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  1. Thanks Claret, I think that is what my vet is saying, liver tumours, that result in peritonitus - so not good news for the girls. I've lost a lot of ex-batts this way in the past, but to have 4 either sadly passed away or almost there is not good and a bit worrying for the rest of my flock. I'm hoping it's just old age, and liver tumours caused by their age rather than a virus, to protect the other girls.
  2. Hi, We lost 2 of our big girls last week, the vet thinks that it was due to liver tumours, as their abdomens were very fluidy. As we lost 2 in 2 days, he said to keep an eye on the others as there is a virus that causes tumours in their livers and that poultry farmers vaccinate against it, but on a small scale like me, it's not worth it. Has anyone else heard of this? I've kept a close eye on the girls, and now it looks like Toast and Beyonce may be coming down with something, Toast took herself to bed this evening early, so I managed to get hold of her, and again her abdomen feels all fluidy. Beyonce I couldn't catch which is a good sign but whenever she thinks I'm not looking she'd huddled in the corner of the run. We've got 7 hybrids in one run (all 3+ years now), 4 pekins next door (2+ years) in another run, and 2 little chicks at the moment, so I want to do whatever I can to stop this spreading if it is said virus. Any advice appreciated, Thanks Vicki
  3. Hi All, We've got a new company who are marketing themselves as ethical - however no free range eggs - imagine my surprise - as this should be a given with an ethical company surely??? Any ideas how I can find a free range egg supplier locally to my work (we are close to the Suffolk, Essex Cambs border), as if I can find one - and they'll do a good deal on the eggs - the canteen will change suppliers?? Any help appreciated Vicki
  4. Hi, Just noticed I have the very early signs of blight on my tomato plants. The fruit is still looking ok. What now - can I pick the fruit and ripen on the window sill, or do I just chop off adn burn the bad bits of plant and hopr for the best? Thanks Vicki
  5. Hi, Of my 8 hybrids, 6 have lost the feathers around their necks. This is now spreading, and 2 have lost the feathers on the top of their heads by the comb. I#ve checked them for lice and any other infestations, but no signs of anything. They are not moulting at the moment - apart from their necks and heads - any ideas what is happening to them - they don;t seem in distress, just look a bit silly! Thanks
  6. Hi, I've got my seed potatoes sprouting on the window sil - but then I plant them do I want the shoots pointing up to the sky, or into the ground? Thanks
  7. Hi, I too am considering teaching - after being a SAHM for a while. I've research all avenues already, but need to find a school where I can volunteer in first, just to make doubly sure. I find making any decision difficult at the moment - so I think this will stay on the back burner for a while (It has been for the past 10 yearrs!).
  8. Hello, Thanks to everyone for your replies. It is a very difficult decision, I think my plan might to be to leave, enjoy the summer with my little boy, the chooks, the allotment the dog (and the husband of course). Then reassess. I always wanted to be a secondry science teacher and somehow stumbled into my career (10 years on I realsie this!), so maybe I look at training when Leo has gone to school, so a good few years of not working yet......
  9. I do know that feeling well - but thought it was becuase I'm trying to do a job and look after a baby during the day!
  10. Hi, I haven't been on the forum for a while (that's what having a baby and lots of chickens does for you!) but could really do with some advice. We had our little boy in November 07, and I returned to work in June 08 - 3 days a week. My boss asked me to do 4 days a week in November - but from home - sounds like a nice compromise - but I'm now working all hours trying to fit in work around looking after a 16 month old. I travel for 1h40m a day with our little boy as he goes to nursery around the corner from where I work, and I actually think I hate my job now. I'm expected to do exactly what I did before maternity leave working full time in the 4 days I work. I was supposed to sign a new contract for 4 days a week in January, but my boss was off ill. I spoke to him about it yesterday about back dating it (as I've been doing the hours) - to be basically told hard luck - I should of sorted it out before hand - so I've lost part of my bonus, and holiday accural even though I've been working so hard for the company over the past 4 months. So - my question is - Stay at home mums - does it get boring at all? I came back to work because I liked speaking adult again - so I worry now about giving it all up, and not talking anything but babies. I love our little boy to bits, and feel incredibly guilt not being with him while I'm at work, espcially as I don't actually enjoy what I'm doing anymore - I think if I enjoyed my job maybe the guilt wouldn't be so bad? Any suggestions (sorry to of gone on so long!)
  11. Thanks to all, I think I scared him enough, and he hasn't visited again - yippeeeeeee! (He was a big grey squirrel - so if I did get hold of him - what on earth I'd do with him I have no idea!). On the note of ferret poop, yep tried that - and it did work on the other nasty 4 legged creatures who like my chicken food, until they burrowed under the run in another place - then it was poison for me.
