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  1. it's good to know i am not alone in this problem! what i don't understand is why the nervous cat will use the flap on the litter tray (it;s one of those ones with a lid and a flap to get in and out) but not the flap to the outside world where she can see straight through it. I wonder if it maybe smells funny. perhaps if i clean it.... and, you know, i do suspect her of using it when we;re not looking. i don't seem to poo pick enough for two cats.
  2. hello all I am sure someone out there knows a solution for this.... I have two cats. one is an awesome, well adjusted kitten. the other is a desperately nervous young cat. the kitten happily uses the cat flap and runs in and out all day. the cat doesn't use it but she likes being outside (she lived outside for a week recently after she dashed out the door and was too scared to come back and she used to be a stray). the kitten will come inside from playing in the garden to use the litter tray! I have never known a cat do this. the cat obviously doesn't go outside and so also uses th
  3. my wedding was tiny in comparison with most - just 20 of us. we did it at the local registry office and then all went to a restaurant that closed for us. if you do things on a weekday and don't bother with flowers and fancy cars and things like that, you can do it on the cheap but keep it nice. a local restaurant would probably be delighted to have you on an otherwise quiet midweek afternoon/evening, especially if you do a set menu and get everyone to choose their food in advance so its easy. our invites were done at a local print shop and were just a nice pic of us. instead of a c
  4. yesterday, one of the squirrels that lives in my garden had a mad 10 minutes, it was leaping up and down and chasing round and round the tree like it was fighting an invisable foe. I've had cats do this occasionally. i wonderered if maybe it had a flea bothering it or something..... I'm a bit worried it has Mad Squirrel Disease though - any suggestions...?
  5. thank you. i don't know what i'd do without omleteers
  6. AHA! thanks dogmother. i've tried that with them before and they just all threw up and got the runs. i guess that might help with a sour crop if they threw up! i've been pouring it out of her (cue much retching on my part) and she looks a little perkier.
  7. Guys what's ACV? i have this problem and need to get whatever that is... thank you. x
  8. I'd def go Bruges as Brussels is not very interesting or pretty and Bruges is lovely. Having said that, there is a fabulous hotel in Brussels called the Metopole which is amazing http://www.metropolehotel.com/ (or at least it was when i last went there ten years ago.....
  9. I got a card this year addressed to me with my married name (I got divorced in the summer) but spelled wrong and from a "David". absolutely no idea who this is!
  10. does anyone else have loads of ladybirds in their house? I guess for around 9 months i have found a couple of ladybirds a day in my bathroom or bedroom. I know that's not masses but it does seem a lot for inside the house in december! any ideas? might i have a nest????
  11. M&S has made its Percy Pigs vegetarian - no more gelatine! although they do still do the normal ones and all their other sweets have gelatine in them too. I just don't understand why anything has to have gelatine in it. anyway, thanks M&S!
  12. all good tips! thank you all, much appreciated. I knew you;d have the answer...
  13. hello omleteers I made one of Jamie's 30 minute recipes on sunday (it took longer than 30 mins but that's another rant) and it called for lemongrass to be crushed with the flat of the knife (i think actually he called for it to be bish boshed but again that's another rant) and then put in a food processor as part of the curry mix. The whole thing ended up being absolutely delicious (all is forgiven Jamie) BUT the lemongrass was like thick, off-putting, tough, stringy threads in it. i had to keep picking them out of my mouth which was gross. what did i do wrong or is this what lemon
  14. i bought some supermarket egss when Boad started laying softies (now laying hardies - god bless liquid calcium) and i agonised for hours over which ones to get it took me three attempts of going into the shop. i kept bottling out of the purchase as i just don't trust anything that says they're free range. Not after that film last year of waitrose free range ducks being swung around by their necks... anyway, in the end I opted for some that came from what looked like a small farm and the blurb on the back had a couple of typos in it. it seemed reassuringly non-faked somehow. i think puttin
  15. I find it utterly heartbreaking. I can't eat anything that contains eggs now unless i know they're free range (which makes eating pasta and eggs quite tricky - thank god for M&S). I had a big row with my mum in a supermarket recently because she was buying caged eggs because the free range ones were "too small". Given that she has met my girls and thinks they're great, i just didn't know how she could do it. I ended up crying so, believe me, you are NOT the only one! Oh and i once broke down and cried in Asda because they were selling fish for £1. a whole fish for a pound. I know you c

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