcium (formation of eggshells, building bones and keeping contractions strong). You'll need mixed grit to do both those things, or if you're buying them separately flint grit for the insoluble and preferably limestone flour or oyster shell grit for the soluble stuff. Don't use grit for budgies or pigeons as it's too small. When adding tonic, as Claret says, it's best to use a soluble one in their water. They assimilate most things best when administered in this way. They'll want some after a moult too. Red mite powder CAN be put on the chickens as well as in their house, and I recommend dusting chickens weekly against redmite as they are such tenacious creatures. Use a disinfectant for use with poultry, such as Claret has suggested, or Poultry Shield.
  3. Aw, bless, they're very sweet and Florence looks very interested! She will be a bit territorial (hence the pecking) but hopefully as there are two of them they'll settle down soon. Glad your vet was able to help you find a solution to having a potentially contagious chicken! Enjoy your new little ladies!
  4. Oh my goodness, how horrible for you, so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately chickens are very much programmed to peck at blood, so your theory is borne out by that. You can't blame them however, it's so hardwired into them. Please don't blame yourself either, you couldn't help not being there. Such a shock for you. I hope you can remember Jennifer's life with you with pleasure very soon. RIP Jennifer.
  5. It's to do with the air sac in the rounded end Indie. Apparently it actually damages the egg in some way to store it rounded end down. I think it might mean it goes off quicker. Certainly a fertilised egg should never be stored rounded end down as it becomes unviable very quickly. You'll notice if you ever buy them from the supermarket they're always stored point down, and that's the best way to store them at home.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that, it's very sad having to make that decision for a much-loved feathery friend. RIP Harriet.
  7. Wouldn't use Jeyes fluid personally Dave. Chookies have really sensitive respiratory systems and it's strong stuff. Plus highly toxic to some animals (I know it can kill cats). Poultry Shield or another proprietary cleaner is probably better.
  8. How are your girlies settling in now Redwing?
  9. Cheers for that, now I see! My Dad taught me and he's always flicked the oil across the top of the egg to help it to cook through quicker - I did the same for my Brownie's domestic badge many years ago! Don't think I'd cope with the over easy method as I'd probably break the yolk!!
  10. thanks for this great tip...it's worked! we've been chucking her out for a bit each day (though we work irregular hours so haven't been able to make the same time each day) and she will eat and poop one way or another. today I filled an egg cup half way with water then topped it up with corn and chopped tomatoes and put it right under her 'nose'. came back five minutes later and it was empty I repeated the whole thing an hour later (this time with a chopped grape) five minutes later....all gone So thank you so much for your help....this is so much nicer than syringing and upset Great to hear it worked, I for one am breathing a sigh of relief!! As you say, much better than trying to syringe water or food down a broody!! Not a great prospect!
  11. TOMWARDFARM that's how I do mine! I just assumed everyone else did the same!! What does everyone else do when they fry an egg then?!
  12. It could be a moult. I would do a process of elimination. If they've been checked for lice, treated for redmite and have been wormed recently, it's likely to be either pecking or a moult. A moult usually starts around the head and neck and works down over the body. It can make them feel under the weather, so give your girl a bit of extra boost with Poultry Spice or a water soluble tonic added to their drinking water.
  13. First checks I'd recommend are that their food is still well in date and that it has been stored properly. If it's out of date or has got damp at any point, it becomes sour and they don't like that. If all is well with the food and they're still not showing much interest, you could cut out all treats to get them to go back to their meal. However, I would keep an eye on them - the first sign my two hens had of being unwell was the amount they ate reduced significantly - but I thought it was a problem with the food which was near it's sell by date, rather than picking up on the fact that my girls were unwell. If it persists it might be worth a visit to a vet.
  14. The excitement never wanes I think!! It's not boring at all - when are you hoping to get your chookies?
  15. Normally I would ask if you've changed their bedding etc as they can get allergies like we can get hay fever. As she's indoors and obviously feeling rough though, I don't think that's very likely to be the cause. Citricidal is good for minor respiratory problems but as she's feeling poorly too I wonder if it's worth a vet visit? It would be helpful to rule out things like infectious bronchitis. Forgot to add if you lift her up and listen to her breathing through her back, and you can hear any wheezing noises, she needs a vet asap.
  16. It is best to be given with their feed. Putting some on a grape or other treat can cause their livers to be overloaded as it's all in one hit.
  17. You might find she'll just wait for her next moult now. I've no idea why they do this, but Mango was the same. She didn't feather up for ages and ages, then suddenly she moulted a bit and got new feather growth.
  18. Yes, meal is mash! We used Organic Allen and Paige meal
  19. As lwescott says, those are the target areas because they are dark and warm and moist. It needs rubbing into their skin, not just sprinkling on their feathers.
  20. Wow, what a lot of work you did!! The girls will be a bit alarmed at the movement etc so don't fret if they're off lay the next couple of days. Just one point - I'm not sure I'd use Dettol again when cleaning stuff out. Things like Jeyes Fluid that turn white in water are highly toxic to many animals - a cat will die if it licks its paws having walked in a bowl with any Dettol in it. I'd invest in some Poultry Shield or similar, which is safe for chooks and helps to eradicate redmite too!
  21. Glad to hear Florence has someone to chat to, hope it continues to go well for you.
  22. We've had a few threads lately about Baytril suppressing their appetite. It might be that causing her to feel unwell. Good luck at the vets
  23. Does she sit in the nesting box at night? My Mango did this and gradually lost her breast feathers. It's due to lack of air circulating around their breast bones overnight I understand.

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