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  1. Picked up two new chickens yesterday. One looks quite immature yet but the other appeared to be laying. This morning both have laid an egg and put the remaining freeloader of my original three girls to shame! So far the introductions have been pretty amicable I popped the newbies in a spare run when I got them home and then in with my loner once she had settled in for the night. The spare run is not very secure or fox proof so I was hoping that I might get away with this approach. So far so good.
  2. Thanks Lewis. Am I right on thinking you are the same person who tested it for a bit? It's reassuring to gear you are still positive. It's so lovely I do want it to be ok. Always knew that buying one right away was risky. Barbara
  3. This hamster was about six months old. The stress of moving cage is a likely factor in her illness. But her illness has lead me to do a lot of research on hamster care and I am not convinced that the qute is suitable for hamsters. Omlet have told me about a condition called bumblefoot that rodents except gerbils get from wire floors! I think they've designed the qute for gerbils and then decided to market it for hamsters too without understanding that their needs are different. I've asked them if that is the case. Our hamster was only in it for 5 days we put her back into her old cage as soon as she was ill. I just don't feel comfortable about putting another in unless my concerns are alayed. We could get a gerbil instead but I have always had hamsters and have never particularly wanted gerbils. It might be a way of helping my son to be less disappointed with the whole thing though. I know it's been tested with gerbils. I might try phoning Omlet after the weekend. My biggest problem is I just feel rotten for giving a Christmas present that hasn't been any fun at all. I am trying to shield my son from my concerns and really hoping that they can be alayed. He doesn't understand why I am stalling on another hamster at the moment. The death of our hamster may have nothing whatsoever ever to do with the qute but that doesn't change my concerns.
  4. Thanks. It's been so upsetting. I bought it for my son's Christmas but I am really not sure it's suitable for hamsters. It looks like it's more suited to gerbils. There is no way to have water on the lower level but a hamster who could not climb the tube couldn't be kept in the base for any period of time anyway. My son wants to replace the hamster but I don't want to put another poor little thing in an unsuitable cage. Have asked Omlet how confident they are in their research. Responses so far appear evasive. Not what I expected
  5. Interested to know peoples experiences with the Qute for hamsters.Are they coping with the tube? Bought a Qute for my son's Christmas but bit worried by adverse stuff about the wire floor and tube and size. Our hamster became ill 5 days after moving to the Qute and sadly passed away on Tuesday this week after 17 days of illness. Feeling really awful as it hasn't been a great Christmas present and nursing the hamster has been very upsetting. Asked Omlet on 10th January what testing etc they had done with hamsters and were they sure that it was suitable for hamsters? I am still waiting for them to get back to me. Would really like to hear form others who might have had more positive experiences.
  6. I have a similar thing. Two of my three hybrids stopped laying in September apart from an occasional softie. The third hybrid is still laying an egg most days. I have decided its their age having wormed them given lots of grit and adding supplement to their water. I will have to start buying eggs! I assume I am unlikley to get anymore eggs from my non layers now? What do others think? I have been weighing up pros and cons of introducing more chicks to get enough eggs to not have to buy any against space and garden wear and tear issues. Three are messy around the garden 5 would wreck it. Whats the likely lifespan of a hybrid?
  7. I guess I cant be the only one missing my first born who has just left for UNI for the first time. Trying very hard to resist phoning or texting. Oh doesn't get it all.
  8. I have 3 hybrid hens and have had 3 eggs a day since they started laying in Nov 2009. I am now getting one egg a day + 1 softie every so often. I have wormed them with Flubenvet and given extra grit and shell but no improvement in the situation which has been going on for about a month. Do you think they are just getting old or should I be looking for some other problem which is not obvious?
  9. Sounds like she has had her feathers pecked by top chook. Have you considered fitting the offender with a bumper bit? I have had a similar problem and have not found an effective solution as my top chook ws able to remove her bumper bit but I understand that this is unusual. Good luck.
  10. Its my birthday today but usual Saturday routine. Cleaning out my chickens. Horrified to discover red mite on the end of the roosting bar. Have kept chickens for only 11 months so this is my first experience with red mite. Spent most of the day dismantling coop cleaning and spraying. Have used poultry shield and dusted everything with diatom. Just hope I have got it before it gets a hold. Intend to be re spray in a day or two. Its a wooden hen house so there are lots of crevices. Any advice is welcome.
  11. Near here is an Alpaca mill where they process the fleeces. It is near Stowe/ Buckingham. I think that the lady there said that Alpacas were good for protecting the chickens from foxes. Came home and suggested this might be a good idea but OH said no! In truth we don't have enough space but they are just lovely.
  12. butter wouldn't melt. He's no idea that its naughty has he? In fact he's quite pleased with himself. So cute.
  13. Flubenvet dose Is it not 6g of product per 2kg of feed? You will need to mix up enough for 7 days. I have 3 hens and they got through 4kg of feed in the 7 day period.
  14. Carmel has spent two days scratching about happily with her friends so three days in the broody cage has worked a treat even if her first response on release was to sleep the night in the nesting box. I expect I'll have a bit of a wait for her to return to laying- assuming she stays non broody.
  15. I should have known Carmel is extreme in everything! I might be putting her back i in the morning. How will I know when she has had enough?
  16. Carmel has been in the broody cage since Friday evening so I let her out tonight. When I checked on them at dusk Carmel was back in the nesting box all puffed up and going Bok bok. Have I let her out too soon? What should I do now?
  17. We used cat baskets with a bit of newspaper in the bottom the breeder said put all three in one basket and they snuggled together They don't need as much space as you might think for ashort journey and keeping them in the dark helps to keep them calm. Cardbord boxes with vetilation would be fine too so long as you can close them securely. Good luck
  18. Its a shame but it won't last long still lovely while it lasts and not expensive. Good idea.
  19. Ok I am reassured I won't cover her tonight she's in the wir thanks for comments
  20. Yes I wondered about doing that but am concious that the whole point is too cool her down but don't want her to get hypothermia!
  21. We have returned from holiday to find one of our three girls has gone broody. Have finally managed to buy a suitable broody cage and have put her in this evening. Bit worried that it might be very cold for her overnight but will follow the instruction on here. Feel a bit sorry for her but at least she has eaten when i put her in.

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