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  1. Hi, Just done PYO - and got loads of yummy redcurrants. Does anyones have a recipe for it (probably should of thought of this before picking them!) Thanks
  2. Where abouts are you staying? We were in the Jumeriah beach (the sail one) a couple of years ago in January. It was great - do the desert dune riding in the 4 x 4 - great fun - as was wild wadi water park - the only water slide I have ever seen that propels you up rather than down! Have a great time!
  3. I like the metal one too - they are really good.
  4. Hi All, Back in a very sunny UK now - and my chickens are all fine except Penny is still broody - 7.5 weeks now. Any suggestions to cure this now - as I don't think the catch it early can count now! Tried dunking on day 1 of broodiness and that didn't work either. Is the broody cage the only option - or will she ever stop on her own?????
  5. Hopefully I'm the the most far afield omletter so far (correct me if I'm worng). I'm writing this froim Bangkok airport - after 2 weeks in the lovely Thai sunshine! Even though I haven't been in the UK I still haven;t been able to resist the omlet board! Anyway, must sign off, a plane to catch.......
  6. I Love it - no to persuade my husband............
  7. Hi, Yep they do crate them up and ship them in the hold. I used to work for the veterinary team who looked after the godolphin horses, and they were treated better then the humans! They have their own provate planes, with air conditioned holds etc - not like the one you put your luggage in! The are given a mild sedative - just to take the edge off them - no wobblying about or anything, and then onto the plane. They fly with a team of really experoenced horse people and at least 1 vet. The Godolphin horses are flown out to Dubai every winter then back to the UK. The vet I used to work with, flew to Hong Kong for a week to accompany a horse that was running in a race over there. and then onto Oz with the same horse. I've never heard of a horse being put to sleep on a plane, they don't tend to go loopy, as it is just like they are in there normal stable. Considering how much money the horses are worth (the ones that fly to different races will be in exfcess of 1 million pounds) - I seriously doubt they would ever kill one, maybe sedate it a little bit so it was comftable, again with full veterinary supervison. Having worked in the industry - the media completely makes things up which really annoys me. The horses are so well looked after you weouldn't believe it.
  8. Typical, I'm off to Boston on a work trip today - hence the stupid hour that I am writing this - and my laptop is not behaving. I only want to send an email - and it keeps crashing - so I've given up with work, and I'm now reading the forum!
  9. now Henry, he really is good, although I'm quite happy with drogba and crespo for the moment until we sign a new one
  10. That looks really painful. Bet france is gutted for the world cup now!
  11. The basics are easy to cope with too. Driving was a bit terrifying at first, but I soon got the knack of it - after a near miss Carefour carpark - I was soon nipping round the arc de triomphe! Doctors were fantastic, I had a really bad ear infection when I was out there, so went to see the normal doctor, who sent me on to the ear hospital on the same day. The doctors were great, and I got to see my eardrum with this fab camera he had. Eating out was cheaper, food shopping cheaper, petrol cheaper etc. The language was frustrating to begin with, but I soon picked up the french I needed to get by with in shops and restaurants. Tom speaks fluent french after studying it at uni - so he had no problems. A lady I worked with has just moved out there permanently - to run a bar - after buying a holiday home 2 years ago. After spending all holidays at the house, they decided to uproot completely too - but have kept their UK home to come back to if needed. If you are having doubts - maybe now isn;t the right time? Although I had huge doubts when I went out, but in the space of 2 weeks I was fine. good luck whatever you decide to do, Vicki
  12. I know I'm completey biased here - but France is fantastic. Tom and I would move out there tomorrow given the chance, and run a B&B. Our problem is money. I want to keep the house on in England - and let it out, but if we do this we can't afford to go. Also tom would still have to work in the Uk until the business was established - so we'd need to be near an airport - and we wouldn't see each other during the week- which isn't good news. French shcools are so much better than english schools - something our English friends found when they came back and ended up sending their daughter to private school as the local school was so bad in comparison. I wouldn't worry about language either - the kids out their picked it up so quickly. All I can say is follow your heart. France isn;t as far away as you think - and you can still get normal bread and baked beans from M&S out their. I was really scared when I first went out - but it was the best thing I ever did!
  13. Book received, and read - OH now reading as I was laughing so much. Thnaks for posting it Martin
  14. No Idea - I certainly don't have enough time!
  15. I dod something equally as stupid not too long ago, locked myself out of my house - so I phoned my husband to see if he had any suggestions what I could.......he was in amercia at the time! So I then phoned my friend who has a spare set of keys - and left a message. Still could get into the house so I ended up breaking in. Then I got a call from my friend - who was in Switerland - I was well and truly locked out - good job I did break in!
  16. So sorry to hear your news, layla looked like a lovely little hen - and a monster for raiding the herbs! I only have little bantams too, so I've been thinking about this in the middle of the night when insommnia kicks in, and panicking about the girls all snug in their eglu. As a more permanent solution - as mites and lice are such a pain - what about a length of drain pipe - filled with either plaster of paris - or concrete - then it should be as easy to clean as the eglu is and hopefully not be a space to harber the mites etc? Just a thought - I know I have a log in the back on mine since reading this - but the pipe may well be the solution?
  17. well done !!! We've been eating healthily for about 6 months. I've lost 21lb and OH has lost 28lb (it definitely sounds more in lb than stones!). We've still got a way to go - but I was so chuffed, my BMI went down to 28 from 32, so I'm now just overweight - not obese. I've been starting to flag with the temptations, but reading your blog is going to keep me motivated to carry on. Well done again - I know how difficult it can be.
  18. I can't wait. Terry Wogan is the best - without his comments it wouldn't be the same. Yes, I am a 20 something, with wine - is this a trend we are setting?
  19. Doesn't Shebaz just really annoy you? I think Pete is fantastic, but OH can't stand him. I can't believe it's only been on for 3 days - my life is just about to be taken over for the next 13 weeks!
  20. Hi, Just watching the grand prix on ITV - Swift insurance sponser it, and in between breaks they have the funniest chickens sat with headphones on doing commentry on the pit wall. Definitely worth a look!
  21. HI, http://www.nisbets.co.uk/ are really good - and cheap, may be worth a look,
  22. Boris70

    A game

    Vicki needs to pay the rent, a bit boring really vicki needs to learn about "she bang" magic - ??????
  23. I'm going for the 26th of May - was going to say the 27th - but that's just gone (hopefully the 26th is still around). come on Martin tell us - the suspence is too much now - you were looking before me, and I've had mine over a month now!
  24. Water butt has been installed. We went for a slimline one - and installed it on Sunday - to have it filled completey by the rain overnight. My husband is now looking to install one of every down pipe we have! What have I started!

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