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  1. Daphne - I contacted the breeder and on the phone he was adamant that no chicken would have left his care with scaly leg like that. He also said that he would refund me for both if I returned them. (I have had them for two weeks and this is the first chance that DH and I have been together to check them fully). We took the scaly leg one back this afternoon - and he admitted that he must have missed this at the time. He is going to treat it, and he refunded me. Although he offered, I did not take the the one with the scab back as she has already found a way to my heart - very placid and comes to me happily! I will however be taking her along to an avian vet this week to get checked out. It is not bothering her and I hope it will be sorted. They are being quarantined. Thanks for your advice.
  2. Thanks Beantree. How long would the scaly leg take to reach chronic proportions, by the way?
  3. Sorry about the size of the photos - but you need to see the detail! On checking my new Orpingtons, found this hard lump half way down her left hand side under the wing - it's about as big as a thumbnail…. And one of the others has really poorly looking legs - hardly any scales on both legs - suspect well advanced scaly mite… This is the back of one of her legs - the sides and front have no visible scales, you can just see in the photo. [/url] [/url]
  4. Thanks mimi5- your set up sounds really secure. Unfortunately, I think I need to bed the classic run down onto a bark floor -rather than have the bark in the run only. A cube run is bigger obviously and I think if I filled the run with bark it will lessen the space. Anyone out there with a classic 2m run on a bark base that can give me some advice? Thanks everyone.
  5. I need to set up a long term but temporary establishment for my old girls, and have decided to go with my eglu classic on bark within a boarded frame, and netting around the whole thing so they have a bit more room to spud about in. There is a photo of a yellow Omlet Go set up like this on the website that is shown to sell the netting, but I am incapable of trying to upload it here. Currently on grass since last week, but this is getting messy. However, today a fox crept into my garden, knocked down some loose netting around my classic and run and swiped one of the three old girls that were FR ing inside. This has worried me as I am sure that the fox will be back for the other two, and I need to make sure that they can't be got at. Any more FR ing will be supervised closely, not from my kitchen as it was today. How do you secure the fox proof skirt if it is sitting on a couple of inches of wood chippings/bark? Would a fox be able to dig under the bark? WIll a secure net fence deter a fox from getting too near to the run? I am worried that if fox gets up close it will be able to bite/claw through the run? I want to build this as secure as possible. Any practical advice from anyone who uses this kind of set up would be appreciated. Still feel very upset about poor old Bluey - horrible for her.
  6. Thanks for all the advice - have mulled over and think possibly not! Sure someone will love them at £15 each…… They are at Middle Farm near Lewes if anyone interested…someone bought all the brahma hens and left the boys.
  7. I have fallen in love with Brahmas….and thinking of taking on two boys who are unwanted youngsters. I have a cube and a 12'x8' walk-in in run. At the mo I have five 3-5yr old hybrid girls. I am aware of the issues with introducing new birds, and have considered the pros and cons of cockerels, but understand that these boys are currently a couple of softies. I would eventually like to acquire girl brahmas, once the current ladies have passed on. My biggest concern before I commit is whether or not they will fit through the door into the cube! Anyone have experience of keeping brahmas in a cube (or not!) and can advise me?
  8. Hi I have no experience of any real moulting over the last 3 yrs ..... so do not know if this is normal? I have read the topic about moulting but my run looks like there has been a pillow fight in it. Since yesterday, my white hybrid age about 16 months has been shedding her feathers spectacularly. I checked her over just now and she had a few yellow mites around her vent, so I dusted her and as I did so her feathers were literally falling out. If I were to give her a good rub down I swear she will be bald. Is this normal? Should I segregate her in case the other five turn on her without feathers? Help and advice please?
  9. To Egluntyne and Redwing Just to let you know - the cockerel of fate has found a new home! My husband took him to a local place that sells many different ages and types of bird with the thought of getting a mate, however the lady there suggested that he stayed with her flock of a similar age and he was quite happy when left! Mind you, my husband has come away quite taken with the bantam Orpingtons he saw there, so maybe the spare eglu will be used soon..... Thanks for all your advice.
  10. Okay - Does anyone know of a place in Northeast kent where I might find one? I will contact Henhouse Poultry tomorrow - but think they only do POL......
  11. A Male friend or a female friend? Sorry if that sounds daft, but have no experience with males or young uns! Same age presumably?
  12. Will he still have growers mash then? Think I will try to raise him and then when he is big enough introduce him to the girls.... Not too worried about neighbours - one has chickens anyway...and allotments and fields out the back. There is a cockerel somewhere near as well. Any advice gratefully taken - I can't chuck him out like someone obviously has already.
  13. I pm'd Egluntyne and she suggested I put it on the forum as others may have some advice too! "I have six older birds - about 18mths - 14 months. Is it viable to grow it to a suitable size and let it be introduced and mix with the girls? Or is that a no-no? I have a WIR and cube, and at the mo have the stranger out in my spare eglu and run (and prob in the house at night still for a bit.) Can you guess it's age and what it is? The feathers are white, but have a bit of pale coffee creaminess to them". ----------------------------------- ELUNTYNE replied as follows This is a question that might interest others, so I'd post it on the main forum, for more opinions, but I'd say yes, you could, however, the older hens will give him a hard time till he is at least as big as they are. Also, he will be noisy! Your neighbours may object to a cockerel crowing all day. He could be a leghorn hybrid of some sort.....and he looks about 8-10 weeks old.

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