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  1. Our 3 girls were boarded for 3 weeks recently while we were away. There was a slight hitch when we got back as we weren't given Ola but an intruder who promptly escaped. There had been a slight mishap when cleaning and 2 chickens got confused. Eventually I managed to catch the intruder and we did an exchange. It is now 10 days since we got them back and no eggs. Ola doesn't lay anymore but Claudette and Bonnie were very reliable. They are both under 1 year old and came from the lady where they boarded. They all seem well apart from the odd sneeze from Bonnie which is getting rarer. I have been adding poultry spice to their feed - is there something else I should be doing? Or is it just a question of patience? Suggestions please!
  2. All the above is good advice. Have you thought about contacting your local Councillor to help - they should have contacts in the HA (I'm a councillor but not sure how it works in Scotland). Does your HA have tenant reps - they may be able to help. Do you have a local Citizens Advice - they can provide excellent legal advice free? Good luck! Ola Flavia
  3. Without wishing to fan the flames too much I think it would be a fairly pointless exercise to do such a recording. As some other posters have mentioned the fox will usually return for the other chickens if he is not disturbed. However it would be impossible to know whether the fox had been disturbed elsewhere (dog/human etc?) and thus been put off returning. Perhaps he intended to return the next day and then was shot. Maybe he gets sick or maybe he finds easier food nearer to home. How would people know from the film? They couldn't possibly know. How long would they want to film - whether he returns quickly or not might depend on how many cubs the fox is feeding. It would be impossible to have a controlled environment within someone's garden. Ola Flavia
  4. Finally after 2 months + yesterday Ola obliged with her first effort, and Flavia continues her regular supply of 5 or 6 a week since arriving. Poor Ola's effort had a couple of smears of blood but it doesn't appear to have put her off and we got another from her today. She is such a sweet chook - much friendlier than Flavia. Treats all round. Flavia Ola
  5. We have an eglu plus run plus convertor. We also have an electricfied 25m fence around the Eglu so they have more space. During the snow they have been mainly confined to their extended run because the heavy snow tended to short out the electric or reduce the shock. We lost our last 2 chooks to a fox who got over the fence before it was electric so we don't like to take any risks. My question is how do people clean out their runs? We have been raking it but can't reach to the end with the convertor on. The opening is too small to get through the front and as we have lots of extra pegs keeping down the skirt of the run as it is on uneven ground it would be a pain to have to move every week. Help please - it's getting very messy! I should add it's grass base - well it was once! We have got a tarpaulin over the top for protection but it still gets a bit damp. Thanks in advance. Flavia Ola
  6. So sorry for your loss - it's such a horrid shock. We lost our first two in November in broad daylight when the fox jumped our wire fencing. We now have it electrified but I'm not letting them out with the snow around as snow on the electric fence is reducing its 'kick' and I'm afraid it may not be enough to put a desperate fox off. Ola Flavia Budweiser Labrador Blodri mini Daxie
  7. Our replacement chickens (last two sadly foxed) arrived on Dec 8th and Flavia has been laying about 5 a week ever since. Ola hasn't laid yet. I get the impression they have lost weight since we had them. They have access to pellets all the time plus treats. During the really icy/snowy week I gave them warm porridge in the aftrenoon so they could go to bed with warm tummies. Is there anything I should be doing? They seem happy and are eating the pellets. Should I try a different brand of pellets in case they are not eating enough? Ola Flavia Chablis RIP fox Chardonnay RIP fox
  8. This is my first post but a very sad one. We got Chardonnay and Chablis at the beginning of September for my partner's 50th. Today after we'd been working in the garden most of the morning, we came in for lunch and as he was changing to go outside again he saw the girls cowering in their run (they had an Eglu plus the extra 25m flexible wire for an added area). By the time he got out Chablis was dead and the fox was running off with Chardonnay. It was broad daylight and we're right out in the country. He must have waited for us to go inside. Should we electrify the outer area of wire (the flexible stuff with poles bought from Omlet) and if so what do we need? I guess now the fox has been once he'll be back when we get more chickens?

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