  12. Hi, Just been out to see the girls and get the eggs to find the biggest squirrel I have ever seen trapped in the run (We have a walk in enclosure and run), and only 1 egg I'm thinking he's eaten the eggs as with 10 girls 5-6 eggs this time of year is normal. Any ideas how to get him to relocate? Vicki
  13. Hi, I got 3 ex batts in October last year. I got girls that were in pretty good nick out of the choice - as I was due to have a baby 3 weeks later and knew I wouldn;t be able to spend a huge amount of time with them. They stayed in QR for about 3 weeks, and then were let in with 3 pekin bantams - and guess what the ex batts ruled the roost! They have been very satisfying, and when sadly 2 of the girls passed away over the last 12 months it was very very upsetting, as they are the friendliest chickens I have ever had. You have to teach them everything! The only downside we had was that they laid a lot of very soft shelled eggs in the nest box, and this then needed cleaning out every day - which was a chore. Barbara hasn't laid an egg in about 6 months now, so I don't have that worry anymore. Vicki
  14. Hi, I've had 2 columbines / skylines from Thornes. Toast and Marmalade - Toast lays greeny eggs,a nd Marmaldae a lovely blue egg. Marmalade crouches and I can get hold of her - Toast on the other hand I can;t get anywhere near. I got them at the same time as my bluebelle - Bella, who is starting to get a bit big for her boots. Now I know Thornes has more columbines - I may have to pay them yet anopther visit.....
  15. oh no - fingers crossed she gets better soon x
  16. I've started working from home during my days off - I'm supposed to be working 3 days a week since returning to work from Maternity leave - however work is too busy. So I now work from home on my 2 days off when the baby is asleep. Some days it's easy to work from home - and I have to stop myself working when he's awake - I got a blackberry, and if it's visable the draw to check emails is silly (so it's in a bag now out of my sight until Monday). Some days I'd much prefer to clean (am I mad????) rather than work, the biggest distraction has to be the girls though!
  17. Hi, I think a trip to Thornes will be in order tomorrow!!! Leo is good,running around like a looney now - and thinking about speaking, but not quite got the hang that yet - thanks for asking, Vicki
  18. Hi, How is Lavina? Dhylis has yellow feet, and little yellow bits on her face. Her skin is still white though. Did the Baytril do anything? Thanks
  19. Hi I've had Dhylis my pekin for nearly 3 years now. Her original friends are long gone, and I've now got a lot of hybrids in with her for company who she has lived with for the past 6-18 months. Everything was lovely and harmonious in the run, but for the past 3-4 weeks Dhylis is not really coming out of the eglu all day as whenever she does she's attacked by a good 3-4 of the bigger girls - and it's differnt ones each time. It's the fact that nothing has changed during this time - so why the pecking order is trying to change i have no idea. I've been letting them out to free range to get some space, and she cones down and eats loads then, and comes out in the garden until they see her and start picking on her again. It;s all just come to a head, when I've gone to get them in the free ranging and Dhylis was no where to be seen, I finally found her after a very frantic 20 minutes in the next door neighbours garden - I'm guessing she'd been chased in there. So - do I split her up from the others in my spare blue eglu and run - and get her a friend or 2 - I've had her 3 years - and I think she was about 2/3 when I got her? Or leave them all to it - as they may sort it out soon? Thanks
  20. Hi, My girls always eat any softies laid by my ex batt, it's gone in a second, same as any that are accidently dropped by clumsy me. I did think they were nest raiding at one point, and asked the local chicken guy who said there was only one solution to it with a glint in his eye, needless to say, said chicken is still with me, I just have to be quick to get the eggs before she does!
  21. Hello, I too can highly recommend Thornes. 8 of my 10 current girls are from them, all hybrids from Thornes as I couldn't bear to wait for the pure breeds (you order and then wait for them to be ready which may take a few months, longer this time of year as they don't hatch duringthe winter). I have 2 silver nicks - very very nice cuddly girls, 2 different ages, and both exactly the same temprement (beige eggs). 1 muran cuvee - not the friendliest, but defintely the biggest eggs and a darker brown colour 1 Magpie - again - just like the Muran Cuvee - not one for cuddles, beige eggs 1 coral - lays cream/ white eggs and was told a lot less flighty than the white stars (I wanted a white chicken that layed white eggs) 1 bluebell - beige eggs, she;s new to my flock so not yet accustomed to me, but getting there. 2 skylines - blue/ bluey green egg layers (thankfully), only one does the crouch - marmalade - and she;s cuddly now too. Toast is very vocal! Thornes are brilliant, a wealth of Knowledge.
  22. I know the feeling! 11 hens - and only 2 eggs the last 3 days - I was getting 6 a day last week! OK - so 2 of the girls are ex-batts and only lay softies now. 3 of the girls are newbies - and too young, but the other 6 - come on girls???? I've wormed them now - maybe the weather is having an effect early this year?
  23. Exactly what I was going to say - my husnabd describes Dhylis as "the football"!
  24. Right - I've given up with the humane traps - after catching two of the little blighters, and the dog letting one out before we could deal with it (OH was not happy), I'm definitely gettting bait boxes. Any idea where I can get them online with not much postage costs - all seem ridicuously high from where I've googled?

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